The Best Stuff to Buy in July

  • Hot Summer Deals

    Summer is finally here and so are the deals. We’ve rounded up a few of the best items that you can expect to find on sale this month. So make sure you add these to your shopping list. Photo Credit: mahalie
  • Suits

    Just because it’s shorts and t-shirt weather doesn’t mean you can’t roll out some nice outfits once in a while. According to, suits typically go on sale during January and July to clear out the previous season’s stock, so if you don’t mind landing a suit that was fashionable two or three months ago, start shopping for one now. Photo Credit: pescatello
  • Computers

    If you’re in need of a new computer, this is the time to start shopping around. There are computer sales on and off throughout the year, but according to MSN Money, computers are generally cheaper in July and August as stores start to advertise back to school sales. But there’s no rule that says you have to actually be going back to school to get one yourself! Photo Credit: DeaPeaJay
    Broadway Tickets
  • Broadway Tickets

    According to, during the summer months, New Yorkers start to lose interest in going to see a Broadway show and instead hang out elsewhere. As a result, more theatres will offer deals this month to try and lure in audiences. So, if you live in New York or just plan to visit sometime this month, why not catch a show? Fela is supposed to be great. Photo Credit: Mihai Bojin
  • Furniture

    According to MSN Money, retailers typically introduce new furniture items into stores in February and August. In each case, the month prior is a great time to take advantage of some serious clearance sales. Photo Credit: theparrotsgirl
  • Swimwear

    Earlier this year, Consumer Reports analyzed tons of sales and promotions offered on popular products throughout the year to compile a general buying calendar. Not surprisingly, one of the items that is often cheaper in July is swimwear, since most Americans are gearing up to go to the beach. So if you haven’t bought a bathing suit yet, it shouldn’t hard to find a deal one this summer. Now, finding a clean beach that isn’t covered in oil might be tougher. Photo Credit: tinou bao
    Outdoor Furniture
  • Outdoor Furniture

    Consumer Reports also found that outdoor furniture typically goes on sale this month, which makes sense since people are making use of their backyards for barbecues and the like. Photo Credit: Richard Berg
  • Fruits

    Blueberries, cherries and watermelons are all in season this month, which means you may see some deals on these items. If nothing else, you can be more confident that you’ll be getting fresh ripe fruits than in the offseason. Photo Credit: Moreno0101
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