The Best Apps for New Year's Resolutions

  • Use the Smartphone to Achieve Your 2012 Goals

    How many of the New Year’s resolutions you made in the beginning of 2011 did you actually accomplish? Hopefully some of them, but chances are your efforts to conquer those resolutions stopped in February. Common New Year’s resolutions include losing weight, heading to the gym, getting out of debt, quitting smoking and learning a new language. MainStreet has compiled the top smartphone apps to prevent you from giving up on your 2012 resolutions. These apps will not only remind you to take the proper steps to tackle your New Year’s goals, but the technology will make the journey less stressful. Photo Credit: Eli Hodapp
    170,000+ Recipes - BigOven
  • 170,000+ Recipes - BigOven

    Did you eat out at restaurants frequently in 2011?  Becoming a great chef may be on your list of New Year’s resolutions – and cooking at home will save you money too. With the 170,000+ Recipes – BigOven app on the iPhone, you can browse thousands of recipes, more than 170,000 actually. For 2012, throw away the recipe cards and old cookbooks in the back of the pantry and add a flare of tech to your recipes. Price:  Free Photo Credit:
    24/7 Tutor
  • 24/7 Tutor

    We barely have time to sleep, let alone learn an entire new language. So when you’re on the train or stuck in traffic in a taxi, use the 24/7 Tutor iPhone app to become fluent in the language of your choice. The app will help you learn French, Spanish, Italian, Russian and German. Price: Free Photo Credit:
    Lose It!
  • Lose It!

    Keeping track of what you eat is critical to losing weight, as most health experts say. With the Lose It! app (on the iPhone and Android) you can track what you eat – and if you forget to log it, the app will alert you. According to the app’s page on the Apple App Store, 85% of users have lost weight with the app. Price: Free Photo Credit:
    Debt Payoff Pro
  • Debt Payoff Pro

    If you’re in credit card debt, let 2012 be the year you pay off every penny. The Debt Payoff Pro iPhone app allows you to see all of your debt conveniently in one place. It may scare you at first, but in order to get out of debt, you need to know where you stand. The app will categorize your debt (student loan, mortgage, credit card and personal debt) and create pie charts and techniques to paying off each balance (like starting to pay down the credit card with the highest interest rate first). Price: 99 cents Photo Credit:
    Meal Snap
  • Meal Snap

    You know you shouldn’t eat that burger with fries – but to really convince yourself to not eat the burger, the Meal Snap app (on the iPhone) allows you to take a picture of the meal and it will tell you the number of calories your portion has. Nothing like pure numbers to prove a point! Price: 99 cents Photo Credit:
    Quit Smoking Pro
  • Quit Smoking Pro

    Need we explain anymore?  That’s the goal of this iPhone app – to get you to stop smoking and save your life. The app provides you with motivation, ambition and advice to break the habit. And if you have an Android phone, consider the QuitNow! app, which is free. Price: 99 cents Photo Credit:
    Gym Finder
  • Gym Finder

    It’s easy to find excuses for not going to the gym, but to make sure you know where all of the gyms are located in your area, we suggest using the Gym Finder app (on the iPhone).  If you have a favorite gym (like Curves or LA Fitness), the app lets you search by gym name. It even gives you a Google map of where it’s located – so there’s no excuse not to go. Price: Free Photo Credit:
    1000 EXERCISES
  • 1000 EXERCISES

    Now that you know where the gym is, another possible excuse is that you don’t know how to do any of the exercises. We found an app to ruin that excuse. The 1000 EXERCISES app on the iPhone features nearly every possible exercise you can think of. The app tells you exactly how to do each exercise and how it will help your body, and you can track your weight to gauge progress. Now there’s really no excuse to not go to the gym! Price: $5.99 For the Android, check out the Workout Trainer app, which is free. Photo Credit:
    Sleep Machine
  • Sleep Machine

    Don’t you wish you could get more sleep each night? While that may not be possible with the busy schedules that consume our lives, it would be nice to fall asleep faster, right? The Sleep Machine iPhone app has soothing sounds to help you get relaxed and fall asleep. Some of the 91 sounds on the app include rainfall, a thunderstorm, waves at the beach, the fireplace and more. For soothing sounds on the Android, check out the Relax and Sleep app (free). Price: $1.99 Photo Credit:
  • Skyscanner

    Another common New Year’s resolution is to travel more. By using the Skyscanner app on the iPhone and Android phones, you can find the cheapest flights among 600 airlines. Who said traveling had to be expensive? Price: Free Photo Credit: Scott Gamm is the founder of He has appeared on NBC’s TODAY, MSNBC, CNN, Fox Business Network, Fox News Channel, ABC News and CBS. Follow Scott on Facebook and Twitter.
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