8 Essential Sites for Cyber Monday

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    We hope you used this weekend to rest up from your crazy Black Friday adventures because Cyber Monday will soon be upon us. So we asked shopping guru Michelle Madhok to pick the best Web sites to make the most of your shopping spree, and improve your overall holiday shopping productivity. Madhok is the founder of the popular shopping site Shefinds.com. Of course, as Madhok notes, the whole Cyber Monday thing is a bit of a misnomer these days. “It first became popular back in the old days of the Internet because people didn’t have broadband at home so they had to wait until they got to work on Monday to shop.” Now, it starts earlier and lasts longer. But that doesn’t mean you should let the day pass you by. There are still some great deals worth taking advantage of if you know where to look and how to shop for them. Be sure to check out Madhok’s Web site for the best Cyber Monday deals, as well as our coverage of five online bargains you can't pass up. Photo Credit: Google.com
    Price Alert Sites
  • Price Alert Sites

    If you’ve got your eyes set on a hot product, sign up for one of the many price alert sites out there. These sites will let you know when the price on your selected items drops. For example, Shopstyle.com alerts you when your desired fashion items go on sale, while Pricespider.com focuses on electronics bargains. This isn’t just useful for the holiday season, it’s great to have all year round. Madhok recommends using this at the beginning of each shopping season. Photo Credit: PriceSpider.com
    Social Networking Sites
  • Social Networking Sites

    “One of the best things you can do is follow your favorite retailers on Facebook and other social networking sites,” Madhok said. Many companies will test out deals through these platforms. So don’t be shy, become friends with your favorite stores online now. Photo Credit: Facebook.com
    Cash Back Web Sites
  • Cash Back Web Sites

    Before you pounce on a crazy good deal tomorrow, be sure to check out some of the cash back Web sites out there first. Madhok recommends Add It Up, the cash back site hosted by Bank of America. The bank has partnered with 300 retailers so that consumers get an extra 20 percent cash back on top of store discounts when you use your credit card. If you’re not a Bank of America member, check with your bank to see if they offer something similar. Photo Credit: BankofAmerica.com
    Coupon Sites
  • Coupon Sites

    Now, more than ever, it’s important to “stretch that dollar as much as possible,” Madhok says. She recommends using coupon sites like RetailMeNot.com to cut the price tag down even more. The site already has a running list of Cyber Monday bargains. Photo Credit: RetailMeNot.com
    Specialty Search Engines
  • Specialty Search Engines

    We love Google and Yahoo (Bing still has to prove itself), but when it comes to holiday shopping, we need something more specific. Madhok suggests using specialty search engines to pinpoint the products you want to hunt down. In particular, Prontostyle.com, which aggregates deals and product listings from dozens of big name clothing stores so you can search for that perfect pair of jeans more efficiently. We would also add to the list Pricegrabber, which allows users to comparison shop for gadgets, and Shopzilla, which works great for any product. Photo Credit: Shopzilla.com
    Online Sample Sale Sites
  • Online Sample Sale Sites

    If you miss out on a bargain priced item on Cyber Monday, you might not be completely out of luck. Many clothing and apparel companies host regular sample sales where items can sell for half price. These sales usually only last for a couple hours, but if you’re quick you can get Ralph Lauren and Gucci products for dirt cheap. Shefinds.com, one of Madhok’s Web sites, has a calendar of these deals. And other sites like SampleSales.com advertise these sales daily. Photo Credit: SampleSales.com
    Sold Out Warnings
  • Sold Out Warnings

    Two of Madhok’s sites, Momfinds.com and Shefinds.com, provide a very useful tool that alerts users to items that are likely to sell out fast. This way you know which items you’ll have to fight for and which may likely break your heart. Photo Credit: Momfinds.com
    Retail Store Homepages
  • Retail Store Homepages

    No matter how useful these other sites are, ultimately, you’ll be relying heavily on retail store Web sites tomorrow. Madhok recommends stalking out your favorite stores today before the Cyber Monday madness takes hold. Some stores will let you put your items in an online shopping cart now and leave them there overnight. This way, when the deals take effect, you won’t have to spend too long navigating a Web site that will likely be crashing from all the traffic. Photo Credit: Walmart.com
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