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  • Strange Selections

    Shopping online has become the norm, and even the only way to shop, for some consumers. But even outside of eBay (Stock Quote: EBAY), there are a number of sites tailored to shoppers with more eccentric tastes. Here’s a selection of items on the stranger side that are available online.Photo Credit: Getty Images
    Taxidermy Bat Necklace
  • Taxidermy Bat Necklace

    Taxidermy enthusiasts can take a piece of their collections with them with this necklace with real bat wings and a 24-carat gold gilded bat skull. Since it’s custom-made, it may be about two weeks before you receive it in the mail. The wings have been treated for durability, according to the retailer, Price: $250 Photo Credit:
  • Straitjackets

    Straitjackets in various styles and sizes are available from Internet retailers. Options range from your standard straitjacket, to one with leather straps and an extra-durable version with more straps, heavier fabric, “industrial leather” and rivets from, for example. The retailer says the leather-strapped version at the very least is “a must for professionals or performers,” but we wonder how many of the retailer’s customers are professionally insane. Prices: $69.95 for a standard straitjacket, $99.95 for standard with leather straps and $199.95 for a heavy-duty jacket. Photo Credit:
    Electroshock Machine
  • Electroshock Machine

    An antique electroconvulsive therapy machine, with a design patented in 1854, is for sale on the Web. The Davis & Kidder Patent Magneto-Electric Machine “for nervous diseases.” The machine is in “fair [to] good” condition, according to the seller, but it’s unclear whether it’s in working condition. The seller does have another one that’s not for sale that has proven to be in working condition. Price: $260 Photo Credit: agassiztrading
    Fighting Clubs
  • Fighting Clubs

    The shillelagh is a combined walking stick and club used since the mid-1700s, this cane retailer explains. The knobbed stick has been used for fighting, hunting and, of course, hiking or walking. The skull-cracking knobbed sticks are ideally made from the Blackthorn tree, and this one measures about 20 inches long and weighs about a pound. To spruce up this classic blunt object, you can even get it with a stainless steel plaque engraved with your name. Price: $82 Photo Credit:
    Cute Bacteria
  • Cute Bacteria

    The thought of microscopic, potentially deadly bacteria might strike fear in the hearts of hypochondriacs, but these “infectiously cute” plush microbes can serve as a mild reminder to you and your loved ones to wash your hands more frequently. Plush gangrene, toxic mold, chicken pox and many other plush viruses and tissue cells are for sale. And, just in time for the flu season, plush swine flu microbes are now available. Price: $7.99 Photo Credit:
  • Uglydolls

    Both ugly and cute at the same time, these plush dolls teach kids that it’s OK to be ugly. In fact, even a Cyclops, three-eyed, tentacled, tailed and horned creatures can be horrifyingly adorable. Sets of glow-in-the-dark Uglydoll action figures are also available. Price: $10 for a stuffed “Little Ugly,” $50 for a two-foot ugly and $8 for an action figure. Photo Credit:
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