The Best Stuff to Buy in February

  • Smart Shoppers

    Most Americans are still wary about opening up the wallets too much and too often, but there are some great deals in February if you know which items to buy. So for those of you who don’t live in cities that are buried in snow right now, get yourself to a store and buy up these discounted goods while you can. Photo Credit: mahalie
    Air Conditioners
  • Air Conditioners

    Any time during the winter is a smart time to buy an air conditioner, because the demand for them is very low, and the prices are too. also says that February is the best time to have your existing air conditioners serviced. Photo Credit: CarbonNYC
  • Bicycles

    According to, new bicycle models are rolled out in February and March, which means this is the best time to buy an older bicycle. Photo Credit: richardmasoner
  • Tulips

    While everyone else is rushing out to buy roses for their Valentine’s Day dates, maybe you should get tulips instead. GetRichSlowly reports that tulips are generally cheapest in February. (Just make sure your date hasn’t read this piece, or you’ll look cheap, rather than sweet.) Photo Credit: Per Ola Wiberg (Powi)
  • Luggage

    The travel industry tends to bottom out in February, between the big holiday rush at the beginning of the year and spring break in March and April. So, according to AOL Shopping, that makes this month the perfect time to find discounted luggage. Photo Credit: sun dazed
  • Weddings

    As long as we’re being romantic, let’s talk weddings. According to, the cheapest time to have a wedding is between November and February, since most people prefer to have their special day in the warmer months. But I mean, haven’t people heard of indoor weddings? Photo Credit: Tammra McCauley
    Digital Cameras
  • Digital Cameras

    January and February are the two best months to find bargain priced digital cameras. According to Yahoo Finance, “With the Consumer Electronics Show and Photo Marketing Association convention at this time of year, new camera models start arriving at retailers. That means deep discounts on last year's perfectly good merchandise.” Photo Credit:
    Gas Grills
  • Gas Grills

    We definitely don’t suggest that you do too much grilling in the freezing cold weather, but AOL Shopping does recommend buying gas grills this month “while demand is almost zero.” Check their site for a few current deals on grills. Photo Credit: woodleywonderworks
    Video Games
  • Video Games

    Now is also the best time of year to buy up some sweet video games. As reports, “Video game manufacturers release new games in November and December in time for holiday shopping. Wait until January and February to buy your video games to get a better deal.” Photo Credit: 91RS
  • Tools

    Listen up, men. Lifehacker reports that February is the best time of year to buy tools. So if your toolbox is looking pathetic, now’s the time to stock up on cool supplies you’ll use once every three years at most. Photo Credit: Uriel1998
  • Boats

    Okay, so most of you probably aren’t in the market for a boat, but if there was ever a time to start getting into the whole sailor/fisherman lifestyle, it would be now. According to MSN, this is the season for big boat shows, which means manufacturers are rowing out new models and often times, offering good deals, especially at these shows. Photo Credit: Tidewater Muse
  • Motorcycles

    Now that’s what we’re talking about. According to Forbes, “[S]ales for new motorcycles are the slowest in January and February throughout most of the country. That causes some dealers to offer good sales to move their inventories.” Photo Credit: The U.S. Army
    Valentine's Day Items
  • Valentine's Day Items

    It might sound counter-intuitive, but if you wait until the week after Valentine’s Day, most of that romantic junk will go on sale.  For other tips on cutting Valentine’s Day costs, check our coverage here. Photo Credit: Marta Crowe
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