The Best Stuff to Buy in November

  • Remember, Remember the Sales of November

    As the calendar turns to November, the cold arrives – not just the brisk morning chill of early fall, but the take-no-prisoners cold of winter. With that cold comes various deals, as seasonal products get marked down in response to reduced demand. If you know where to look, you can find some great sales this month. Photo Credit: Per Ola Wiberg
  • Weddings

    OK, so weddings are never cheap (unless you’re eloping in Vegas). But if you don’t mind getting hitched indoors, you can save a little money on your wedding services starting this month and throughout the winter. points out that peak season for weddings is May to September, and come November, the market for wedding venues cools down along with the weather. That means it’s easier to negotiate a lower price – and you can also honeymoon at offseason hotel rates. Photo Credit: Kurt Nordstrom
  • Toys

    Pre-Black Friday sales abound this month, with retailers hoping to snag early-bird shoppers with the best deals on toys. Leading the charge are Target (Stock Quote: TGT) and Wal-Mart (Stock Quote: WMT), who are engaged in a bitter price war. Who’s going to win the war? Consumers, that’s who. Photo Credit: wirefly
  • Candy

    Chances are you’re too old to get free candy on Halloween. But once Halloween is behind us, stores tend to have plenty of leftover candy clogging up their shelves – and that means sweets are priced to move. Get there now and you can carry off bags at deep discounts. Photo Credit: Tracy Hunter
    Baking Goods
  • Baking Goods

    Kiplinger suggests heading down to the supermarket and stocking up on baking goods like butter and canned pumpkin. When necessary, you can always freeze the stuff to make it last. Retailers are offering big sales in anticipating of the Thanksgiving and Christmas baking seasons, so you can start experimenting with pumpkin pie recipes now. Photo Credit: TheCulinaryGeek
  • Cookware

    You’ve got all the ingredients, now all you need is something to bake it in. reports that retailers put all sorts of cookware on sale this month in conjunction with the holiday season, so get your baking pans and mixing bowls now. Photo Credit: Ryan Detzel
    Barbecue Grills
  • Barbecue Grills

    I told you back in September that grills were on sale in the fall, because nobody is thinking about barbecuing when it’s cold out. Well, you know what? They’re still on sale, especially now that cold weather has come to most of the country. Sears (Stock Quote: SHLD), for instance, is offering up to 15% off grills, plus an extra 10% off cooking tools with the coupon code SGRILLTOOLS10. Photo Credit:
  • Electronics

    Remember: After Black Friday comes Cyber Monday, and this year it falls on Nov. 29. Sure, the term already seems a little antiquated (nobody really calls it “cyberspace” anymore, do they?), but the deals are real. Check circulars and websites to see which electronics retailers – Best Buy (Stock Quote: BBY), Sears , (Stock Quote: AMZN)– are discounting electronics. Everything from GPS navigators to digital cameras will be on sale, though usually only for a day or two. Photo Credit:
    In-Season Fruits and Vegetables
  • In-Season Fruits and Vegetables

    Last month we listed the various fruits and veggies that are in-season in the fall, from winter squash to pears. Pumpkins and apples are also in-season, for all your pie-baking needs. Photo Credit: dyogi
    Recreational Vehicles
  • Recreational Vehicles

    No, November probably isn’t the best time to go roadtripping across America in a Winnebago. But it’s a good time to buy one, says It points out that owners thinking of parting with their recreational vehicles will do so now, rather than store them for the winter. And dealers are looking to dump excess inventory. That adds up to a buyer’s market – just make sure you have a place to store it. Photo Credit: tara hunt
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