The Best Stuff to Buy in August

  • August Deals Heat Up

    August is here and summer vacation is sadly winding down. On the bright side, there are plenty of deals you can expect to find this month. Many stores are looking to push out what’s left of their summer inventories and retailers are starting to ramp up their back-to-school sales. Before you go shopping, check out our roundup of items you can expect to find on sale. Photo Credit: Mahalie
  • Swimwear

    Sure, only a few weeks are left but why not prepare for next year? According to Kiplinger, August and September are the best months to snatch up swimwear since stores ramp up sales on whatever is left in stock. Photo Credit: tinou bao
  • Wine

    For all you wine connoisseurs out there, now’s the time to stock up your cellars.  Smart Money reports vineyards typically release new wines in the early fall as harvest season kicks up. Though these wines may not be much cheaper, many will disappear as people quickly buy them up. If you need your fix, act fast. Photo Credit: basheertome
  • Flip-Flops

    August is also the best time to replace your worn out flip-flops. Retailers will likely have deals on all excess models left over from the summer, but you don’t want to wait too long. As points out, “Wait until the fall and you may have to pay a hefty premium for out-of-season and out-of-style sandals.” Photo Credit: wharman
    Camping Equipment
  • Camping Equipment

    Nothing says summer like a camping trip, but you can still go camping in the next few months. AOL Shopping reports prices on camping equipment tend to get slashed this month as retailers look to clear these items and make room for winter gear. Photo Credit: AlishaV
  • Computers

    Replacing your computer? August may be the best time to shop for a new one. According to MSN Money, shopping in the middle of the summer helps you score on some back-to-school sales. The industry typically introduces new models in January and July, so you’ll likely snag a good deal if you don’t mind picking up a slightly older model. Photo Credit: DeaPeaJay
  • Linens

    AOL Shopping reports linens will likely be on sale over the next few weeks due to college students returning to school. Even if you don’t have a student in the house, there’s no reason you can’t pick up a new set of sheets for yourself. Photo Credit: Posh Living, LLC
    Outdoor Furniture
  • Outdoor Furniture

    Consumer Reports analyzed industry trends creating a comprehensive list of when you can expect deals on items all year round. They found outdoor furniture is typically cheaper in August, presumably due to the weather getting cooler and less demand to furnish shoppers’ backyards. Photo Credit: Richard Berg
  • Dehumidifier

    According to, dehumidifiers typically go on sale in August, just as the heat and humidity begin to calm down. Quick disclaimer: If you live in New York like I do, the humidity never goes away. Photo Credit:
    Fruits and Vegetables
  • Fruits and Vegetables

    Many delicious foods are in season this month including watermelons, mangoes, kiwi and avocados. These foods will be fresher and a few cents cheaper, too. Photo Credit: moreno0101
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