Awesome Hotel Deals in the U.S.

  • Hotel Deals 2010 Edition

    The year is getting off to a good start, at least as far as travel deals are concerned. recently released their report of the 10 cities that have seen the biggest declines in hotel prices this month compared to the same time last year. This may not be great for the cities mentioned, since declining hotel rates usually indicate a troubled tourism industry, but it does mean there are some great deals to be had for the smart traveler. So, my fellow Americans, rather than look abroad for possible vacations in 2010, be sure to consider these 10 domestic options. Photo Credit:
    10. Seattle
  • 10. Seattle

    It may be the city where grunge began, but Seattle has many great attractions including the Olympic National Park and of course, the Space Needle. If you’re visiting this month, consider taking the ferry to British Columbia. According to Hotwire, prices on hotels in this city dropped by 9%. We found plenty of hotels for under $100 a night in this city, including a great deal on the Homewood Suites by Hilton at just $87 a night. Photo Credit: .Bala
    9. Orlando, Fla.
  • 9. Orlando, Fla.

    Hotwire reports that prices on hotels in Orlando have dropped by 10%. That’s not so great for the people of Orlando, but it’s great for you, the consumer. We found hotels in Orlando for as little as $30 a night, but we recommend you spend a few extra bucks and stay at the Buena Vista Suites. It’s close to the Disney theme park, and there is a spa and fitness center, plus you get a free breakfast with your stay, and it’s still only $85 a night. Not too shabby. Photo Credit: JavierPsilocybin
    8. New Orleans
  • 8. New Orleans

    The tourism industry in New Orleans was on the rise for much of last year, but according to Hotwire’s report, hotels are suffering a bit even now. Prices are down 10% compared to this time last year. So with Mardi Gras only a few weeks away, now may be a good time to book a room. There are plenty of hotels for under $100 but if you want to live in luxury for a few days, we found a deal on the Westin New Orleans hotel for just $139 a night. Photo Credit: ~MVI~ (on food trip)
    7. Miami
  • 7. Miami

    Hotel prices in Miami have dropped by 11%, according to Hotwire. This isn’t such a big surprise. Tourism throughout southern Florida was in a downward spiral last year, and isn’t really expected to improve until 2011. For an affordable and enjoyable stay, we recommend the Winterhaven Hotel, which is perfectly located by the beach and boardwalk. We found rooms for as little as $96 a night. Photo Credit: Mr. Usaji
    6. Houston
  • 6. Houston

    Houston has seen its hotel prices drop by 13% this month compared to the same time last year. We recommend you take advantage of the price drops and stay at the luxurious Westin Galleria hotel. Right now, there are deals for rooms starting at just $129 a night. If you’re looking for something even cheaper, check out this list of hotels for under $100 a night on Travelocity. Photo Credit: little black spot on the sun today
    5. San Diego
  • 5. San Diego

    Dozens of hotels in San Diego entered foreclosure last year due to their declining tourism industry, and the hotels still standing have dropped their prices by 14%. But San Diego is still one of the coolest places to visit in California (at least that’s what I hear from the two people I know who live there). There’s the beach, the zoo, a great music scene and Tijuana is just a short drive away. If you’re looking for a cheap place to stay, we recommend the Pacific Shores Inn right by the beach and where prices start at just $79 a night. Photo Credit: r3v
    4. Baltimore
  • 4. Baltimore

    No offense to people from Baltimore, but this city was never exactly the biggest tourist destination. (Unless, of course, you’re a big fan of The Wire and want to take a tour of Baltimore’s more seedy areas). However, according to HotWire, the city did see a big boost this time last year because of all the events surrounding Obama’s inauguration just an hour away in D.C. So to compensate for the lack of demand this year, hotel prices have dropped by 14%. For a pleasant stay, we recommend the Peabody Court Hotel in downtown Baltimore, where rooms start at $95. Photo Credit: David Davies
    3. Columbus, Ohio
  • 3. Columbus, Ohio

    Hotel prices in Ohio's capital city have dropped by 14% and there are currently plenty of rooms available for well under $100. We recommend the Courtyard by Marriott in downtown Columbus, where rooms start at $71. Photo Credit: kla4067
    2. Washington D.C.
  • 2. Washington D.C.

    Like Baltimore, Washington D.C. reached a peak last year around this time thanks to Obama’s inauguration and the excitement surrounding the incoming administration. Hotel prices are 15% cheaper now and there are plenty of good deals for seeing the nation’s capital. You can stay at the fancy and historic Churchill Hotel in Dupont Circle for as little as $109 per night. Photo Credit: dbaron
    1. Philadelphia
  • 1. Philadelphia

    No city has seen its hotel prices decline more steeply than Philadelphia, where rates are now 16% cheaper than they were a year ago. But that’s perfect for smart travelers since Philadelphia has some of the most well-known tourist attractions. Not surprisingly, we found plenty of rooms that start below $100. You can currently stay at the Hyatt Hotel, one of the more luxurious lodgings in the city, for as little as $125 a night. Photo Credit: zoonabar
    How to Save Money Getting There
  • How to Save Money Getting There

    Unfortunately, many of the best deals on domestic flights ended this week. However, there are still plenty of great ways to save money flying to these locations. Budget airlines like JetBlue and Virgin offer frequent blockbuster deals throughout the year. The New York Times also put out a great list of travel tips, like avoiding popular travel days and choosing airports that are a little more out of the way from your destination. Flights tend to be cheaper into and out of these airports, and you can just pay a few extra bucks to take a taxi or bus from there to your bargain hotel. Of course, since many of the destinations mentioned here are domestic, it's possible you can just rely on a bus to get you the whole way there, which will save you even more money. Photo Credit: maxf
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