The Best Stuff to Buy in June

  • Summer Sales

    June is the best month of the year. School is ending, summer is starting up but it’s still not blazing hot outside and there are plenty of excuses to celebrate. Father’s day is around the corner, graduation parties are everywhere and many Americans are firing up their grills for the first time in months. And as the weather heats up, so do the deals. We’ve rounded up a bunch of products that you can expect to find deals on this month. Photo Credit: mahalie
    Gym Memberships
  • Gym Memberships

    The beginning of the calendar year is prime time for gyms as more Americans sign up to make good on their New Year’s resolutions. But by the middle of the year, many gyms see their memberships taper off. June in particular is the month where gyms will roll out the best deals. Kiplinger reports that some gyms are so eager to get new customers that they will offer you a lower monthly rate or throw out the enrollment fees. Photo Credit: Steve & Jemma Copley
  • Tools

    According to Lifehacker, anytime between now and June 20 is a great time to buy tools since many stores are offering promotions for Father’s Day. (Stock Quote: AMZN) is already offering up to 50% off on tools and other Father’s Day gifts, and so is Wal-Mart (Stock Quote: WMT). But remember, you don’t have to be a father to enjoy a new tool set. Photo Credit: Uriel1998
    College Sports Apparel
  • College Sports Apparel

    Now that college is done with for the year, school sports gear will be heavily discounted. AOL Shopping points out a few deals on jerseys and other memorabilia, but also be sure to check out your college store for more bargains. Photo Credit: laffy4k
  • Champagne

    Between all the graduations and summer weddings, there are plenty of reasons to pop open a bottle of champagne this month. Liquor stores are very much aware of this, which is why, according to, you will find some great discounts on champagne in June. Photo Credit: Waldo Jaquith
    Vacuum Cleaners
  • Vacuum Cleaners

    GetRichSlowly reports that June is one of the best times of year to buy a vacuum cleaner because stores introduce new models this month. That means stores will put older models on deep discount to get rid of them. So, if you’ve been delaying your spring cleaning because your vacuum’s on the fritz, now’s your chance to make your home clean again. Photo Credit: Miika Niemela
  • Camcorders

    Earlier this year, Consumer Reports analyzed sales trends across multiple industries and found that June and July are great months to buy camcorders, which is fortunate since Americans probably have more events worth capturing on film during the summer. Photo Credit: shrff
  • Televisions

    According to GetRichSlowly, there are several good times during the year to purchase a new television, particularly during the holiday season in November and December. But May and June are also good times to buy since new television models are introduced in stores later in the summer. Photo Credit: Bekathwia
  • Fruits

    If you’re looking for some healthy desserts to serve at your barbecues this summer, you might want to consider a plate of cherries, plums and watermelons. notes that these fruits are in season this month. Photo Credit: Puck777
  • Dishware

    And if you need something to serve all that food on, now is the time to replenish your dishware. According to, more couples are getting married this month and next and are hunting for new china to start their married lives off right. As a result, expect to see retailers offer deals on dishware. Photo Credit: ryancboren
    The Ultimate Summer Grill Guide
  • The Ultimate Summer Grill Guide

    Obviously it's not summer without barebecues. If you are in the market for a new one, check out MainStreet's ultimate summer grill guide. We walk you through all the tough choices so you are well prepared when you walk into the store. Photo Credit: woodleywonderworks
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