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    Getting married soon? Unless you are fortunate enough to have someone else footing the bill, you are probably experiencing some serious sticker shock. From the dress, to the flowers, to the venue…it all costs so much! My makeup artist and hair stylist friends and I all advise that you utilize beauty expert for your special day; however, we also understand budget constraints. If hiring a pro makeup artist and hair stylist does not fit into your budget, we wanted to share what we know so you can DIY! Photo Credit: katq88
    Trae’s Tips
  • Trae’s Tips

    I have a lot to say here, but my colleagues below address many of the most important topics, so I’ll keep my advice to coloring. Lips/Cheeks — Think soft, springy and sweet. Rosy peaches and soft mauves are always flattering — go for your natural color but two shades brighter. For the perfect blush application, smile and focus on the round apples of the cheeks. Eyes — Apply a soft, champagne tone all over the eye. This is classic and elegant, and works for all skin tones. You can also highlight cheeks and brow bones with this color, but make sure to go for a satin finish rather than a glittery one. Too much sparkle on a bride can be distracting. Line the eyes with black, buffed out for softness and use several coats of black waterproof mascara. Practice — Give your hair and makeup a couple of test runs and take digital pics. Have a friend or two help you and give honest feedback. You want to look your very best. Remember that you will likely be nervous on the big day, so give yourself plenty of time and a relaxing place to sit. Photo Credit: China Jorrin
    Linsey Snyder Wachalter’s Tips
  • Linsey Snyder Wachalter’s Tips

    Linsey Snyder Wachalter, makeup artist and founder of Face Time Beauty Concierge, offers up her favorite bridal tip: "Create drama with browns and golds. Highlight your best features with a little shimmer and a little shading and you can't go wrong. Use a foolproof palette, this way you can be confident in knowing that the hues you choose work well together. My favorite palettes are from POP Beauty. Their Sunny Day Bouquet ($25) is perfect for the bride who wants to naturally pop their features but still have that bridal glow. Another benefit to a palette — it's all the makeup you will need to bring on your honeymoon!" Linsey serves brides in the Palm Beach and New York City area. For more information about Linsey and Face Time Beauty Concierge, visit Photo Courtesy of Linsey Snyder Wachalter
    Amy Roder’s Tips
  • Amy Roder’s Tips

    Pro makeup artist for Face Atelier, Amy Roder, offers the following advice: "Foundation — Photographs and weddings go hand in hand. A foundation with long-lasting coverage is key to a perfect picture every time. Face Atelier’s silicone-based Ultra Foundation ($45) is a favorite to numerous professional makeup artists (even Lady Gaga, Fergie and Rachael Ray are fans) and provides a flawless, youthful radiant illustrious look. No primer needed! A long-lasting lipstick is key to keeping your lips beautiful all day. Use Face Atelier’s LipLock ($22) after applying lipstick to double the wear time of your lipstick.” Photo Courtesy of Amy Roder
    Laura Geller’s Tips 
  • Laura Geller’s Tips 

    Makeup artist, entrepreneur and QVC star Laura Geller shares these tips: "Always appoint that one friend or relative to be responsible for holding your lipstick, powder and other makeup essentials. You won’t have time (or remember) to check your own makeup! Or, place your lipstick and powder under the flowers on your table for easy access!Shine really shows in photos, so keep your complexion matte no matter what with an oil-absorbing product. Try Laura Geller Welcome Matte ($23.50) — to leave skin looking flawless!" To learn more about Laura Geller and her popular line of products, visit Photo Courtesy of Laura Geller
    William Miranda’s Tips 
  • William Miranda’s Tips 

    Veteran bridal makeup artist/hair stylist William Miranda says: "Don’t wait to the last minute to address skin issues like acne. See a dermatologist six months prior to your wedding day, if you can, as you may need that much time to resolve some conditions. Even if your skin is flawless make sure you are on a skin care regimen. The Look — Don’t opt for a very fashion forward look you may regret. Classic elegance is the way to go.” Will’s must-have bridal beauty item: Stila Convertible Color ($25). William says, “You got to love a product with multiple purposes! I only have Stila Convertible Color in Fuchsia and Poppy but I’m going to get a few more colors for my kit soon.” To view William’s beautiful work, visit his website. William serves brides in the NYC area. Photo Courtesy of William Miranda
    Brett Freedman’s Tips
  • Brett Freedman’s Tips

    Celeb makeup artist Brett Freedman, who regularly works with Vanessa Hudgens and Jessica Biel says: “Body Bronzer - Add a bit of bronze to your body with Vanitymark Shimmerskin and Summerskin ($14). Apply before you slip on your dress to make skin look radiant. Waterproof Mascara - For mascara that will make eyes really pop AND stand the test of tears, L'Oreal Paris Voluminous Waterproof Mascara ($7.29) is amazing.” Brett is also founder of Vanitymark cosmetic line. Photo Courtesy of Brett Freedman
    Kristie Adams’ Tips
  • Kristie Adams’ Tips

    Kristie Adams, who has nine years under her belt as a veteran bridal makeup artist, shares her favorite DIY secrets: “Brows - Before your wedding, go to a local makeup counter and have an artist show you how to fill in your eyebrows. Brows really frame a person’s eyes, and the more the eyes are framed, the more they stand out in pictures. A must-have is a clear brow gel for grooming the brows. I love Maybelline’s Clear Mascara for Eyebrows ($6.99).” View Kristie’s work at She serves brides on the Newport Beach, Calif., area. Photo Courtesy of Kristie Adams
    Jillian Halouska’s Tips 
  • Jillian Halouska’s Tips 

    Jillian is a bridal hair stylist for Face Time Beauty Concierge. She offers the following hair styling tips: “When attempting DIY bridal hair, a foolproof low chignon at the base of the nape is best, as it is more difficult to gauge a suitable balance when placing the hairstyle higher on the head. To get the loose, relaxed version: Curl hair with a 1" barrel and finger comb with Warren Tricomi Hair Polish ($17). Section front quarters of hair from behind ears and clip away. Sweep hair into a low, loose chignon with bobby pins and spray into place with hair spray. A perfect look for the romantic bride.” Jillian serves brides in the New York City area. For more info, visit Photo Courtesy of Jillian Halouska
    Ken Paves’ Tips 
  • Ken Paves’ Tips 

    Celebrity hair stylist, Ken Paves, weighs in on the benefits of using hair extensions on your wedding day. He created the HairDo collection of extension with Jessica Simpson, so he knows what he’s talking about. “Before using extensions on your wedding day, I would suggest choosing the hair style that you want to wear on your big day and then see what your hair is 'lacking' in order to achieve this style. Ask yourself: Is it length, volume or color? This way when you start shopping for extensions, you know exactly what you need to purchase. Be sure to practice, as this is a way to figure out if you need to possibly trim, color or heat-style your extensions. All of this preparation will provide a smooth hair styling session on your big day and your hair will look effortless and beautiful! My favorite extension is the new HairDo Braided Chignon ($42.50). It is already styled into a modern version of a classic style that simply clips into your own hair.” Photo Courtesy of Ken Paves
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