8 Great Stocking Stuffers

  • A Little Something Extra

    Of all the holiday gift categories, stocking stuffers should be the least of your worries. “The most important thing is to have fun with it,” says Dana Holmes, who runs the gift recommendation site Gifts.com. Holmes advises that each item in a person’s stocking, which should be a mix of practical and fun gifts, should cost less than $25. However, she also points out that it can be fun to wrap up something from a person’s actual holiday wish list as a nice surprise. To help you knock stocking stuffers off of your “need-to-buy” list, MainStreet asked gift gurus (and readers!) about what makes a good stocking stuffer and what their favorite go-to gifts are. Photo Credit: Getty Images
    Kitchen Accessories
  • Kitchen Accessories

    According to Bonnie Spoon, co-founder of gift site SpoonSisters.com, inexpensive kitchen accessories have been a hot item this year as consumers look to give their family members a more practical gift. Spouses and children should consider stuffing mom or dad’s stockings with condiment spatulas, measuring spoons or Chobs, which raise a chopping board off the counter so that a cook can use both sides of it. The  Chobs, available at SpoonSisters.com, retail for $9.95. Photo Credit: SpoonSisters.com
  • Hexbugs

    A popular item among kids, especially young boys, hexbugs (pictured) are high-tech nanos that run around like real insects. They’re made by HearthSong and are currently on sale for $7.99. Other popular stocking stuffers for kids include slinkies, finger puppets, temporary tattoos and candy. “I always put Hershey’s (Stock Quote: HSY) Kisses in the bottom of every stocking,” Holmes says, explaining that they are inexpensive and help to take up space. Photo Credit: Gifts.com
    Novelty Gifts
  • Novelty Gifts

    Recipients of almost every age can enjoy a good gag gift, like this $9 bar of bacon soap from FredFlare.com (pictured), which – if used – would indeed make a person smell like bacon. Another idea is fellow Street reporter Jason Notte’s favorite go-to gift: a boxing nun puppet, which can be found on Amazon for $8.09. Photo Credit: FredFlare.com
  • Coal

    Of course, the ultimate novelty gift when it comes to stuffing stockings is Santa’s perennial gift for those on the naughty list. Amazon (Stock Quote: AMZN) sells little bags of coal (affectionately tagged “You’ve Been Naughty”) for $4.97.  However, according to reader Connie Scott, you can also get little stockings stuffed with fake coal at your local dollar store. Photo Credit: Getty Images
    Gadget Accessories
  • Gadget Accessories

    Teenagers will be happy with anything they can use alongside their favorite gadget. Holmes suggests these earmuffs (pictured), which double as headphones and retail for $23.99 at Macy’s (Stock Quote: M). There are also several versions of mini-speakers designed to plug into an iPod that are relatively expensive, including this keychain sold by Amazon for $6.95. Photo Credit: Gifts.com
    iTunes Gift Cards
  • iTunes Gift Cards

    If you want to make sure you’re giving stocking stuffers your family members will actually use, it’s always a safe bet to include a gift card. A big favorite among readers when asked to provide stocking stuffer suggestions was iTunes gift cards, which are suitable for almost all age demographics. Other go-to gift cards for stocking stuffers suggested by readers include Starbucks (Stock Quote: SBUX), Subway or GameStop. You can find more awesome gift card suggestions in this MainStreet roundup! Photo Credit: tawalker
    Lottery Tickets
  • Lottery Tickets

    Holmes says another staple stocking stuffer for adults are scratch-off lottery tickets, which can cost as little as $1 but net a much larger payday. These items can also be put into cards if you’re looking to give a little something to an acquaintance or the host of a holiday party. Photo Credit: smuzz
    Miniature Bottles of Booze
  • Miniature Bottles of Booze

    Adults might also appreciate receiving a tiny bottle of their favorite liquor, wine or spirit. The TastingRoom actually sells miniature versions of their popular wine tasting collections that retail for less than $25. However, you could also just pick up a tiny bottle of a family member’s favorite hard liquor at your local liquor store for as a little as $5. “They’re perfect for some festive holiday cocktail drinking,” Holmes says. Photo Credit: Haprog
    The Best Gifts for Bosses
  • The Best Gifts for Bosses

    Still haven’t decided whether you should give your boss something for the holidays? Find out what job experts think about giving gifts to employers and which products make the most suitable presents in this MainStreet article. Photo Credit: Getty Images
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