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    If you’re on the hunt for holiday gifts for your little tykes, and you’re looking for something a bit more interactive than the latest Bratz doll or Matchbox car, why not consider a toy that will actually teach the kid something. As you well know kids these days are starting early with technology (they probably already know how to use your iPhone better than you), so here are some cool new tech toys, some of which may be surprisingly affordable, to consider during Black Friday shopping and beyond. Photo Credit: edenpictures
    Crayola Beginnings Color Me A Song
  • Crayola Beginnings Color Me A Song

    What it does: This Crayola gadget just might spark a new creative streak in your toddler. The battery-powered coloring board plays music that speeds up and slows down along with your kid’s scribbles. Kids are encouraged to be creative and play independently, and music-loving parents will like this for another reason: songs can teach kids the differences among salsa, rock, swing and country music. Ages: 24 months to 6 years. Price: About $19 on Photo Credit: Toys "R" Us
    Printies Pet Design Studio
  • Printies Pet Design Studio

    What it does: Trips to the Build-a-Bear Workshop can get pricey, easily running you about $50 for bear plus clothing and accessories. But with the Printies Pet Design Studio, kids can design their own pets, print them on fabric sheets at home and stuff them. The fabric works in any inkjet printer just like a piece of paper. It’s pre-sewn and stuffable, and no cutting, needles or gluing is required. Ages: 5 and up. Price: About $20 on Photo Credit:
    Girl Gourmet Candy Jewel Factory Oven
  • Girl Gourmet Candy Jewel Factory Oven

    What it does: remember those sugary, multicolored candy necklaces and bracelets and Ring Pops that sweets shops used to always sell? Well, candy jewelry has gotten an upgrade now that kids can design and make them at home. This kit comes with hard candy pellets that kids can put into molds, and heat up to make their own jewelry. Ages: 8 and up. Price: $24 at Photo Credit: Toys "R" Us
    Crayola Crayon Maker
  • Crayola Crayon Maker

    What it does: Kids can accumulate boxes full of crayon nubs that may seem barely usable, but the Crayola gadget brings those colorful crumbs back to life. Small pieces in a variety of colors can be put into molds and melted into colorful, swirly crayons. Plus, it teaches kids how things melt and harden again, and the device’s design prevents any accidental spills of hot crayon wax. Ages: 8 to 14 years. Price: $24 at Photo Credit:
    Snap Circuits SC-300
  • Snap Circuits SC-300

    What it does: If you were involved in the Capsela craze of the 1980s, this new set for science-loving kids could be a way to pass your inventive streak on to your child this holiday season. This winner of the Dr. Toy Best Educational Products award, the Snap Circuits set includes real circuit components that can be snapped together to create the same types of circuits that can be found in TVs, computers and other electronic devices. The 60-piece set includes wires, a battery holder, speaker, motor fan, and lamp module, and the set’s manual includes more than 300 circuit-building options. Ages: 8 and up. Price: $43 at Photo Credit:
    Eyeclops Night Vision Infrared Stealth Goggles
  • Eyeclops Night Vision Infrared Stealth Goggles

    What it does: These night vision binoculars could actually appeal to both adults and kids alike, especially since the fancy adult versions can easily cost hundreds of dollars. With this kiddie version, 50 feet of total darkness can be illuminated using infrared technology. There’s even a stealth mode which removes the light emitted by the device, so kids can watch outdoor creatures and bugs that scurry in the dark without scaring them away. Ages: 8 and up. Price: $50 at Photo Credit:
    Dora the Explorer 'Links' Web Doll
  • Dora the Explorer 'Links' Web Doll

    What it does: Along with makeover that makes her look slightly older and ultra-feminine, Dora the Explorer dolls have gotten a technical upgrade as well. Dora can enter an online world by plugging in to your computer via USB, allowing kids to play games and solve mysteries in Dora’s world. Ages: All ages. Price: $50 at Photo Credit:
    Fisher-Price Star Station Entertainment System
  • Fisher-Price Star Station Entertainment System

    What it does: Karaoke-loving families and kids who belong in the spotlight can turn into star performers at home with this Fisher Price system. “Kids can see and hear themselves on TV while performing to children's music,” according to the Toys “R” Us Web site. It comes with a camera, two hassle-free wireless microphones, and simple hardware that plugs into your TV. Ages: 3 to 8. Price: $60 at Photo Credit:
    Playmind Talking Train with Track
  • Playmind Talking Train with Track

    What it does: Kid-sized wheels can be expensive. A kid-sized, pedal-powered Mercedes for instance, can run about $350 and a little Mini Cooper can cost $180. But this little indoor train is significantly cheaper. And it talks! The train comes with a steering wheel with buttons on it, and kids use a pedal to get it going. It also comes with a circular track that can be set up indoors. Ages: 18 months to 3 years. Price: $100 at Photo Credit: Toys "R" Us
    Zhu Zhu Pet
  • Zhu Zhu Pet

    What it does: They may seem pricey at first, but parents with kids who are allergic to furry animals might actually pay less for one of these robotic creatures than for a real pet hamster and its food and supplies without worrying about its care and annoying cleanup. And these little guys scamper around, can crawl all over you and make cute little animal noises like the real thing. Ages: 3 and up. Price: They retail for about $10 at Toys “R” Us, but they may sell for about $60 given their high demand. Zhu Zhu Pet homes and accessories are sold separately. Photo Credit: Toys "R" Us
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