The Best Stuff to Buy in April

  • April Showers Deals on Consumers

    Spring is in the air and so are some great deals. Here is our roundup of the 14 best items to purchase this month. Spoiler alert: the iPad is not on the list. Photo Credit: mahalie
  • Televisions

    If you missed out on the Christmas rush of bargain-priced televisions, then this is your lucky month. reports that April is the best time to buy televisions because “the fiscal year ends in March for most Japanese companies and new-model year releases typically coincide with the new fiscal year.” Consider it one of the perks of importing electronics from other countries. Photo Credit: Bekathwia
  • Refrigerators

    AOL Shopping reports that new refrigerator models are brought out in the beginning of the spring season, so models from the previous year drop in price. So unless you feel the incredible urge to have the most up-to-date, fashionable refrigerator, I suggest you go this route. Photo Credit: Rich Anderson
  • Sneakers

    Now that the snow has melted, Americans are ready to walk again. According to Forbes, a number of “corporate-sponsored charity races” take place this month, which prompts many retailers to offer promotions on sneakers. If you miss out on deals this month, you may have to wait until the fall for all of the back-to-school sales. Photo Credit: Pink Sherbet Photography
    Real Estate
  • Real Estate

    The best time to buy a house may be in the winter, when temperatures are low and fewer people feel like going hunting for homes.  However, according to Bankrate, April has its perks too. The beginning of spring is when the most houses are on the block to be sold and “competition is at its peak.” So, though the price may end up a little higher than a home you would find in the winter, you’ll have a better selection. Photo Credit:
  • Cookware

    According to MSN Money, there are two times of year when you’ll find great promotions on cookware: April and May, and October and November. In April and May, kitchen supply stores start marketing for graduations and weddings. Photo Credit: cybrgrl
    Vacuum Cleaners
  • Vacuum Cleaners

    Lifehacker notes that vacuum cleaners tend to be at their cheapest in April, largely because new models usually come out in June and older ones start to drop in price. On top of that, this is also spring cleaning season so many stores are offering promotions on cleaning products. Photo Credit: Miika Niemela
    Office Furniture
  • Office Furniture

    No one enjoys paying taxes, but there is something to look forward to after tax season ends. Most small businesses tend to launch shortly after tax season ends. Furniture retailers know about this trend and will offer better-than-usual deals on office furniture. Photo Credit: mulmatsherm
  • Candy

    Now that Easter is over, it’s a great time to swoop in to your local grocery store and buy up all the leftover candy. There’s never a bad time of year to chow down on a chocolate Easter bunny or a batch of peeps. Just make sure you don’t overdo it and buy a whole crate’s worth of candy. You’ll regret it even if you manage to get a good deal. Photo Credit: pamramsey
  • Pineapples

    April has some good deals on healthy foods as well. Pineapples are in season this month, meaning you should see more of them in the grocery store at lower prices. Grapefruits and strawberries are also in season now. Photo Credit: sunshinecity
  • Vegetables

    April is a great season for vegetables too. Everything from artichokes to zucchini is now in season. Rhubarb, asparagus and broccoli are also good to buy this time of year. Somewhere a bunch of children just gagged at that thought. Check out our list of other cheap seasonal produce. Photo Credit: mckaysavage
    Barbecue Equipment
  • Barbecue Equipment

    Even though it’s getting warmer out, we are still a couple of months away from the start of barbecue season. So, AOL Shopping recommends that you  get a jump start on buying all your grilling tools while the demand is still low. And I’m just going to go out on a limb here and say it’s never too early to start barbecuing. Photo Credit: woodleywonderworks
  • Laptops

    Last year, looked at how the price of a standard laptop (Intel Core 2 Duo) fluctuated over the course of a year. The site found that April was the cheapest month for buying the laptop (followed closely by September). While it’s easy to see why September might be cheaper (back-to-school sales,) it’s unclear why April is so low. Lifehacker speculates that the lull is because this month falls between “major selling periods.” Photo Credit: DeaPeaJay
    Spring Clothes
  • Spring Clothes

    AOL Shopping notes that this is a great time to buy shorts and sun dresses since many stores will be offering spring promotional sales now that the season is starting. Of course, it’s also a great time to get winter clothes on sale since stores are looking to clear out all those heavy coats and boots. Photo Credit: jencu
    Outdoor Markets
  • Outdoor Markets

    Now that spring is here, you can expect to see more outdoor markets pop up. According to Forbes, these vendors are looking to unload “antiques, household goods and knickknacks” that they have been “stockpiling” throughout the colder months. You’ll find the best deals on these items in April when the season is just getting started. Photo Credit:
    Best Stuff Not to Buy in Bulk
  • Best Stuff Not to Buy in Bulk

    Just because stuff is cheaper this month doesn’t mean you should buy it all in bulk. There are other factors to consider with products besides price when buying in bulk, including shelf life, the amount of space it takes up in your house and, most importantly, whether you actually need it. Check out our list of items and tips for what not to buy in bulk. Photo Credit: Miss Rogue
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