America's Most Popular (& Cutest?) Pets

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    Whether you hate them, or love them… wait, who doesn’t love pets?! Aside from this person... America loves three things unconditionally: below market-priced oil, sweet freedom, and cute pets. According to the 2009-2010 National Pet Owners Survey, in fact, 62% of American households own a pet, which comes out to a staggering 71.4 million homes. OK, pets are popular. But which furry and slimy little companions are the most popular in America? Click Next and you’ll get a treat. Oh yes you will, little cuteface. Photo Credit: jmcmichael
    #8: Saltwater Fish
  • #8: Saltwater Fish

    11.2 million saltwater fish are owned as pets in the U.S. amongst 700,000 households. Many fish enthusiasts claim that saltwater fish are harder to take care of than their freshwater counterparts, but saltwater species are undoubtedly cooler looking. I love clownfish. Photo Credit: eschipul
    #7: Equine
  • #7: Equine

    Pony rides! Dressing up like a cowboy! I'll pass. But 13.3 million horses are owned in America amongst 3.9 million households. Photo Credit: baylorbear78
    #6: Reptile
  • #6: Reptile

    13.6 million reptiles in living room terrariums across the U.S. amongst 4.7 million households. Nature loving precocious teenagers and middle-aged guys with ponytails presumably own the bulk of them. Photo Credit: tobyotter
    #5: Bird
  • #5: Bird

    These winged beasts are very popular in America as well, with 15 million in ownership amongst 5.3 million households. The African gray parrot, widely considered the most intelligent of pet birds, has the intelligence of a human five-year-old, according to some at least. Cool? Or just plain frightening? You shouldn’t keep something that smart in a cage. You should have it watching Sesame Street and take it to Gymboree. Photo Credit: curryosity
    #4: “Small Animal”
  • #4: “Small Animal”

    The APPA says that “small animal” is another popular category of pet, with 15.9 million of the critters owned nationwide amongst 5.3 million households. We assume that includes things like guinea pigs, frogs, hamsters, hermit crabs, and perhaps amiable tarantulas. Photo Credit: Chilled Phill
    #3: Dog
  • #3: Dog

    77.5 million of Man’s Best Friends nationwide amongst 45.6 million households. I’ma let you finish this slideshow, but dogs are the best pets of all time. OF ALL TIME. Photo Credit: chadmiller
    #2: Cat
  • #2: Cat

    Don't forget the felines: 93.6 million of them currently living in captivity in living rooms and bed rooms across America, in 38.2 million households. Free the cats. Let them hunt, I say. Photo Credit: fofurasfelinas
    #1: Freshwater Fish
  • #1: Freshwater Fish

    According to the American Pet Products Association, there are 171.7 million freshwater fish owned in the United States amongst 13.3 million households—making them the most popular pets by sheer quantity. Think about it. Who buys just one goldfish? Photo Credit: protographer23
    How much are you spending on animals?
  • How much are you spending on animals?

    Les animaux magnifiques! Americans spent a whopping $45.4 billion on pet industry purchases in 2009, up from $43.2 billion in 2008—and just $23 billion a decade earlier. In fact, it looks like such purchases have steadily increased every year since at least 1994. Photo Credit: borman818
    Buy responsibly
  • Buy responsibly

    If you are in the market for a new dog, be sure to avoid the nefarious puppy mills we recently reported on here at MainStreet. Buy only from responsible breeders, and never from cutthroat puppy “farms” or “mills.” Photo Credit: basykes
    What pets do you own?
  • What pets do you own?

    Of the $45.4 billion in pet industry purchases last year, $2.2 billion was spent on buying the animals themselves. What pets have you bought recently? And how much did they set you back? Tell us here in the comments section, or on our Facebook page. Or you can tie a message to your trained carrier pigeon and have it fly to us, but we can’t guarantee it will make it past security. Photo Credit: Young in Panama
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