The 9 Best Job Sites on the Web

  • The New Wave of Job Sites

    One benefit of our otherwise dismal economy is that many new job sites have popped up during the last couple of years in response to the increasing number of Americans looking for work. But with so many new job sites out there, it can be difficult to find the one that’s right for you. So we’ve rounded up our favorite job search engines and professional social networks to help those looking for full-time and freelance work, as well as government jobs and even executive jobs. Photo Credit: Photomish Dan
  • Betterfly launched back in May with a bold mission. The site doesn’t just help people find work, it also helps Americans improve each other’s lives. Betterfly lets professional musicians, web designers, health specialists, and really anyone with a skill to teach, offer lessons to Betterfly users. These professionals, known as “betterists,” set their own prices and build up their client bases through the website. Their Betterfly students get an easy way to shop around for instructors who can help them get better at various hobbies and crafts. Photo Credit:
    My Skills My Future
  • My Skills My Future

    Let’s be honest: Government websites are not usually known for their elegant design, but this job site is the exception. The Department of Labor launched mySkills myFuture earlier this month to provide unemployed Americans with an easy tool to locate relevant jobs and training programs organized by profession. The site includes job postings for government and private sector jobs as well. Photo Credit:
  • Indeed launched back in 2004 and has become a staple for job hunters. Similar to mySkills myFuture, this search engine has an easy to use format, where job hunters simply type in a keyword for the position they want (i.e. reporter, teacher) and the location where they want to work. gets hundreds of thousands of new job listings every week in dozens of countries. Photo Credit:
  • Fiverr

    Fiverr answers the age old question: what are people willing to do for $5? The site, which launched earlier this year, lets users post tasks that they will do for $5, or alternatively, tasks that they’d like someone else to do for them for $5. Sure, it may take a couple hundred jobs to pay the rent, but at least it gives the unemployed something to do and a chance to network. Photo Credit:
  • SimplyHired

    SimplyHired is another great job search engine that currently boasts listings for more than 5 million jobs. Like, users can search by keyword and location, or they can look for jobs by profession. SimplyHired also lets job seekers find the average salaries for different positions and get regular e-mail alerts for relevant jobs. Photo Credit:
  • LinkedIn

    LinkedIn has been around since 2003, making the social network an excellent tool for networking. Users can build profiles that include their job experience, recommendations from coworkers and a description of the kind of position you’re looking for. The site also recently debuted a new feature that displays jobs you may be interested in based on your profile. Photo Credit:
  • Tischen

    Tischen is a mix of a job site and social network that lets users customize a personal web page to advertise themselves for job opportunities. On top of that, the site, which launched in July, allows users to keep track of the number of people who visit their pages and, as an added perk, when you sign up for a free account, Tischen will provide you with complimentary downloadable set of business cards. Photo Credit:
  • Careerbuilder

    Careerbuilder has been around since the mid-90s and is now the largest job search site on the Web, so chances are, whatever the position it is you’re searching for, this site has postings for it. Photo Credit:
  • TheLadders

    As hard as it is for the average person to find the ideal job, it is at least as difficult for executives to do so, since their positions are arguably more competitive and there are fewer of them out there. That’s where TheLadders comes in. This site is specifically designed for executives looking for high-level jobs, and has a great selection of openings as well as career advice and success stories for these job hunters. Photo Credit:
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