Cool New Cars Under $5K

  • Dirt Cheap Rides

    These rides are so cheap, it’s like buying a car from Fisher-Price. If you’re looking for the craziest car deals, you’ll need to look abroad. Many of these cars are made and distributed exclusively in India and China, countries where many people are eager to buy small, no-frills automobiles. But given the bad economy in America, and the fact that unemployment numbers continue to increase, many readers are probably eager  to see some cheaper cars make their way to the states. So perhaps it’s time we look to these cars as an example of what we could have here at home. Photo Credit: vm2827
    Tata Nano
  • Tata Nano

    This is the king of cheap cars. The car, which has been dubbed the People’s Car, sells in India for the starting price of 115,361 rupees, or the equivalent of $2,494. The Nano was released to much fanfare last year, and with good reason. It may be a tiny car, but it has 33 horsepower and can go 65 miles per hour. Plus the savings don’t stop with the price tag; the car also gets about 50 miles to the gallon. Tata, the Indian company behind the car, announced last month that it has already produced nearly 8,000 of these cars to date and plans to make hundreds of thousands more in the near future. Photo Credit: arulnathan
    Renault Bajaj ULC
  • Renault Bajaj ULC

    Renault-Nissan announced last year that it was working on a new ultra cheap car with Bajaj Auto, an Indian manufacturer. The plan was to release the car, which will cost somewhere between $2,500 and $3,000 and compete directly with the Tata Nano, in 2011. But the company recently announced that the release date will be pushed back until 2012. Let’s just hope someone gets a chance to test drive the ride before the world ends later that year. Photo Credit: and EffervescentEva
    Chery QQ
  • Chery QQ

    Chery bills the QQ automobile as a super cheap and fashionable ride. You can decide how fashionable the car actually is. But we can certainly vouch for the cheap part. This four-door sedan sells for approximately $4,800, according to Forbes. That’s not too shabby for a vehicle that can reach around 80 miles per hour. The car is not without controversy though, as GM claimed the car was very similar to its old Daewoo model. Putting the similarities aside, GM never offered a car half as cheap as this. Photo Credit: Hugo90
    Maruti Suzuku 800
  • Maruti Suzuku 800

    Maruti Suzuki, an Indian car company, produces many cars, but one is clearly dearer to them than any other. According to their Web site, the 800 model is more than just a car, because “it has actually changed the lives and lifestyles of countless people.” They may be right. Or they may have just smelled too much gasoline. Whatever the case may be, the car is one of the cheapest cars on the planet, currently selling for as little as 199,408 rupees, or $4,311. It’s a five-door hatchback that comfortably seats five and has something called “Crumple Zones” that supposedly work like airbags, absorbing impact blows. Sounds like the perfect automobile for the family. Photo Credit:
  • Geely

    Geely, a popular Chinese auto manufacturer, used to make two of the cheapest cars in the world, the MR and HQ, a sedan and SUV, respectively, and both in the $5,000-$6,000 range. However, the company is now moving into the U.S. market, and hoping to partner with American distributors like Ford. Unfortunately, their goal is to produce more luxury cars, but maybe if we all ask nicely enough, they’ll bring out the cheap cars yet again. Photo Credit:
    The Cheapest Car in America
  • The Cheapest Car in America

    We don’t want to overlook the United States entirely. It’s true that even with the U.S. auto industry in shambles, the typical car still costs an arm and a leg. But there are a few cars that hover around the $10,000 benchmark. The Chevrolet Aveo costs just more than $10K while the Nissan Versa sits just under that number. But the prize for cheapest car in America goes to the Hyundai Accent, which starts at $9,970, according to Photo Credit: msvg
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