Buy a House... in a Volcano!?

  • Pele’s Pad in the California Desert

    If Pele, the Hawaiian goddess of volcanoes, ever decided to move to the mainland, she would surely move to Newberry Springs, a nearly nonexistent town about halfway between Los Angeles and Las Vegas where a curious dome-like residence caps the top of a long dormant volcano. Photo Credit: Deasy Penner & Partners
    Perfect Privacy
  • Perfect Privacy

    The property sprawls across 60 undeveloped desert acres and the house is accessed via a long curving driveway that sweeps around the rocky volcano. Its solitary location at the top of the volcano provides for unparalleled privacy, dead quiet and 360-degree views of the surrounding landscape, which can easily be described as formidable, lunar and all but barren. Photo Credit: Deasy Penner & Partners
    All the Comforts of a Regular Home
  • All the Comforts of a Regular Home

    Constructed out of concrete, the residence’s dome shell is supported by a series of spider-leg-like trusses that create archways and window openings. The vexing volcano house includes two bedrooms and two bathrooms plus a detached guesthouse at the base of the volcano with an additional bedroom and bathroom. The underside of the concrete shell, a gently arching wood-beamed ceiling, soars over the interior spaces, which offer all the comforts of home including a living room and a full kitchen. Indirect light is brought in through a series of sliding glass doors that are tucked up under the arches and wrap around the interior. Photo Credit: Deasy Penner & Partners
    A Stargazer's Paradise
  • A Stargazer's Paradise

    A large, tiled terrace shoots off one side of the volcano-topping residence and thrusts out into the visually demanding but mesmerizing landscape. The lack of surrounding lights makes the terrace a particularly spectacular spot for stargazing. A narrow and shallow moat-like reflecting pool inside the trusses and under the concrete shell wraps around a portion of the house. Photo Credit: Deasy Penner & Partners
    An Oasis in the Desert
  • An Oasis in the Desert

    Like a mirage or hallucination, a small private lake with a smaller island in the middle sits at the base of the volcano. This oasis in the desert is one of the few reminders that the property is not, in fact, on the moon. Despite its remote location, the heart of booming Barstow, Calif., is just 30 miles away and the glittery lights of Las Vegas are 2.5 hours by car. Photo Credit: Deasy Penner & Partners
    If You’re Interested...
  • If You’re Interested...

    The volcano house and the surrounding acreage are currently listed for sale with an asking price of $750,000. For more information, contact Mike Deasy or Scott Quattrochi (310)275-1000 at Deasy Penner & Partners. Photo Credit: Deasy Penner & Partners
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