Delicious, Fast Work Meals Under $5

  • Delicious meals for a fiver

    Whether you’re looking to cut costs significantly or if you're just in search of something simpler, this list of fast meals to make at work is sure to please. My requirements were simple: It had to cost under five bucks, and it had to be fully prepared within two minutes. Oh, and it had to taste good! Photo Credit: Getty Images
    Campbell’s Microwaveable
  • Campbell’s Microwaveable

    Campbell’s “Just Heat & Enjoy” line of microwaveable soups is convenience - and frugality - at its finest. They come in many varieties, including Tomato Soup and Chicken Noodle, and the cost is definitely low at about $2.70 per bowl. Microwave for about 70 seconds — and make sure the metal lid has been removed first! Photo Credit: tanjila
    Amy’s Pizza Pocket
  • Amy’s Pizza Pocket

    Say goodbye to flavorless, chemical-packed freezer wraps and hello to the microwaveable Amy’s Kitchen brand of pizza pockets — they heat up fast (about a minute), are made from organic ingredients and taste good. Plus, they can typically be bought for a little less than $3 each. What really sets Amy’s pizza pockets apart from the brand’s competitors is the fact that Amy’s caters to the tastes of those with restrictive diets. Certain pizza pockets are Kosher or soy-free. Photo Credit:
    Kraft Easy Mac Microwaveable
  • Kraft Easy Mac Microwaveable

    Sometimes you just crave Easy Mac — it’s nothing to be ashamed of, whether you’re 18 or 80. Unless your microwave is absolutely ancient and underpowered, you can typically prepare this one in a minute or two (even though the packaging says it takes longer). Just don’t rush and burn yourself. A pack of 12 costs $24.95 on; just $2.08 per meal. A tip from a MainStreet colleague: If your office provides communal milk for coffee, sub that in for water and you’ll get a creamier cheese sauce. Photo Credit: Grocery
    Jimmy Dean muffin
  • Jimmy Dean muffin

    Yes, it’s technically breakfast — but I’m the kind of person who likes to order an omelette for lunch or dinner. That’s what makes 24/7 diners great, after all. The ham, egg & cheese muffin from Jimmy Dean is fully cooked (just microwave it), tastes admirably close to an old-fashioned breakfast sandwich and a pack of 12 costs $22.72 from Food Service Direct; that’s about $1.89 per sandwich. Photo Credit:
    Quaker Instant Oatmeal Express
  • Quaker Instant Oatmeal Express

    For those of you who find Quaker Instant Oatmeal too time consuming, there is now the Express variety — so fast, it actually travels backward along the space-time continuum while in your microwave, serving a hot meal to your past self. Man, I wish that were actually true. But the Express microwaveable bowls are still pretty high-tech and hassle-free. Get a pack of 24 on for $23.97; that’s less than $1 per meal. Flavors include Cinnamon, Baked Apple and Golden Brown Sugar (pictured at left). Add some slices of fresh apple for a little bit more money and you’ll get an even more substantial (and balanced) lunch. Photo Credit: Grocery
    Dole Salad Kit
  • Dole Salad Kit

    Salad lovers in a serious hurry can buy a Dole salad kit with everything needed for a healthy lunch. The kit can typically be had for around $4.29. Photo Credit: Dole
    Subway $5 Footlong
  • Subway $5 Footlong

    There are days when you are just too hungry for a bowl of soup or a microwaveable pocket pizza — and for those days, you may call upon the house of $5 footlongs. Aside from the fact that Subway deserves some blame for turning “footlong” into a word, this is a good deal. The subs come in a variety of options, including the Chicken Marinara Melt pictured at left. If you are looking for the most calories per dollar, order their meatball and cheese sub — it has more calories than anything else on the $5 menu. Photo Credit: Subway
    What do you think?
  • What do you think?

    What’s your fail-safe workplace meal? Tell us in the comments, or on our Facebook page. Photo Credit: Getty Images
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