8 Expensive iPad Apps Worth the Cost

  • Pricey iPad Apps You Must Have

    We don’t need to reiterate how the iPad has revolutionized our daily lives – the device is poised to replace tons of common household products like the laptop, television, DVD player, digital camera and the traditional newspaper, to name a few. Isn’t it nice to have nearly every electronic device you own combined into one? To make your iPad even more powerful though, you’re going to need a few apps. It’s unusual to pay more than a few dollars for each, but what if the app made life so much easier that it was worth shelling out more? MainStreet took a look at some of the most costly apps that are worth buying. Photo Credit: khawkins04
    Stock Signals
  • Stock Signals

    Those die-hard traders will especially find this iPad app useful, since it features detailed news and stock charts for each company. According to its page on the iTunes App Store, the app “runs a complex technical trading strategy to generate daily and weekly ‘buy’ and ‘sell’ signals of varying degrees for all U.S. stocks and ETFs.” The app goes beyond looking at typical stock charts by providing helpful signals to give investors more insight. Price: $49.99 Photo Credit: Apple.com

    Cars with a built-in navigation system cost more, and this Garmin navigation system costs almost $200 if you were planning to add one to the car you already own. The NAVIGON USA app turns your iPad into a navigation system, complete with turn-by-turn visualizations and detailed traffic information. And you don’t need to be in your car to use it, since you can take it along even when you take your buddy’s car. Price: $49.99 Photo Credit: Apple.com
    ProCam Plus HD
  • ProCam Plus HD

    If you’re going away on a long trip and want to monitor your home from far away, or you own a store and want to see what’s going on during your day off, this is the app that will help you do it. If you have webcams set up in your home, you can now view each camera feed on your iPad using the ProCam Plus HD app.  The app can support however many cameras you have and its able to save the footage onto your home computer. Price: $19.99 Photo Credit: Apple.com
  • Ignition

    We weren’t kidding when we said earlier that the iPad was replacing the laptop. And if you’re traveling and don’t want to lug a laptop around, you don’t have to. The Ignition app lets you control your laptop or desktop from the iPad using the LogMeIn software that will let you open files or documents on your computer… on your iPad. Once you buy the app there are no further fees. Price: $99.99 Photo Credit: Apple.com
  • MyChair

    While this app is primarily for hair salon owners, it can make the entire experience of getting your hair cut or styled better for you too. The MyChair app lets salon owners manage their entire business on an iPad: Stylists can book appointments, manage contact info of each customer and enter their tips. Another helpful feature of the app lets hair salon owners send “thank-you” emails to customers. No one likes sitting in a hair salon and waiting, especially if the stylist is running behind. So if salon owners are more organized, there’s a strong chance the whole hair cutting experience will be faster! Price: $19.99 Photo Credit: Apple.com
    iDispatcher Pro
  • iDispatcher Pro

    Managing a business is tough – there are tons of moving parts. The iDispatcher Pro app aims to help users get organized when it comes to dealing with the minute details of their business. According to the app’s page on the iTunes App Store, it “lets you build and track service calls, customer service histories, customer lists, equipment lists, parts, and invoices.” Furthermore, the app does not use the Web – any data you input is held only on the app itself. And once you buy the app, you have access to it for life… there aren’t any additional fees or subscriptions. If your business deals heavily with invoices, you can email them as a PDF directly from the app, which cuts out the step of having to go back to the office computer and print/scan the signed invoices! Price: $34.99 Photo Credit: Apple.com
    Zeptopad Planner Note
  • Zeptopad Planner Note

    When you randomly come up with that million-dollar business idea or invention that could change the world and you don’t have a piece of paper to jot it down on, fear no more. The Zeptopad Planner Note app helps users remember and keep track of their ideas in many ways. First, you can draw on the screen of the app as if it were a whiteboard to create concept maps, diagrams or simple notes to express your ideas. Why would this be useful? Anything to help showcase your ideas or motivate you to put those concepts into action is worth investing in. After all, your idea may result in a multi-million dollar business. Price: $64.99 Photo Credit: Apple.com
  • Omnifocus

    In keeping with the theme of getting tasks accomplished, the Omnifocus app can assist you in organizing your to-do lists. If going to the grocery store is on your list of things to accomplish, the app features an interactive map to show you where the nearest store is. You can also make notes by using the app’s voice and image features. Price: $39.99 Photo Credit: Apple.com
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