Buried Treasure: 3 Awesome Finds & How to Spot Your Own Hidden Booty

  • Largest Anglo-Saxon gold hoard ever

    The BBC reports that a 55 year old man has discovered the largest Anglo-Saxon gold hoard in modern history. He used a metal detector and found the treasure on farmland. The collection contains 1,500 gold and silver pieces and has a seven-figure estimated value. For history buffs out there, this will intrigue: the loot is super-old, apparently from the 7th century. Here are some other amazing recent finds, plus killer tips on how to unearth your own hoard of treasure. (If you find anything, we want our cut: 25%) Photo Credit: pulguita
    Second largest gold nugget in the world
  • Second largest gold nugget in the world

    The "Normandy Nugget," found in a dry stream bed in Western Australia back in 1995, weighs a whopping 25.5 kilograms and is currently the second-largest nugget in the world (most of the other large ones have been melted down). Photo Credit: aresauburn
    70 million ounces of gold down under
  • 70 million ounces of gold down under

    According to Gold World, early gold discoveries in Australia were kept quiet by authorities and were toned down as much as possible: "McBrien, an Assistant Surveyor with the Department of Land, had a relatively humdrum assignment on this day: Conduct a survey of a road along the Fish River between the small towns of Rydal and Bathurst in New South Wales, Australia. While studying the road, McBrien saw a curious yellow glitter in the river. He immediately knew what it was: gold. McBrien recorded in his field book the following note: 'At E. (end of survey line) 1 chain 50 links to river and marked gum tree. At this point I found numerous particles of gold convenient to river.'" His was the first verified gold discovery in Australia (1823). I, for one, would have been a bit more enthusiastic with my field book entry for that day! Photo Credit: aresauburn
    Buried treasure in Spain
  • Buried treasure in Spain

    It was reported earlier this month that 13 gold coins were found in Spain: "13 gold coins, escudos, from the reign of Carlos III, dated from 1776 to 1801, and wrapped in a cloth, were found under a layer of limestone which has kept them in a perfect condition for more than two centuries. Each escudo weighs 27 grams and has a diameter of 36mm." It is believed that the coins were deliberately hidden by someone ahead of a French invasion in July 1808. Photo Credit: bogenfreund
    $10 billion worth of treasure found
  • $10 billion worth of treasure found

    According to a 2005 report in The Guardian, more than 600 barrels of gold and Incan treasures were discovered: "The archipelago is named after Robinson Crusoe, but perhaps it should have been called Treasure Island. A long quest for booty from the Spanish colonial era appears to be culminating in Chile with the announcement by a group of adventurers that they have found an estimated 600 barrels of gold coins and Incan jewels on the remote Pacific island." The estimated value of this find? $10 billion. Photo Credit: chem7
    Depression-era treasure in your own backyard?
  • Depression-era treasure in your own backyard?

    A Wisconsin man last year reportedly found a metal box filled with Depression-era bills. He was tearing down a 100-year-old shed when he stumbled across this forgotten loot. Many of the bills, of various amounts, were degraded beyond the point of recognition. He gave the box to the Treasury department, which will determine the precise face value of the bills and reimburse him. Photo Credit: mugley
    Finding your own treasure...
  • Finding your own treasure...

    A mid-range metal detector can be had on eBay for around $100. Many treasure hunters look for modern treasures, hitting areas such as high-traffic beaches and trails in search of recently lost loot. If you want to go for the big score, though, you will need to know your history. Typically, gold and other treasures are hidden before a military conflict (as was the case with the Spanish coins hidden in 1808) or perceived economic meltdown. This fascinating article outlines a few American treasures that have yet to be uncovered. Photo Credit: dotbenjamin
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