Consumer Outrage: Hotel Horrors

  • Hotels from Hell

    A hotel stay is supposed to be restorative and trouble-free: you shouldn’t have to worry about anything. Not the quality of the room service, not the cleanliness of the sheets, nor the stench of decomposing dead bodies across the hall. Are these stories the worst of the worst, ever? Perhaps not, but they are pretty close. Photo Credit: Getty Images
    Death down the hall
  • Death down the hall

    As recently covered in Curbed, a guest at New York City’s $99 per night Jane Hotel became quite curious about a lingering foul odor in the hallway. He reportedly received “a number of explanations from building staff, including a maintenance guy who tells him, ‘Someone with really bad hygiene. And some ladies used the bathroom in there, too.’ The story changes, however, when the door gets sealed and a Police Department D.O.A. notice is posted. ‘Older guy, lived here,’ an employee finally fesses up.” Huh? We aren’t sure how the smell of a resident’s decomposing corpse is casually passed off as the result of “some ladies” using the bathroom, but okay. So, would the guest stay at the quaint Jane Hotel again? Click next... Photo Credit: Getty Images
    Tough to say
  • Tough to say

    This particular guest has a lot more patience than I do. Answering the question of whether he would return to the Jane, he reportedly wrote on his blog: “Good question. Overall, it was a great hotel for our hostel-like needs. On the other hand, the experience had a touch of the movie ‘Hostel’. In my opinion, the management failed miserably.” I would say so! I bet this guy returns, at some point, if only because he’s a blogger and the Jane sounds like the perfect inspiration for writing material—Stephen King, have you booked your reservation yet? Photo Credit: Getty Images
    Complimentary cockroach under the sheets
  • Complimentary cockroach under the sheets

    Chocolates on the pillow are so 2008. User “auditthis” on the Web site takes issue with the Comfort Inn located in Harpers’ Ferry, West Virginia. The customer alleges that “everything seemed to be fine until I got to my room, pulled back the sheets on the bed and found a huge cockroach that was squashed into the sheet!” Wah wah wah. He complained to the manager at the front desk, who allegedly laughed at him and explained that since the reservation was made online, he would not be able to get his money back. Guess which hotel I will be actively avoiding if I ever end up in Harpers’ Ferry… Photo Credit: k790i
    “Mold infested horror”
  • “Mold infested horror”

    User “lanabrum” refers to the Econolodge in Mackinaw City, Mich. as a “mold infested horror.” For some reason, this user took issue with Econolodge’s family suite accommodations: “The ‘suite’ was actually a freestanding shack with rooms so small you can barely fit a full-size bed, and absolutely no room for a crib for our baby (even though the CSR on the phone said it's spacious enough). Both exterior and interior were filthy and in dire need of repair - peeling paint, walpaper coming off the walls, the floor was ‘giving in’ under your feet. Evident water damage. My son's allergic to mold, and he started having running nose and difficulty breathing within 20 minutes of arrival.” The family received a refund after they got a lawyer involved. Photo Credit: Totoro!
    “Fecal matter” spattered elevators
  • “Fecal matter” spattered elevators

    User “hthrsly” disliked a recent stay at Aloft Hotel. The user alleges that “Besides the minor problems of incredibly itchy sheets and one very rude front desk girl...There was someone in the hotel smearing fecal matter all over the elevators. SERIOUSLY, there was A LOT of *** behind the blankets hanging on the elevator walls. It took the hotel an entire day to get around to cleaning it, although they were aware of the problem since early morning. In the mean time they didn’t bother to shut down the elevator, just let people ride on it unaware of what was causing the repulsive rankness.” It gets worse, allegedly: “The next day I was doing laundry and when I retrieved my clothes from the dryer I discovered that someone had put *** in the dryer with my clothes while I was in my room. Obviously it was disgusting and beyond comprehension in repulsiveness.” I find this one almost unbelievable: a) why was a person “smearing fecal matter” all over the elevators and b) why would he or she torment someone in the laundry room like that and c) WHY DIDN’T THE HOTEL THROW THIS PERSON OUT? Something doesn’t smell right here. Photo Credit: Getty Images
    More goodies under the covers
  • More goodies under the covers

    User “mjpablo23” disliked his or her experience with the Super 8 Motel in Reno, Nevada. The user alleges that a dead moth was found under the bed blanket; that they were overcharged by $10 per night; and that management was generally rude. “Wait a minute? Are we staying at a hotel, or a prison?” this guest wondered. Photo Credit: orangeacid
    Stinky shower
  • Stinky shower

    The Econo Lodge University in Charlottesville, Virginia evidently leaves something to be desired, according to one commenter. User “thatpoliscinerd” alleges that, among other less serious issues, he “noticed a smell that made me gag once I was in the shower, and it didn't take me long to realize that the shower curtain had soured. It's a great smell to experience first thing in the morning. I avoided vomiting long enough to finish my shower and grab a towel, at which point I was horrified to discover a long, black hair that had been folded up in the towel and was threaded into the towel material, so I had no choice but to pull it out.” I'm not feeling so hot myself right now. Photo Credit: krossbow
    “Most disgusting hotel”
  • “Most disgusting hotel”

    One hotel guest, Shawna N., disliked her stay earlier this year at Hotel Carter in New York City’s theater district: “1 star is pushing it. This place is the most disgusting hotel I have ever seen. There are bums defecating in the lobby. The have carpet runners stapled to the wall. 2 people in my party had to go to the hospital because they got bit by bed bugs! Locals told us that hostels are cleaner than this place and probably cheaper. We ended up going to the hilton and begging the front desk for some free towels, we told them where we were staying and they took pity on us and gave us 5 free towels.” Sounds like a memorable experience. Props to Hilton for coming through on this one. Photo Credit: farhan
    Let your voice be heard
  • Let your voice be heard

    If you have a truly horrendous hotel horror story, don’t keep it to yourself. Tell us about your experience here in the comments, or post about it on our friendly Facebook page. Also, post your review on sites like,, and Photo Credit: Getty Images
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