The Best Bosses in the World

  • Great companies, great perks, even in 2010

    Sure, your company might have passed you over for a promotion, lowered your salary and yelled at you for wasting printer paper, but not all employers are that bad. In fact, FORTUNE has a list of great companies rated in a variety of ways. They have a list of the 100 best companies overall, the best-paying companies, the companies with the best benefits and more. We’ve selected a few highlights from these lists. Click Next to check them out. Photo Credit: Getty Images
    Boston Consulting Group's Amazing Retirement Plan
  • Boston Consulting Group's Amazing Retirement Plan

    As the FORTUNE list explains, “Every year, the consulting firm matches 15% of an employee's pay and plunks it into his or her retirement plan.” 15% matching?! That’s awesome. If the HR people at MainStreet’s parent company,, Inc., are reading this slideshow… well, you know. Add that one to your suggestion box. And then implement! Photo Credit: Boston Consulting Group
    Reasonable Salaries for Execs at Whole Foods Market
  • Reasonable Salaries for Execs at Whole Foods Market

    The commies over at organic foods purveyor Whole Foods Market don’t believe in top executives making 300 times more per year than their corporate underlings. As FORTUNE explains, “The natural foods grocer caps employees' annual compensation (wages plus bonuses) at 19 times the average full-time salary, so even top executives are only able to make up to $671,050.” NO! If your CEO isn’t a billionaire with like thirty helicopters on standby and a South Beach mansion, how can you keep the food fresh? How can you please customers? Photo Credit: Whole Foods
    At Scottrade You Can Work From Anywhere
  • At Scottrade You Can Work From Anywhere

    Brokerage firm Scottrade is all about retaining solid employees, even if it means opening up a new location just to keep them: “For employees who want to relocate, Scottrade will consider opening an office for them in an area where a branch doesn't exist. The online brokerage has already done this for more than 20 employees, and on one occasion, it even opened two offices for a branch manager whose wife's job track took him to Georgia and then Florida.” I want my office to be 20 steps from the beach on Tortola, in the British Virgin Islands. And I want one of those satellite phones that James Bond villains use. Photo Credit: Scottrade
    Artists-in-Residence at SAS
  • Artists-in-Residence at SAS

    Business software company SAS knows how to show off its bohemian side. It reportedly has two full-time artists-in-residence, who have produced over 1,500 original pieces of art for the company. Nice to see a big software corporation acting as a patron of the arts, and probably good for employee morale—certainly nicer looking than those awful “motivational” posters some companies plaster up everywhere. SAS was also the number one company in the FORTUNE list of top 100 companies. Photo Credit: SAS
    DPR Construction: Where Referrals Mean Serious Cash
  • DPR Construction: Where Referrals Mean Serious Cash

    DPR reportedly pays up to $20,000 for successfully recommending a new hire to the company. It’s a great way to sniff out the best construction talent, and it is bound to keep employees happy—hell, I could use $20k extra here and there. Although I work in an air-conditioned office, and don’t lift heavy objects, so there’s that. Photo Credit: DPR Construction
    Edward Jones
  • Edward Jones

    OK, those companies sound great, but how about good companies that are also hiring in this environment? Oh yes, FORTUNE has a list for that, too. Let’s take a look at a few of the most promising… Financial advisor Edward Jones is looking to fill some 631 positions! Job! Respectable financial firm! Bragging rights the next time you’re at the bar—because you will actually have a job, and be capable of covering your bar tab this time. Photo Credit: Edward Jones
    Wegmans Food Markets
  • Wegmans Food Markets

    OK, we agree with you, working at a grocery store probably isn’t the most cocktail conversation worthy career path. So what. Take a job from a reputable company that pays. You have the rest of your life to become a helicopter pilot, deep-sea rescue diver, or sherpa at Mt. Everest. They’re looking to hire 1,500 people; most positions involving “in store operations” and departmental management. Photo Credit: ceejayoz
  • Google

    Of course, a position at Google will prove lucrative… how could it not? And if it doesn’t, maybe you will sprain your ankle on one of their stupid scooters, and sue them for $100 billion. They’ll settle out of court for a fraction of that, but you’ll be set for life. Anyway, they have 1,000 positions available around the globe, at nearly all levels of the company. Photo Credit: dannysullivan
    Whole Foods Market
  • Whole Foods Market

    Whole Foods, which some of you should already like since they cap executive pay, is hiring 1,160 new workers. They are reportedly offering “store positions in seafood, prepared foods, customer service, produce, floral and other areas.” Photo Credit: wolfiewolf
    Scripps Health
  • Scripps Health

    Looking for a position in the healthcare field? They are looking to hire 510 people in areas including “registered nurses, imaging techs, laboratory and pharmacy staff; managers and professionals in accounting, finance, IT, HR, compliance, biomedical and quality assurance.” Photo Credit: Scripps
  • USAA

    Financial services company USAA is looking to hire 650 people this year. Positions potentially available include “wealth relationship managers, financial advisors, financial planners, bank originators, software systems engineers, credit risk advisors, marketing managers” and more. Photo Credit: USAA
  • believes in treating its top employees well. Very well. As FORTUNE reports, this “San Francisco-based company sets pay levels above market, and every employee is bonus-eligible under a "mahalo plan" (mahalo is Hawaiian for thank you). The more you make, the higher the bonus target: For senior managers, it's 15% of pay, for directors it's 20%.” Photo Credit: Salesforce
    Baker Donelson
  • Baker Donelson

    With the surplus of attorneys out there, a law firm gig can involve long hours and not terribly great remuneration. Not so at Memphis law firm Baker Donelson, according to FORTUNE: “The firm's 279 ‘shareholder’ attorneys -- equivalent to partners elsewhere -- earn salaries averaging more than $300,000 a year, and that's before a nearly 20 grand bonus.” Photo Credit: Baker Donelson
    Amazing Benefits
  • Amazing Benefits

    FORTUNE also identified 14 companies that pay 100 percent of their employees' benefit costs. That means that employees don’t pay a dime for health insurance. For those of us who are used to seeing $100 or more deducted from our paychecks every month, this kind of deal is incredibly appealing. Among the companies who do this: Whole Foods, Zappos and Microsoft. Check out the complete list. Photo Credit: Getty Images
    Know any others?
  • Know any others?

    Know a great company that is hiring, or recently hired you? How about any other companies that are treating their employees right? MainStreet likes to reward the good, and not just shame the bad. Praise your company here in the comments section, or on our Facebook page. Photo Credit: Getty Images
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