4 Family-Friendly Airlines

  • Not-So Friendly Skies

    Let’s be honest: the friendly skies aren’t too friendly these days. (Well, that’s the perception, anyway.) Between cursing flight attendants, long security lines, and outrageous baggage fees, flying isn’t always a pleasant experience. With that said, there are still a few airlines that make an extra effort to be family-friendly. Photo Credit: Getty Images
    Alaska Air
  • Alaska Air

    Most airlines charge at least $50 extra for unaccompanied minors on direct flights, and $100 if there’s a connection. Alaska distinguishes itself from the pack by knocking those fees down to $25 and $50, respectively. That way it won’t cost you an arm and a leg to make sure your child makes his connection. Photo Credit: Alaskan Dude
  • JetBlue

    JetBlue is well-known for their free in-flight TV offerings, and kids will find plenty to like, including Animal Planet, Cartoon Network, and the Discovery Channel. If there’s nothing on TV there’s usually a kid’s movie like Shrek: Forever After available for an extra $6. Photo Credit: Jetblue.com
  • Delta

    There’s nothing like bad PR to whip a company into shape. After a breastfeeding woman was removed from a Delta flight operated by Freedom Airlines in 2006, the resulting outcry and lawsuit has led Delta to bend over backwards to accommodate nursing mothers. Photo Credit: Andrew Dimofte
  • Lufthansa

    Though the days of inviting children to see the cockpit are long gone, Lufthansa scores points for providing kids with coloring books, toys, and memory games. Other perks for kids include priority boarding for families with children, as well as baby food and special children’s menus. Photo Credit: loop_oh
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