Best Cities for Summer Hotel Deals

  • Domestic Getaways

    Summer is around the corner, which means you better start making your vacation plans now if you haven’t already. Unfortunately, traveling abroad this summer may be more complicated than usual because of lingering volcanic ash over Europe and the threat of another Icelandic volcano exploding in the near future, not to mention the European debt crisis. Putting all that aside however, traveling to Europe and elsewhere this summer will likely be more expensive than it was last year, as the average airfare is up 10% internationally. Similarly, domestic airfare is also up. So according to Travelocity, if you’re looking for a safe and affordable getaway this summer, your best option is to look domestically and either focus on places you can drive to or take your focus off of the airfare and look to other ways to save money on your trip.  “Airfare for summer is up across the board, but hotel rates are still down in many popular destinations,” said Genevieve Shaw Brown, senior editor at Travelocity. “Travelers should concentrate on the hotel portion of their summer vacation to get the best bang for their buck.” The average hotel rate this summer is $140 per night, or 5% less than it was last summer. Yet, Travelocity has found 10 cities where the hotel rates are below that national average and all but one of the cities are cheaper this year than they were last year. Photo Credit: .Bala
    Las Vegas
  • Las Vegas

    Few states have been hit as hard by the economic downturn as Nevada. Add to that the fact that Americans are keeping a tight grip on their wallets and gambling less, and it’s easy to see why Las Vegas would offer more deals to lure travelers. According to Travelocity, the average price of a hotel room in Vegas is $104 per night. But we found a few that were even cheaper than that. The Las Vegas Hilton is offering a Summer Splash Package where rooms are as cheap as $50 a night with tons of perks like two complimentary cocktails per customer and $100 in dining coupons. The Tropicana Las Vegas also has rooms this summer starting at $50 that includes deals on comedy show tickets and an upgrade to a room with a sweet plasma TV. Photo Credit: joanna8555
    Orlando, Fla.
  • Orlando, Fla.

    If you don’t feel like going to Sin City, why not head down to Orlando where you can enjoy the warm weather and visit Disney World and Seaworld with the family. The average price of a hotel room here is $120 per night. “Not only are Las Vegas and Orlando two of summer’s best-value destinations, they’re also two of the most popular,” Brown said. “This tells me that they’re attracting travelers and retaining their popularity by keeping pricing competitive.” The Renaissance Hotel at Seaworld is offering rooms starting at $90 as part of its Summer Vacation Special. Similarly, the Enclave Suites has an ongoing deal this summer where you get the third night free, which means you can get three nights in a two-bedroom resort suite for just $240. Not too shabby. Photo Credit: Allie_Caulfield
    Tampa/St. Petersburg, Fla.
  • Tampa/St. Petersburg, Fla.

    As long as you’re in Florida, you might also want to consider visiting Tampa and St. Petersburg. Hotel rates in both these cities average $116 per night, and chances are the area could get even cheaper during the summer if the oil spill continues to spread unabated. And remember, there’s more to do in these places than go to the beach. Tampa has the famous Ybor City, which is filled with Cuban food and culture and St. Petersburg has some great museums including one devoted to Salvador Dali. Photo Credit: milan.boers
  • Denver

    Denver has it all - good nightlife and lots of fun outdoor activities like hiking and whitewater rafting. Hotels in this city average just $118 this summer. You can stay at the Omni Interlocken Resort or the Sheraton in downtown Denver starting at $89 a night. Photo Credit: dagpeak
    Reno, Nev.
  • Reno, Nev.

    Reno may get overshadowed by Vegas but the average hotel rate here is $105 and, according to Travelocity, the experience is worth much more than that. “Reno is a stand-out value on this list. It’s a place many overlook, but it has the draw of casinos in the city and easy access to Lake Tahoe, one of summer’s best destinations,” Brown said. “In fact, many hotels even run free shuttles to the mountains, so it’s easy to have a city getaway and an outdoorsy getaway all in one trip.” And if you travel on the right day of the week, you can get a room at Harrah’s hotel and casino for as little as $55 a night. Photo Credit: Zack Sheppard
    St. Louis
  • St. Louis

    The average hotel rate in St. Louis this summer is $107. The Millennium Hotel has a family package where a room for two is $119 and that comes with complimentary breakfasts and overnight parking. And if you feel like splurging, you can stay three nights at the Four Seasons in St. Louis and get the third night free. All in all, it will cost you $187 a night, which isn’t too bad considering it’s the Four Seasons. Photo Credit: happysteve
  • Minneapolis

    The average hotel in Minneapolis will cost you $101 this summer. While you’re there, you can visit the Minnesota Zoo and the Mall of America. And you’ll have your pick of cheap hotels to choose from. The Crowne Plaza Hotel has rooms starting at $85 and the Sheraton has a summer deal with rooms starting at $92. Photo Credit: adamsfelt
    Dallas/Fort Worth
  • Dallas/Fort Worth

    If you feel like taking a real road trip, drive through Texas and visit Fort Worth and Dallas. Hotel rates in both these cities this summer will average $103 per night. The recently renovated Sheraton Hotel and Spa in Fort Worth is offering rooms during Father’s Day weekend and the Fourth of July weekend starting at $112, or 25% off the usual price. But you have to book it by next week. And in Dallas, there are rooms available at the Hyatt Regency in Irving starting at $84. Photo Credit: Big C Harvey
  • Phoenix

    Phoenix is usually a cheaper destination than most during the summer just because it gets so hot. But this year, it may be even cheaper, partly because of the blowback from Arizona’s new immigration law. As of now, hotel rates are expected to average $107 per night, but be sure to look out for deals in the coming weeks. Right now, the Sheraton Crescent Hotel is having a Summer Fun Package where rooms start at $89 a night and kids get to eat for free. Photo Credit: Ken Lund
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