8 Offbeat Daily Deal Sites

  • What’s the Deal

    Sites such as Groupon, Woot and LivingSocial paved the way for a whole truckload of imitators, and today there’s more than a hundred daily deal sites to choose from. Most follow the same basic business model: Every day there will be a deal on a product or service, running the gamut from local deals on teeth whitening or restaurants to one-day sales on specific products. As more companies see the benefits of the daily deal business model, a number of sites have popped up that cater to very specific niche groups. Here are some of the more offbeat ones. Photo Credit: Getty Images
  • Paws4Deals

    If your dog had a credit card, this would be his favorite website. This daily deals site is exclusively for pet-related deals, from toys to costumes. With Halloween approaching there have been plenty of seasonal items featured on the site, including a dog pirate costume and a “spooky tug” toy your dog probably won’t find spooky at all. The site has a $3.95 flat rate for shipping, and a rewards points programs for frequent customers. Photo Credit: Paws4Deals.com
    Tactical Daily Deals
  • Tactical Daily Deals

    Advertising itself as “daily deals on the best military and tactical gear,” Tactical Daily Deals offers a variety of products for the American who wants to prepare for battle without going broke. You can get a variety of knives, handcuffs and gun-mounted flashlights, among other tactical gear. You have to be 18 to buy, and it’s up to you to make sure the product you’re buying conforms to local laws. Photo Credit: TacticalDailyDeals.com
  • BallisticReload.com

    More into guns than knives? BallisticReload.com doesn’t offer actual firearms, but it carries everything else a gun enthusiast could want. Recent deals on the site include a 50-pack of targets for 40% off, tactical goggles for safe shooting and a Glock-branded range bag that stores up to four pistols and comes with a disassembly tool and Glock baseball cap. The deal “reloads” every day at high noon, mountain time. Photo Credit: BallisticReload.com
    Sensual Steals
  • Sensual Steals

    We suppose it was only a matter of time until sex shops noticed the daily deal trend. This website, which you probably shouldn’t visit at work, specializes in lingerie and what we’re just going to refer to as “marital aids.” Moving on. Photo Credit: SensualSteals.com
    Wild Ties
  • Wild Ties

    Rather than a daily-deal-only site, WildTies.com is actually a general retailer of strange ties that has a daily deal section. MainStreet previously featured one such offering, a necktie with the image of Sandro Botticelli’s The Birth of Venus. More recently, the deal of the day was a special Cinco de Mayo tie … in September. Hey, when everyone else is scrambling around next May to find the perfect tie for their Cinco de Mayo bash, Wild Ties shoppers can rest easy. Photo Credit: WildTies.com
  • WeedMaps

    MainStreet has looked at WeedMaps before (for journalistic purposes only, of course). It's a site that helps find medical marijuana dispensaries in your area with special deals – for instance, a free gram of marijuana for new members at a dispensary in West Hollywood. And people in states where medical marijuana is legal can also sign up for WeedMaps daily deals by plugging in their email address and region. Photo Credit: WeedMaps.com
  • Thwipster

    Billing itself as “daily deals for your inner geek,” Thwipster actually offers two deals a day: One comic book collection or graphic novel (such as the critically-acclaimed Batwoman: Elegy) and one collectible (such as a Thundercats action figure or a replica of the sonic screwdriver from Doctor Who). In addition, there’s a “supermega deal of the week” – last week it was Stephen King’s Dark Tower collection for $85.99, a 42% discount. As great as the deals are, our favorite part of this site is the name, which we assume to be a reference to the “thwip” sound effect of Spider-Man shooting his web. Photo Credit: Thwipster.com
  • Nopuorg

    Yes, that’s “Groupon” spelled backwards. No, it’s not shameless ripoff. It’s actually just a spoof site that skewers the king of daily deals. The featured deal is a “Midwest scenic adventure” aboard a “fleet of Chevy Astrovans,” which expires in a little over a year. Want to buy the deal? Just enter your credit card number (“don’t worry about an expiration date – we save you time by trying all of them,” the site helpfully explains) and your Social Security number. Obviously, Nopuorg’s offerings aren’t actually for sale. The site denies that its name has anything to do with Groupon, though. “Before we were a coupon site, we were a social justice organization committed to giving firearms to impoverished youth called Gun Poor,” the site jokes on its FAQ page. “When we started changing the internet landscape with innovative deals, we just rearranged the letters!” Photo Credit: Nopuorg.com
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