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    At Oscar time, we all gather around our televisions not only to see who will take home the golden statues, but also to admire the fashions on the red carpet. The Oscar red carpet represents ultimate glamour, style and beauty, but is it possible for us to achieve this at home? Keep clicking for the scoop on where to find the stunning gowns and accessories we admired this year (on the cheap) as well as DIY tips for achieving celebrity-worthy Oscar beauty. Photo Credit: Chicago’s Fabulous Blog
    Oscar Gowns: Do a Little Digging
  • Oscar Gowns: Do a Little Digging

    Were you an admirer of Mariah Carey’s gown? If so, you might be surprised by what a little online digging can turn up. The gown pictured here is very similar to Ms. Carey’s, and yet, it’s actually a copy of Jennifer Anniston’s from the Golden Globes! For just $298, you could dress just like a diva. I found this dress at — a great resource for knockoffs of celebrity fashions and accessories. Photo Credit:
    Gowns: Go to the Source
  • Gowns: Go to the Source

    Another tidbit: If you admire a certain celeb’s dress, check out They specialize in red carpet looks, and they supply a lot of celebrities with their gowns for these events. What’s great about this site is that there is a massive selection of gowns, but also red carpet photos from past events. The range is so broad that you could find something similar to that dress you are coveting. For example, one gown featured on the site, worn by Kerry Washington at the amfAR Cinema Against AIDS 2009, is similar to Cameron Diaz’s Oscar de la Renta Oscar gown (a favorite for becoming a big knockoff this season because of its clean lines) and since Marchesa actually made it in early ’09, you might be able to find it deeply discounted. Photo Credit:
    Oscar Gowns: Knockoffs
  • Oscar Gowns: Knockoffs

    If you don’t immediately find your favorite Oscar gown and don’t have the $10,000 to pay full retail for the designer’s version, don’t despair. It is very possible that it could be knocked off in as few as eight weeks. The Internet is already abuzz with people speculating what gowns Allan Schwartz — the go-to guy for this sort of thing — will be copying for his ABS line. Charlize Theron’s dress by Oscar de la Renta is a favorite for reproduction because of its simple shape, as is Vera Farmiga’s red ruffled dress by Marchesa — apparently, lots of ruffles are easy to copy. I found the dress pictured here at, which is another great resource for knockoffs. It is a copy of Kate Winslet’s gorgeous Golden Globes dress. And it’s only $158! Another great site to check out is Photo Credit:
    Oscar Jewels: The Trends & Replicas
  • Oscar Jewels: The Trends & Replicas

    Dangling earrings made a big showing this year. Oscar-nominated actress Carey Mulligan wore a pair of Fred Leighton chandelier earrings that looked gorgeous with her short hair and shoulder-bearing dress. She definitely set the tone for the evening — many celebs wore delicate, dangling earrings that really suited their bare shoulders. I found several lovely pairs of chandelier earrings on (full disclosure: I’ve appeared on QVC in the past). My favorite ones, pictured here, are the Tacori IV Diamonique Epiphany Chandelier Earrings, priced at $75.50. Photo Credit:
    Oscar Jewels: Earring Knockoffs
  • Oscar Jewels: Earring Knockoffs

    If you don’t find the jewels you want online right away, Carey Mulligan’s earrings could be knocked off in a matter of weeks. Women coveted Angelina Jolie’s stunning earrings at last year’s Oscars and jeweler Robert Ciarrella created a beautiful, affordable copy (shown here) for just $54.95. I found these at, a great site for celeb-inspired jewels. Photo Credit:
    Oscar Jewels: Bracelet Cuffs
  • Oscar Jewels: Bracelet Cuffs

    Amanda Seyfried looked amazing in her gown, but her unusual cuff bracelet really set off the look. I have not been able to figure out who designed the cuff (yet…stay tuned!), but hopefully, we’ll be seeing it soon on a jewelry knockoff site. I did happen to find a cuff similar to those worn by a number of celebs on the red carpet. And for $19.99! I found this cuff on, but be sure to check and, which are also great resources for celebrity-inspired jewels. Photo Credit:
    Oscar Handbags: Finding the Perfect Purse
  • Oscar Handbags: Finding the Perfect Purse

    Didn’t you love the simple satin purse worn by Kate Winslet? A glamorous purse can be a huge investment, but just like with celebrity gowns and jewels, someone is always happy to knock them off for us “regular” people. The purse pictured is one that is similar to those carried by Diane Lane, Jessica Simpson and Reese Witherspoon at recent red carpet events. And at $25... what a steal! has a great selection of celeb-inspired handbags. Photo Credit:
    Oscar Beauty:  Vintage Hollywood Glamour
  • Oscar Beauty:  Vintage Hollywood Glamour

    We saw lots of classic red lips at the Academy Awards this year. As a makeup artist myself, I particularly admired Julianne Moore, Charlize Theron, Sandra Bullock and Cameron Diaz’s makeup. But, Vera Farmiga took it all the way, with classic upswept hair and stunning, bright red lips that were perfect for her skin tone. See the next slide for your how-to. Photo Credit: torley
    Oscar Beauty How-To:  Vintage Hollywood Glamour
  • Oscar Beauty How-To:  Vintage Hollywood Glamour

    Keep things simple for this classic look. 1. Skin should be flawless — prime, apply foundation and conceal all imperfections. Set with powder. 2. Dust the eyes with a basic taupe or creamy white. 3. Line the eye precisely with black liner. 4. Apply lots of mascara. 5. A soft, reddish cheek. 6. The perfect red lip. Flawless skin is key with this look, and a great primer is the perfect way to begin. Pictured here is Alison Raffaele’s Face Forward Primer. It's eco-friendly, great for your skin and only $44. A little bit goes a very long way, so this is a great investment. Photo Credit:
    Oscar Beauty: Bronze Goddess
  • Oscar Beauty: Bronze Goddess

    This summery look was worn by Penelope Cruz, Sarah Jessica Parker, Jennifer Lopez and Demi Moore (my favorite because her bronzey dress took it to another level.) In the next slide we’ll show you how to replicate it. Photo credit: dreamglow pumpkincat210
    Oscar Beauty How-To:  Bronze Goddess
  • Oscar Beauty How-To:  Bronze Goddess

    Think sun-kissed when creating this look. 1. Apply foundation, if needed, and conceal trouble spots. 2. Use a bronzing powder generously, all over the face, except the eyes. 3. Line the eye with black or brown pencil. 4. Smoke out the pencil with a medium-dark bronze eye shadow. 5. Use a medium-toned bronze shadow on the lid, the crease, under the lash line and on the cheeks. 6. Use an off-white shadow under the brow. 7. Apply mascara. 8. Mix the medium-toned eye shadow with lip gloss and apply to lips to complete the look! I found this great shadow trio on Maybelline for $4.49, a great DIY deal that anyone can find to recreate an Oscar look. Photo Credit:
    Oscar Beauty:  Rosey-Nude
  • Oscar Beauty:  Rosey-Nude

    Meryl Streep, Kate Winslet, Amanda Seyfried, Helen Mirren and Rachel McAdams all showed soft, rosey faces. Helen Mirren was my favorite for this look — she looked fresh, lovely and age appropriate. Click to the next slide for your guide on how to recreate her complexion. Photo credit: timpopup
    Oscar Beauty How-To:  Rosey-Nude
  • Oscar Beauty How-To:  Rosey-Nude

    Think fresh and springy with this look. 1. Apply foundation, if needed, and conceal trouble spots. 2. Set makeup with a sheer or translucent powder. 3. Line the eye with a soft crème eye liner. 4. Buff out the liner with a mid-tone shadow shade — preferably gray or brown. 5. Use a light champagne or taupe tone under the brow. 6. Apply mascara. 7. Use a soft, rose-tone on the cheeks — preferably a cream that you can also use on the lips! 8. Apply the same (or similar) rose-tone to the lips. I found this great Sonia Kashuk Smokey Eye Palette at It gives you just about everything you need for this look. And for $19.99! Photo Credit:
    Oscar Beauty: Hair
  • Oscar Beauty: Hair

    Red carpet hair is elegant and dramatic. There are so many options, and we all have different hair, so I would recommend your favorite “special event” hair for your red carpet look. If your hair is long, sweep it up in the back and allow a few pieces to fall softly down. If you hair is short, keep the look polished and sleek. Better yet, since you’ve saved so much money on your Red Carpet look, go to your favorite hair stylist and have them do it for you! Photo credit: sunshinecity
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