Recall Alert: Candy, Cleaners, Toys & More

  • Stepped-Up Safety Checks

    Just as government regulators and health officials have stepped up their product safety checks, more and more products are being flagged on concerns that dangerous chemicals and bacteria could harm consumers. Here are some of the latest product recalls. Photo Credit: Hugo
    Army Guys
  • Army Guys

    What: Four-inch tall military figurines have been found to violate federal lead paint standards. The toys came in blister packs along with various accessories, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Where: They toys were sold nationwide at dollar stores and other discount stores between November 2008 and April 2009. For more information visit Photo Credit:
    Kids’ Cloth Books
  • Kids’ Cloth Books

    What: Lead isn’t just found on plastic toys and shiny trinkets. It’s been found in a Big Rex and Friends cloth book published by St. Martin’s Press. The book, which has a red dinosaur on the cover and a black and white striped border has a red dot sewn in it that contains high levels of lead, the CPSC says. Where: About 204,000 of the books were sold at Barnes & Noble (Stock Quote: BKS), Toys “R” Us, Amazon Stock Quote: AMZN), Borders (Stock Quote: BGP) and other bookstores and retailers nationwide from May 2004 through October 2009 for about $9. For more information visit Photo
    Cadmium in Toys
  • Cadmium in Toys

    What: After numerous violations of a ban that prohibits a certain amount of lead paint on products, some manufacturers have begun using cadmium, a more toxic chemical, in its place. Chronic cadmium ingestion results in kidney damage that is indicated by the presence of specific proteins in the urine, according to the CPSC. Where: In a study organized by the Associated Press, 103 toys purchased in New York, Ohio, Texas and California were tested for the toxic chemical cadmium and 12% contained at least 10% of the chemical. And many of the more cadmium-covered pieces were charms bought at Wal-Mart (Stock Quote: WMT), Claire's and dollar stores. Additionally, The Princess and The Frog movie-themed pendants were found to have high cadmium levels. For more information visit Photo Credit: James Tan Chin Choy
    Salsa, Peanut Butter and Cheese
  • Salsa, Peanut Butter and Cheese

    What: A number of salsa, peanut butter and cheese products made by Parkers Farm are being recalled on concerns that they may be contaminated with listeria. The bacteria was found in a sample taken by the states of Wisconsin and Minnesota. No related illnesses have been reported, the Food and Drug Administration says. Where: The recalled products were sold at Target (Stock Quote: TGT), Whole Foods (Stock Quote: WFMI), Costco (Stock Quote: COST), Safeway (Stock Quote: SWY) and numerous other food and discount stores. For more information, visit Photo Credit:
    Bugs in Sweets
  • Bugs in Sweets

    What: Bugs have been found in Nutty Guys brand butter toffee peanuts and yogurt-covered peanuts, according to the FDA. Since certain levels of bugs, bug parts and insect waste are actually allowed in many packaged foods, we imagine the recalled products exceeded FDA limitations. Where: The FDA and Nutty Guys are recalling all affected products with sell-by dates of March 15, 2010 or earlier. For more information, visit Photo Credit:
    Catheters Can Kill?
  • Catheters Can Kill?

    What: Catheters used in certain medical procedures are being recalled because they may crack while in use and cause serious injury or even death. The recall includes 350 individual TrailBlazer Support Catheters made by medical device company ev3 (Stock Quote: EVVV). Where: The catheters were manufactured by the Plymouth, Minn.-based company between Sept. 11 and Sept. 29 and distributed from Sept. 21 through Oct. 27. For more information, visit Photo Credit: denn
    Dangerous Books
  • Dangerous Books

    What: Nearly a million home-improvement books are being recalled on concerns that inaccurate wiring diagrams could lead readers to install or repair electrical wiring with a shock or fire hazard. Where: The recall covers nine different books published as early as 1975. The books were sold at bookstores and home improvement stores across the country from January 1975 to December 2009 for between $13 and $35, according to the CPSC. For more information visit Photo Credit:
    Burning Computers
  • Burning Computers

    What: About 22,000 Acer Aspire notebook computers are being recalled on concerns that a microphone wire inside the computer could short circuit, overheat and pose a burn hazard to customers. There have been three reports of the computers short circuiting, causing the external casing of the laptop to melt, but no injuries have been reported. Where: ABS Computer Technologies, D&H Distributing, Fry’s Electronics, Ingram Micro, Radio Shack, SED/American Express, Synnex Corporation, SYX Distribution, Tech Data Corporation and other retailers nationwide and from June 2009 through October 2009 for between $650 and $1,150. For more information visit Photo Credit:
    No-Spill Cans Leak
  • No-Spill Cans Leak

    What: No-Spill gas cans could leak, causing a fire and burn hazard to users. The five-gallon cans, manufactured by Kansas-based No-Spill LLC, can leak fuel where the spout connects to the can. Where: The red, heavy-duty plastic cans were sold at hardware retailers and lawn and garden stores nationwide and online from August 2009 to November 2009 for about $30, the CPSC says. For more information visit Photo Credit:
    Cleaning with Toxins
  • Cleaning with Toxins

    What: Bottles of ammonia sold in the Midwest may actually contain bleach, which could produce toxic gases when mixed with actual ammonia, the CPSC warns. The bleach can be found in certain 64-ounce Food Club Supreme Clean Clear Ammonia bottles with the date code 232 stenciled on the bottle. Where: The Food Club Supreme Clean Clear Ammonia was sold at Piggly Wiggly Midwest stores from August 2009 through September 2009 for about $1.50. For more information visit Photo Credit:
    Dangerous Gas Grills
  • Dangerous Gas Grills

    What: Gas grills sold at Lowe’s (Stock Quote: LOW) stores are being recalled on concerns that a rubber hose could melt and rupture, causing a fire and burn hazard. There have been two reports of the hoses rupturing, but no injuries or property damage were reported, according to the CPSC. The recalled grills with the model number L3218 have five burners, they’re made of stainless steel and the name “Master Forge” is on the grill hood. Where: Lowe’s stores nationwide from September 2009 through November 2009 for about $500. For more information visit Photo Credit:
    Illnesses Linked to Beef
  • Illnesses Linked to Beef

    What: More E. coli bacteria have been found in ground beef. According to the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, the bacteria were found in an investigation of beef from Adams Farm Slaughterhouse in Athol, Mass. after illnesses in the state. Where: The recall covers 2,574 pounds of beef that were distributed only in Massachusetts. For more information, visit Photo Credit: virtualErn
    Plastic Tree Steps Snap
  • Plastic Tree Steps Snap

    What: Plastic tree steps used by hunters to climb trees could break, causing a falling hazard to consumers. The tree step manufacturer, Primal Vantage, has received five reports of the steps breaking and two reports of bruises and cuts related to the defect. Where: The recalled tree steps were at various outdoor and sporting goods stores nationwide last year as a three-step package in model 105 or as a single-step package in model 155. For more information visit Photo Credit:
    Horse Mackerel
  • Horse Mackerel

    What: Horse mackerel, a general term for various large fish, are being recalled after routine inspections found that the boiled and vacuum-packed fish from Bao Ding Seafood in New York were not eviscerated before being processed, and could contain clostridium botulinum, a potentially-deadly toxin. Where: The fish were sold in New York, and could cause botulism, a form of food poisoning that could cause dizziness, double-vision, difficulty breathing and other serious symptoms. For more information, visit Photo Credit:
    Allergens in Onions
  • Allergens in Onions

    What: Onion rings manufactured by Rudolph Foods are being recalled because milk is missing from packaging labels. People with severe milk allergies could have a serious, even life-threatening reaction after eating these products, the FDA says. Where: The recalled products include Pepe’s Louisiana Hot Gigante Cracklins, which were distributed in Southern California and Rudolph’s Louisiana Hot OnYums and 7-Select Louisiana Hot Onion Rings distributed in California, Nevada, Oregon, Arizona and Washington, the FDA says. For more information, visit Photo Credit:
    Wheat and Coloring in Caramel
  • Wheat and Coloring in Caramel

    What: Harry London candies has issued a recall of its Chocolate Pecan Caramel Stars after quality control checks found that the candy’s packaging didn’t include wheat and several food colorings, which could cause an allergic reaction in some consumers. No illnesses or injuries have been reported to date. Where: The FDA says that all Harry London Chocolate Pecan Caramel Stars sold after Dec. 28 do have the correct labeling, but consumers who bought the product before then should note the presence of potential allergens. For more information, visit Photo Credit:
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