The Best Twitter Feeds for Budgeting Tips

  • Budget and Tweet

    If you’re about to ditch your New Year’s resolution to save more money – especially in light of recent price increases that have made it that much harder to stash away extra cash – you might want to seek some outside help. The “Twitter-verse” is full of folks who have managed to save successfully and are more than willing to provide free daily tips. We rounded up a few of the best ones for newbie budgeters to follow.  Photo Credit:
    Budgets Are Sexy
  • Budgets Are Sexy

    Financial nerd and beer drinker (his description, not ours) J. Money started blogging about budgeting after he and his wife bought a house and realized they needed to get their finances in order. His subsequent obsession with personal finance – and playful spin on it – has helped him attract a huge following for the blog and its accompanying Twitter feed.  Now, J. Money tweets about his own finances and how he manages to keep them in order, and also directs consumers to deals that can help them do the same. Sample tweet: “Got tax money back from Escrow!! $1,400 - woo!!! Sucks house isn't worth as much, but feels damn good at the moment! Haha... #FAIL #WIN” Follow @BudgetsAreSexy.
  • Debt_Princess

    Consumers can also learn from another true “how I got out of debt” story by following the Ohio-based Debt Princess, who has said that   blogging about her financial situations helped her deal with them. Her Twitter feed features tips and helpful articles from both her blog and other financial resources, and she frequently asks followers for their own advice on current money issues she encounters. Sample tweet: “Just received an invitation to join a professional honor society for educators at $44 for membership. Is there value in doing that?” Follow @Debt_Princess.

    The website itself is a popular budgeting tool, helping consumers put all their financial accounts in one place so they can better track their spending. But Mint’s Twitter feed also happens to be extremely helpful and highly interactive. In addition to offering budgeting tips and tricks, Mint provides the opportunity for followers to share their own 2 cents on saving with the other people who read the feed. Sample tweet:  “#Minters, if your significant other asked for a copy of your credit report, would you give it to them?” Follow @mint.
    Man vs. Debt
  • Man vs. Debt

    Family man Adam Baker blogs about his family’s “journey to sell our crap, pay off our debt, and start doing what we love.” In Baker’s case, doing what he loved involved a year-long trip with his family across the country. During his journey, he published monthly reports on his finances, including how much income he and his wife were bringing in and how much his expenses were. Now, he tweets out money-saving tips and advice drawn from personal experience. Sample tweet: “Milli (3.5 yrs old) wants new leapfrog game. Told her she needed to paint pictures to sell. She's priced her first painting at 5 quarters.” Follow @ManVsDebt
    Debt Kid
  • Debt Kid

    Back in 2007, Scott Mitchell started working his way out of more than $250,000 in debt he accumulated by day trading with loans. He has blogged about his struggles to work his way back to black, and a recent blog post indicates he’s about $75,000 away from achieving his goal. His twitter feed provides additional insights into what he has learned from his struggles, and also provides answers to common questions that those in serious debt will come across as they try to get out of it. Sample tweet: “Can I get a mortgage after my Bankruptcy? ” Follow @debtkid.
    Budget Saving Mom
  • Budget Saving Mom

    If you’re looking for discounts on necessities and other staple products, you might want to follow North Carolina-based mom blogger Rene Christensen, who often tweets out links to coupon codes for groceries, toiletries and more five or six times a day. Sample tweet: “Free Lipton Green Superfruit Tea Sample: Get a FREE sample of Lipton Green Superfruit tea on Facebook! Thanks, ...” Follow @BudgetSavingMom.
    Frugal Hero
  • Frugal Hero

    This Texas-based frugalista’s Twitter feed aggregates information that helps consumers do what her profile promises: “Save Money. Make Money. Optimize Spending. Print Coupons. Encourage Thrifty Ideas.” Sample tweet: “‘Who is the richest of men? He who is content with the least, for contentment is nature's riches.’ --- Socrates” Follow @frugalhero.
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