The Best iPhone Apps of 2009

  • Could they get any easier?

    2009 has been a great year for development in the iPhone app world. With the iPhone’s continued rise to ubiquity, developers are becoming keener on how to provide productive and well-designed services for users. Read through as we count down our 30 top picks for iPhone apps that were released or became popular this year.
    30. Hey Where Are You?
  • 30. Hey Where Are You?

    Description: It’s the first thing you say on the phone to your friends 90% of the time. Did they leave the party? Have they left their house yet? Locations and whereabouts are a top priority and this simple app uses push notifications to request or respond to location requests from contacts even when the app isn’t open and running. Price: Free Download it here.
    29. Pizza Hut
  • 29. Pizza Hut

    Description: As we profiled more in-depth earlier, Pizza Hut really stepped up their game with this new app featured by Apple in its commercials. The app lets you modify, create and order from Pizza Hut all on your iPhone. The functionality is cool and the interactive element of the app is fun to play with. This could be seen as one of the breakthrough online ordering mobile systems. Price: Free Download it here.
    28. Read It Later
  • 28. Read It Later

    Description: Read It Later is a great simple solution app to the often overlooked annoying problem of e-mailing yourself or bookmarking links to stories and articles you don’t have time to read right away. Price: Free Download it here.
    27. Dragon Dictation
  • 27. Dragon Dictation

    Description: Text messaging and talking on your cell phone while driving is becoming a serious traffic offense in many states. With this free app we examined a few weeks ago from Dragon Dictation software, you can speak your e-mails and texts aloud and send them all hands-free. Price: Free Download it here.
    26. SlingPlayer Mobile
  • 26. SlingPlayer Mobile

    Description: Although you need to purchase a SlingPlayer Box to install at home first, once you’ve done that, this iPhone app will let you remotely hijack your home TV to watch all of your favorite live sports and TV episodes on the go whenever you want. Price: $29.99 Download it here.
    25. Locavore
  • 25. Locavore

    Description: Eating organic and healthful foods does not have to be costly. Most of these costs stem from shipping organic foods halfway around the world to your door. Using this new iPhone app you can find the freshest local organic food in your area. Price: $2.99 Download it here.
    24. ATM Hunter
  • 24. ATM Hunter

    Description: Stop getting service fees for not using your bank's specified ATMs. Now you can use the ATM hunter to find the ATMs you want in your area. No more wandering the streets outside your favorite bar looking for which deli has a working ATM. Read our in-depth review here. Price: Free Download it here.
    23. Delivery Status Touch
  • 23. Delivery Status Touch

    Description: Keep track of all your delivery shipments while on the go with this new iPhone app. No more logging onto 10 different UPS or USPS sites with long tracking numbers on sticky notes anymore. Price: $2.99 Download it here.
    22. Bank of Mom
  • 22. Bank of Mom

    Description: As we profiled earlier, this app might seem kind of corny. It helps you keep track of money loaned to and borrowed by your children, but it helps teach children important lessons about financial responsibility at an early age. For that reason we’ve become big fans of it. Price: $1.99 Download it here.
    21. DropBox
  • 21. DropBox

    Description: DropBox is an all-around lifesaver. It lets you simply store data in a common place to be accessed by shared computers. And now with the iPhone app you can take the box on the go. It lets you share friends’ music, photos, videos and whatever you can fit in the free 2 GB box. You pay extra for more space. Price: Free Download it here.
    20. Business Card Reader
  • 20. Business Card Reader

    Description: The business card reader is a great app that we’ve mentioned before. It’s perfect for the traveling salesman circuit. The app will let you take photos of business cards through your iPhone and automatically import the data to your address book. Price: $1.99 Download it here.
    19. iGarage Sale
  • 19. iGarage Sale

    Description: We’ve always liked the garage sale guide because it allows you to keep track of all the local garage sales in your neighborhood. By culling Craigslist and Google maps data, you’ve got yourself a fun little Saturday of thrifty finds ahead of you. Price: $1.99 Download it here.
    18. Convert
  • 18. Convert

    Description: We all need a good conversion calculator once and a while. And Convert is a top-of-the-line beautiful app that does everything you’ll need in the field. Whether the conversion is for air pressure, energy, or recipe proportions, this app will dazzle you. Price: $1.99 Download it here.
    17. Compare Me
  • 17. Compare Me

    Description: Compare Me is one of our favorite online/real world shopping mash-up apps. This app will let you comparison shop for items in store and online at the same time. Find the best deal and save yourself some serious time and money. Price: $1.99 Download it here.
    16. Taxi Magic
  • 16. Taxi Magic

    Description: Currently, this app only works for helping you calculate fares and hunt down taxis in the San Francisco area, but because of its inventiveness and ease of use we’re pegging it one of the best while hoping it comes to a city near us sometime soon. Price: Free Download it here.
    15. Bill Pal
  • 15. Bill Pal

    Description: Bill Pal lets you keep track of your bills in one simple place and set up recurring payments or pay them when they are due. Never let the lights go off in your apartment again with this app. Price: 99 cents Download it here.
    14. Slacker Radio
  • 14. Slacker Radio

    Description: We’re suckers for great free streaming online music sites. And when you’re on the go with your iPhone, you’ll have Internet access to listen to songs for free as well. Slacker Radio is new and quickly getting a lot of street cred for its great iPhone app offering. Price: Free Download it here.
    13. Yelp
  • 13. Yelp

    Description: Yelp is a very underrated service. Some of the most useful local reviews can be found on their thousands of company pages. Now, with their free iPhone app, you can carry all that knowledge around on the go when you can really use it. Price: Free Download it here.
    12. Red Laser
  • 12. Red Laser

    Description: Red Laser is the next level of in-store and online comparison shopping. The improvement with this app is that it lets you scan the item’s barcode right there to see if you can find a better deal online. Don’t forget to think about shipping costs on those online items. Price: $1.99 Download it here.
    11. Pennies
  • 11. Pennies

    Description: We’re big fans of the Pennies app. And why not? It’s simple, has a great user interface with a visual tracker and doesn’t clutter up your budgeting with unnecessary details. All around one of our fave apps. Price: $2.99 Download it here.
    10. Debt Snowball Pro
  • 10. Debt Snowball Pro

    Description: Dave Ramsey was right. Fighting debt is great when you’ve got a plan. As we’ve discussed before, with this app you can choose to tackle Dave Ramsey’s “small victories” approach to fighting debt or go for the more prudent “highest interest rate” approach. Either way, this app will help you do it. Price: $2.99 Download it here.
    9. Skype
  • 9. Skype

    Description: Although it has its limitations, Skype is a great iPhone app that will let you make completely free calls using your iPhone’s Wi-Fi connection. Don’t worry about going over your minutes and just switch to Skype’s free calling service when applicable. Price: Free Download it here.
    8. Cell Minute Tracker
  • 8. Cell Minute Tracker

    Description: Sometimes the only way to keep track of your cell phone minutes is to see them laid out in front of you. This visually appealing little app will let you keep track of how many minutes you’ve used throughout the month so far. Price: Free Download it here.
    7. Save Benjis
  • 7. Save Benjis

    Description: As we talked about a few months ago, Save Benjis was one of the first apps to hit up the online and real world comparison shopping trend. The latest version of the app now features a barcode scanner for in-store scanning. Price: $1.99 Download it here.
    6. Flight Tracker Pro
  • 6. Flight Tracker Pro

    Description: Flight Tracker Pro will help you visualize your flight’s departure and arrival estimates in real time. Never get stuck waiting at the airport or rushing to catch a flight again. Price: $9.99 Download it here.
    5. iXpenseIt
  • 5. iXpenseIt

    Description: As we discussed in our look at the iXpenseIt app, even though it’s one of the most horribly-named applications, it does serve a helpful purpose. Whether you’re keeping track of expenses for a refund from your company or just getting reading for tax season, this app will help you each step of the way. Price: $2.99 Download it here.
    4. QuickOffice
  • 4. QuickOffice

    Description: Don’t you hate when you’re out to lunch and all of a sudden, your boss asks you to “look over” a new spreadsheet or document. Now, rather than rushing back to your desk, you can make a few tweaks and edits to those files all on your iPhone. This app will save you a lot of time and a headache when you’re away from the office. Price: $9.99 Download it here.
  • 3.

    Description: It took us a while to warm up to But once we got past those security concerns, we fell in love with the perfect way to keep track of all our loans, bank accounts and stock info in one place. consistently places highly on everyone’s favorite iPhone app lists. And for good reason, Mint is one of the best apps on the market right now. Price: Free Download it here.
    2. Bank of America
  • 2. Bank of America

    Description: As we mentioned when we first reviewed this app, Bank of America’s iPhone offering is one of the best in the business. Because of the bank’s prevalence all over the country, many online banking users will delight in being able to find their banking centers or ATMs nearby and also keep track of their spending and transfers on the go. Price: Free Download it here.
    1. TextPlus
  • 1. TextPlus

    Description: This has been a great year for mobile phone innovations, but from a personal finance angle, the one that impresses us the most is this iPhone app that lets you subvert AT&T’s expensive data plan in order to send and receive text messages for free. Nothing beats free ... nothing. Price: Free Download it here.
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