The Best Stuff to Buy in October

  • October Deals

    Even though the weather has cooled down, there’s plenty to love about October – foliage, playoff baseball and Halloween, to name a few. There are also plenty of bargains to be found if you know where to look. Here are a few items that are traditionally marked down during the month of October. Photo Credit: D Sharon Pruitt
  • Jeans

    If you need a new pair of jeans, now’s the time. You’ll find clearance sales galore as stores try to dump inventory in advance of the holiday season; Kmart, for instance, recently started selling some styles of jeans for just $1.99 a pair. And it’s even more imperative to buy jeans this year, as the rising cost of cotton is expected to drive up the price of denim in 2011. Photo Credit: Bluryee
    Winter Coats
  • Winter Coats

    Sure, right now it’s too warm for a winter coat and you’re probably getting by with sweaters. But you’re going to need a thick coat eventually, and bargain-hunting is all about avoiding the rush. Take Plants and Shrubbery
  • Plants and Shrubbery

    Nobody thinks to buy plants in the winter, which makes this a great time to find deals. Kiplinger adds that many nurseries are looking to sell off inventory to lower greenhouse costs in the winter, making for even juicier deals. Trees and shrubs are probably your best bet if you want the plants to survive until spring. Photo Credit: Chelseagirl
  • Toys

    There will be plenty of great deals on toys once the holiday shopping season kicks off on Black Friday. But if you want toys now, you’ll find plenty of retailers selling off old stock to make room for holiday inventory, says’s Go Frugal Blog. That means clearance prices and steep bargains. Photo Credit: wirefly
    Big Appliances
  • Big Appliances

    Toy stores aren’t the only ones looking to sell off old stock in October. Retailers looking to dump old models will offer big markdowns to make room on the floor for new fridges and washing machines. Sears is currently offering 10%-20% off all Kenmore appliances  through Thursday, plus another 5% if you have a Sears card. Photo Credit:
  • Wine

    October is a great time to stock the wine cellar, says That’s because it’s fall harvest season and the big vineyards are releasing all of their new vintages, so there’s plenty of supply to meet your demand. Photo Credit: Joe Shlabotnik
    Air Conditioners
  • Air Conditioners

    Most people buy air conditioners during the hot summer months, especially since that’s when older units tend to die, points out By October most of the country has turned off the air conditioning and stopped buying. That means less demand, and most hardware stores and other retailers will slash prices in the fall to clear out old stock. You might get some odd looks bringing home an air conditioner just as it’s getting cold out, but you can be secure in the knowledge that you beat the rush and saved some money. Photo Credit: carbonNYC
    In-Season Fruits and Vegetables
  • In-Season Fruits and Vegetables

    It’s always best to buy fruits and vegetables when they’re in season – not only are they tastier, they also tend to be cheaper. According to, fruits and vegetables in season this month include apples, pumpkins, figs and sweet potatoes.  Photo Credit: TheCulinaryGeek
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