Buy the Whole Zip Code?

  • When a nice, big house just doesn’t cut it…

    It’s a buyer’s market, or so they say, but what if you aspire for more than a great deal on a single family house or a condo? What if you want more? What if you want MUCH more? We’ve written about towns for sale recently, but we came across one that we thought needed special attention, so we’ve devoted this week’s edition of Extreme Real Estate to this single “property.” Photo credit: NAI Business Properties
    MyTown, USA
  • MyTown, USA

    Located 65 miles southeast of Billings, MT and about 90 miles east as the crow flies from Yellowstone National Park, the historic site now known as the teeny-tiny town of Garryowen, MT can be scooped up lock, stock and zip code for $4,900,000. Photo credit: NAI Business Properties
    Serious History
  • Serious History

    The commercial and residential complex that comprises Garryowen–population 1–occupies approximately 7 prime acres beside busy Interstate 90 on the edge of the Hunkpapa Sioux Encampment and near the very spot where General George Custer made his famous last stand during the epic Battle of the Little Bighorn in 1876. The itty-bitty town with a big history was named after the old Irish song of ‘Garryowen,’ which was the regimental marching song of Custer’s 7th. U.S. Calvary. Photo credit: NAI Business Properties
    An Attraction
  • An Attraction

    The current asking price of the income producing property includes 18,000 sq. ft. of buildings with several tourist friendly retail spaces, the only ‘Tomb of the Unknown Soldier’ outside of Washington D.C. which holds one of Custer’s fallen soldiers, private office spaces, two public restrooms, existing Conoco gas and Subway sandwich franchises, and the Garryowen Federal Post Office, zip code 59031. The asking price also includes the newly discovered and unpublished Custer Manuscript Archive, which contains 4000+ Custer family documents and photos making an amazing opportunity for an inspired businessperson, and/or philanthropist with an interest in early American history. Photo credit: NAI Business Properties
    The Accommodations
  • The Accommodations

    A sprawling, 3,900 sq. ft. penthouse on the second floor of the main building offers deluxe living accommodations with 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, a large living and dining area with a vaulted ceiling, a gourmet kitchen with granite counter tops and all the stainless steel appliances a chef might want or need, and a deck with an inspiring view of the historic battlefield. Photo credit: NAI Business Properties
    A Town With a View
  • A Town With a View

    The property, which has its own exit off Interstate 90, also provides plenty of parking, shaded picnic areas, a couple of ambiance enhancing teepees, and three guest suites near the shore the Little Big Horn River. One of the suites is currently utilized as a caretaker’s room and the other two–one done up as the Calvary Room and the other as the Indian Room–are utilized as themed bed and breakfast accommodations, each with a private bathroom and deck. Photo credit: NAI Business Properties
    The Amenities
  • The Amenities

    All buildings have been totally updated and upgraded with modern systems including wireless internet, a mainframe phone system, a remotely controlled security, and central heating and air conditioning. Oh, and there’s also the Jacuzzi tub. Photo credit: NAI Business Properties
    Other Towns on the Market?
  • Other Towns on the Market?

    Oddly enough, there have been several towns listed and sold in the last few years.  Our recent article on towns for sale includes one in White City, NM which sold for $1,500,000, and the teeny-tiny town of Albert, TX which had its asking price chopped from $883,000 to $595,000. Photo Credit:
    Any Takers?
  • Any Takers?

    For additional information on Garryowen, MT, visit the property website or contact Matt Robertson (406-671-1158) at N.A.I. Business Properties in Billings, MT. Photo credit: NAI Business Properties
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