7 Expensive Dream Cruises

  • 7 Expensive Dream Cruises

    Cruise lines may be offering deep discounts during the recession, but that doesn’t mean that the luxury liner has become obsolete. As it turns out, you can still find cruises that cost more than most folks’ salaries. While here at MainStreet we’re always looking to help consumers save a buck, we’ve gone ahead and found a few sails suited to those with no spending limits. Photo Credit:  Clever Cupcakes
    Regent Cruise Lines
  • Regent Cruise Lines

    Formerly known as the Radisson Seven Seas cruise line, Regent Cruise Lines still specializes in extravagance, which one could guess readily from its voyages’ healthy price tags. Regent’s 25-day cruise through Dubai and Capetown, for example, starts at $15,780 (through a special offer), but can cost as much as $106,995 per person if you book the best suite available. Of course, seeing as these are luxury cruises, roundtrip airfare from select U.S. cities, all shipboard gratuities, complimentary beverages, select beer, wine and spirits and complimentary 24-hour room service are included. Those who book Penthouse or Master suites also fly business class and receive private in-room butler service. Photo Courtesy of RSSCmedia.com
    The Anastasia
  • The Anastasia

    If you’re looking for something a little more private and you have an extra $650,000-$890,825 (price depends on season; winter cruises are cheaper) on hand, you can consider taking out a week-long charter on the Anastasia, an Oceanco yacht that cruises around the western Mediterranean and the Indian Sea depending on the season. Designed by Australian naval designer Sam Sorgiovanni , the ship features two VIP suites, three double cabins, a movie room, on-board watercraft and a heli-pad. Photo Credit:  d_vdm
    The Princess Mariana
  • The Princess Mariana

    Another $650,000-$890,825  per week charter, the Princess Mariana is a 258-foot super-yacht that cruises around the British Isles. The ship features six decks, six staterooms, a fully equipped gym, several steam rooms, spa pool and a raised dance floor. The helipad coverts into a driving range for any golfers on board. Photo Credit: mjhbower
    Silverseas Cruises World Tour
  • Silverseas Cruises World Tour

    Looking for a longer trip? Silverseas Cruise is offering a 109-day world tour on its Silver Spirit in 2011 that starts at $62,308 per person. Those who want to book first-class accommodations on the ship can expect to spend anywhere from $195,633 to $511,660 per person if you don’t take advantage of any special offers. Port charges and Handling Fees of $3,225 per person are in addition to the cruise fares. Flights are only included on select voyages, so book carefully. All meals and major excursions, such as a tour of the Marquesas Islands and a trip to a Tahitian waterfall, are included.   The ship travels to the Polynesian Islands, Australia, Southeast Asia, Arabia and Egypt. It leaves from Los Angeles and then settles back in Southhampton in the U.K. The family-owned fleet offers a shorter 60-day voyage that costs $27,884. Photo credit: StantheCaddy
    Princess Cruise Lines World Tour
  • Princess Cruise Lines World Tour

    You can take a cheaper world tour on Princess Cruise Lines, which offers a 107-day cruise with 44 ports of call around the world on the Pacific Princess. The ship’s 2011 tour, disembarking on Jan. 13, sails out of Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., and visits Australia, Japan, India and Egypt before docking in Venice, Italy. Meals and entertainment are all-inclusive.  The world tour costs between $21,995 and $38,994 per person depending on your accommodations. There’s also $1,109.91 in fees and government taxes you have to pay if you want on board, but at that point patrons probably won’t be counting their pennies. Photo Courtesy of Princess Cruise Lines
    Oasis of the Seas
  • Oasis of the Seas

    Those who can’t afford the world’s most expensive cruises can consider taking a sail on the world’s most expensive (and largest) cruise ship instead. Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Sea, a $1.4 billion ship that set sail for the first time in December 2009, is a luxury cruise liner that has decidedly more affordable state rooms. Its seven-night Caribbean cruises typically run from $749 to $3,089 per person, depending on room size and cruise dates. Be aware, however, that the price of a trip can rise to more than $15,000 when special offers, though offered rather frequently, are not in place. Photo Credit:  Paul Dickerson
    Allure of the Seas
  • Allure of the Seas

    The Oasis’s sister ship, the Allure, similar in both size and scope and price point, is set to make its own maiden voyage in December 2010.  Featuring a carousel, solarium, ice skating rink, its own botanical gardens and a ship zip-line, a seven-day cruise of the Caribbean costs between $795 and $3,249 per person, depending on room size. Photo Credit:  P.Reid
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