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    Almost everyone owns a computer, which means that computer accessories can be a sure bet for a useful, fun and enjoyable holiday present. There are dozens of peripherals and accessories for computer owners from all walks of life, from high-tech keyboards to novelty USB devices. Here are 10 we wouldn’t mind finding in our stockings this year. Photo Credit: bfishadow
    Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse, $69.95
  • Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse, $69.95

    Yes, people still use mice, despite the popularity of laptops with built-in track pads. If the computer user in your life is still using a plain old optical mouse – or, God forbid, a ball mouse – it’s time to upgrade. Microsoft is set to release the hotly-anticipated Arc Touch Mouse, a compact travel mouse that is ideal for laptop owners who still like to have an external mouse. It bends for easy storage, and the scroll wheel is replaced by a touch strip. The one downside is that it won’t be ready in time for Christmas – it’s expected to begin shipping in January, and is available for pre-order at Photo Credit:
    Apple Magic Trackpad, $69
  • Apple Magic Trackpad, $69

    Meanwhile, Mac users should get the Magic Trackpad, which is basically just a MacBook trackpad that’s been pulled out, blown up and connected to your desktop with wireless Bluetooth technology. The minimalist design is typical of Apple, but desktop users used to a mouse may have a hard time adjusting. On the other hand, laptop users transitioning back to desktops will find it delightful. It is on sale now at the Apple Store. Photo Credit:
    Quirky Pivot Power Strip, $25
  • Quirky Pivot Power Strip, $25

    Various oddly-shaped plugs and oversized AC adapters can quickly monopolize socket real estate, like a poorly-parked Hummer taking up three parking spots. This power strip from the community-based product development site twists and turns to make space for your plugs. According to Quirky’s website, the product is still in production and is available for pre-sale. Photo Credit:
    Doctor Who TARDIS USB Hub, $29.99
  • Doctor Who TARDIS USB Hub, $29.99

    If you’re like many computer users, you’ve got more gadgets, peripherals and other devices than your computer has USB ports. What you need is an external USB hub to make sure you never have to unplug one device to make room for another. You could get one of the dozen inexpensive hubs currently on the market … Or you could get this four-port hub modeled after Doctor Who’s time-traveling police box, the TARDIS. Not only does it allow you to plug in four devices at once, it also features the signature blinking blue light and time-travel sound effect, though it’s probably not bigger on the inside than it is on the outside like the real TARDIS. Photo Credit:
    Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard, $79.99
  • Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard, $79.99

    One day we’ll all have touch-screen tablets like the iPad, and we’ll forget there was ever a time that we typed on actual, physical keyboards. Until then there are plenty of nifty keyboards available for desktop users, including this wireless model from Logitech. What sets this one apart is that there are no batteries to buy – it’s solar-powered, so just leave it on your windowsill when you leave in the morning. Photo Credit:
    USB Beverage Cooler, $19.99
  • USB Beverage Cooler, $19.99

    Did your boss unreasonably deny your request for a mini-fridge in your cubicle? Don’t despair. This tiny fridge connects to your computer through the USB port, and chills a single can of soda (or beer, if you’ve got a relaxed work environment). Unfortunately it’s not big enough for most energy drinks, and at $19.99 you might be better off just seeing if there’s room in the office fridge. Photo Credit:
    Minoru 3-D Webcam, $59
  • Minoru 3-D Webcam, $59

    What’s the point of video chatting with someone if they can only see you in two dimensions? Billing itself as the world’s first 3-D webcam, the Minoru (that’s Japanese for “reality”) shoots 3-D video and still images that can be viewed by anyone with a pair of cheap red-and-blue 3-D specs. It’s compatible with Skype, and users can also film 3-D video for YouTube. The webcam is available on Photo Credit:
    Pogoplug Pro, $99
  • Pogoplug Pro, $99

    Want to take your movies and music on the road with you, but don’t have enough storage space on your smartphone or tablet? Connect your external hard drives to the Pogoplug and all of your files will be placed on the Internet for your personal use. Free apps for Android, iOS and Blackberry devices make it easy to access your files from anywhere. The Pro version, which is Wi-Fi enabled, retails for $99 exclusively at Best Buy. Photo Credit:
    Ironkey Military Strength Flash Drive, $69.99 - $139.99
  • Ironkey Military Strength Flash Drive, $69.99 - $139.99

    Ever-improving data storage technology has made it easy to carry around several gigabytes of data on tiny flash drives. Unfortunately, these incredible shrinking drives are also easy to steal. For computer users worried (or just paranoid) about the security of their data, this Ironkey flash drive features a hardware encryption chip that requires a password to unlock. After 10 wrong passwords, the chip self-destructs and makes the data inaccessible. If a data thief tries to pry open the drive manually, the epoxy-filled container will likely damage the chip. While $139.99 for a 4GB drive is awfully expensive, it’s worth it if you’re dealing with sensitive information. Photo Credit:
    Razer Nostromo Gaming Keypad, $69.99
  • Razer Nostromo Gaming Keypad, $69.99

    Still playing computer games with a mouse and arrow keys? Amateur. Now you can get the Razer Nostromo, a sleek, ergonomic controller for the serious PC gamer in your life. It features a directional thumbpad and 16 programmable keypad buttons, and can store up to 20 different game profiles. It begins shipping Nov. 29. Photo Credit:
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