7 Ways to Deal With Your Clutter

  • Fall Cleaning

    Americans may be saving more and buying less these days, but let’s face it, most of us still have a lot of junk we don’t need cluttering our houses. Whether you’re looking to throw stuff away before making a move, or just doing a belated spring cleaning, here are a few tips for managing your trash before it overpowers you. Photo Credit: James Nash
    Clutter Correctly
  • Clutter Correctly

    Good Housekeeping’s Web site offers a thorough room-by-room breakdown of how to sort through your clutter, reorganize it and hide what’s left in overflow rooms like the attic and basement. You’ll still have junk in your house, but for a short while, it will be out of sight. Photo Credit: thisisbossi
    Turn Old Junk Into New Valuables
  • Turn Old Junk Into New Valuables

    Replayground.com encourages users to “embrace their waste” and learn how to “remake” junk into something useful. Turn magazines into greeting cards, or take old liquor bottles and transform them into lamps. Got piles of junk mail on the floor? One Web site offers tips to turn it into arts and crafts projects for your kids. Photo Credit: replayground.com
    Destroy It
  • Destroy It

    A new solar powered trash system coming out soon will get rid of your garbage quickly, save you and your community money, and help the environment. As soon as your trash reaches a certain level, the Big Belly Waste Management system kicks in, automatically compacting the garbage with 1,200 pounds of force. This means you can let trash sit longer without much clutter. You don’t have to bag it up every night, and garbage men can take a few mornings off. Photo Credit: bigbellysolar.com
    If You Can't Beat It, Store It
  • If You Can't Beat It, Store It

    Renting a spot in a storage warehouse is like adding an extra room to your home for cheap. If you feel your attic caving under the weight of all your stuff, this may be the option for you. Public Storage starts at just $10 a month. UStoreIt charges around $100 per month at the low end, but right now, you can get the first two months for free. Photo Credit: Mykl Roventine
    Track Your Trash
  • Track Your Trash

    Ever wonder what happens to your coffee cup after you throw it away? A new research project at MIT called TrashTrack hopes to answer the question of where all our trash goes. According to the Web site’s mission statement, “TrashTrack uses hundreds of small, smart, location aware tags...These tags are attached to different types of trash so that these items can be followed through the city’s waste management system, revealing the final journey of our everyday objects in a series of real time visualizations.” Even if you’re not interested, seeing the surprisingly long lifespan of your garbage may change your consumer mindset and lead you to tip number 5. Photo Credit: Quinn.Anya
    Fight Garbage Before It Builds Up
  • Fight Garbage Before It Builds Up

    Ari Derfel didn’t throw anything away for an entire year. When he’d go to restaurants, he took his straw home with him. It may sound gross, but Derfel’s goal was to see how much trash one person can accumulate. Towards the end of his 12 month experiment, Derfel offered advice to anyone who wants to avoid turning their home into a garbage heap. The gist: reuse as much of your stuff as you can. Rather than collect water bottles, shopping bags and other containers, just find one and use it over and over. Photo Credit: Andy Isaacson
    Sell It
  • Sell It

    If you don’t want your junk, someone else most certainly will. Ebay and Craigslist are obvious choices to sell your stuff online. Or you could have an old fashioned garage or yard sale. Check out Mainstreet's tips for selling your stuff effectively here.Also, consider one of the many cash for clunkers style campaigns going on across the country. Photo Credit: .Larry Page
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