An Affordable Villa in Italy?

  • A Hideaway in the Heel

    Rome may be remarkable and dripping with ancient history and Tuscany is unquestionably sublime, but the less traveled Itria Valley is an almost undiscovered jewel in the heel of Italy’s boot. Located just 10 miles from the Adriatic Sea, 20 miles from the beaches along the Ionian Sea, and just a hop, skip, and a jump from the town of Locorotondo– famous for its circular hilltop town center–an historic and very authentic southern Italian villa can be purchased for just about half a million bucks.   PHOTO CREDIT: Viviun
    A Trio of Trulli
  • A Trio of Trulli

    The quirky but comfortable residence is constructed of three “trulli,” a traditional stone dwelling specific to the Itria Vally. The trio of trulli are connected by several “lamie,” essentially rooms with barrel vaulted ceilings. Trulli are usually built with very thick walls of stacked stones that help cool and insulate the interiors and can be easily identified by their iconic conical roofs. They were commonly built without cement or mortar, but most updated trulli are required to conform to modern day building standards and are reinforced with cement or mortar.   PHOTO CREDIT: Viviun
    All the Comforts of Home
  • All the Comforts of Home

    The interior spaces include 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a large dining room, kitchen, and a living room sized entrance hall with a wood-burning stove (pictured). A 2004 renovation added all the comforts of a more traditional home including radiator heat, electricity, telephone service and a sewage system making the home move-in ready or suitable for renting to travelers.   PHOTO CREDIT: Viviun
    Sleeping Single in an Arched Alcove
  • Sleeping Single in an Arched Alcove

    As with most traditional trulli, the beds/bedrooms are placed in arched alcoves carved into the walls. Sometimes curtains are hung in front of the bed for privacy.   PHOTO CREDIT: Viviun
    Pizza, Please
  • Pizza, Please

    While equipped with an eat-in kitchen with all the modern amenities including a dishwasher, a traditional wood-fired pizza oven on the nearby terrace provides a much more fun and authentic manner in which to prepare meals.   PHOTO CREDIT: Viviun
    A Sunny Spot on the Roof
  • A Sunny Spot on the Roof

    A sprawling roof terrace provides a scenic and sunny spot to take in the bucolic views of the surrounding Itria Valley. Solar panels have been mounted on the roof to provide the home with inexpensive hot water.   PHOTO CREDIT: Viviun
    Get Your Italian Farmer On
  • Get Your Italian Farmer On

    In addition to the 72 olive trees capable of producing a good sized batch of extra-virgin olive oil, the property also includes fruit trees galore (fig, pear, apricot, plum) and a vegetable garden full of artichokes, tomatoes and rucola (arugula). There is a studio space (pictured) that can be used as additional living space, an art studio, or for squeezing the oil out of the olives.   PHOTO CREDIT: Viviun
    And the price…?
  • And the price…?

    This uniquely southern Italian villa be purchased for the negotiable price of €370,000. That converts to about $515,000 at today’s rates. The property is being offered for sale by owner who can be contacted through the international property listing site Viviun.   PHOTO CREDIT: Viviun
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