Better Breakfast for Less Money

  • Better Breakfasts for Less Money

    I don’t want to be a Morning Meal Evangelist, but we all know breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and paradoxically, the one we’re most likely to skip.As it turns out, this is the month to make a change. September has been deemed the unofficial Better Breakfast Month for all Americans, according to breakfast right can actually help you save money by allowing you to cut back on more expensive lunches and dinners. And you don’t have to trek to IHOP (Stock Quote: DIN) for the perfect first meal. The best dishes are the ones you make at home.As with all foods, the main trick is to buy in bulk at places like Costco (Stock Quote: COST) and Target (Stock Quote: TGT). It saves you money and forces you to make a long-term commitment to eating right.
    1. An Oatmeal A Day Keeps Your Financial Troubles At Bay
  • 1. An Oatmeal A Day Keeps Your Financial Troubles At Bay

    There are a million things to do with oatmeal so you can never get tired of it.Make oatmeal pancakes, banana bread oatmeal, or if you want to keep it simple, just make regular old oatmeal and top it off with some fresh fruit from the corner store.
    2. Eggs Are Better Than Sliced Bread
  • 2. Eggs Are Better Than Sliced Bread

    It’s time everyone admits that bread is overrated; anything you can do with sliced bread, you can do with eggs, and it’s better for you. Want a sandwich? Just make an omelette and put your favorite meats on there. (I’ve found the secret for the perfect omelette is to add some turmeric to spice it up.) Or, if you’re in the mood for something exotic, consider the Breakfast Burrito. All it takes is a bunch of eggs, a soft tortilla and some beans.Eggs are also great alone. One quick and easy option is to boil a dozen eggs at the beginning of the week, refrigerate them and then grab two each day on your way out the door.(Interested in raising your own eggs? Check out this MainStreet favorite.)
    3. The Breakfast Shake
  • 3. The Breakfast Shake

    Tired of clinging to your sad little cup of yogurt each morning? Then turn it into a smoothie. All you need is one cup of yogurt and some frozen fruit. If you have the time, add in some nutmeg and vanilla to sweeten it up. My shake of choice is Banana-Pineapple. There’s a recipe for it here.
    4. Upgrade Your Cereal
  • 4. Upgrade Your Cereal

    Wheaties may be healthful, but eat it every day and you’ll be turned off of breakfast forever. However, several businesses have popped up in recent years offering you customizable options. My favorite is Me and Goji, which allows you to build your own cereal with cranberries, apples and dozens of other items. Plus, the company offers some pre-made cereals, the proceeds of which go to a breast cancer charity. That’s a breakfast that will really make you feel good.
    5. Brew Your Own Coffee
  • 5. Brew Your Own Coffee

    With Starbucks (Stock Quote: SBUX) raising prices on their “complex” drinks, maybe it’s time to scale back our coffee needs. McDonalds (Stock Quote: MCD) and Dunkin' Donuts both offer cheaper options for simple coffees, but the best choice is to brew your own. Check out a previous MainStreet article to learn how.
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