6 Ways to Save Money on Holiday Cards

  • Send a Card, Save Some Cash

    With the holiday season in full swing, aside from buying clothing, electronics and other popular gifts, you can't forget about the old holiday card. Relatively inexpensive, holiday cards are a classy way to wish friends, family and co-workers a happy holiday season; in fact, many consumers have resorted to sending cards in lieu of gifts, especially because you can toss in a gift card or gift certificate and call the deed done. From your local stationary store to ordering online, there are countless ways to purchase cards for the holiday season. But sending cards to everyone you work with and all of your friends and family members can eat into that holiday gift budget significantly. So MainStreet took a look at a few quick ways to save money on holiday cards without compromising quality. Photo Credit: karen.tkr
    Ordering Printed Cards Online
  • Ordering Printed Cards Online

    You've probably heard of online printing services like VistaPrint and 123Print - and these sites offer many options when it comes to designing and ordering holiday cards. In early December, VistaPrint offered 50% off on cards and free shipping for orders of more than $50. Depending on which card you buy, expect to pay around $1 each (envelopes are included).  With these sites, you can choose a card template, add your own writing, pictures and even your company's logo to personalize it. And for a little bit extra, you can even upgrade to a fancier type of paper! Photo Credit: Mr. JuJu Bean
    Local Stationary Store
  • Local Stationary Store

    Expect to find a great deal of variety at your local stationery shop - many shops offer their own unique designs. So if you're worried that another co-worker will coincidentally buy same type of cards as you (and since you're probably sending them to the same people, this could be a bit embarrassing), head to the stationary store in your neighborhood to find a card like no other. Shopping locally will not only support small business, but will help the economy in your area. Especially during the holidays, small retail shops don't always get much attention - so make an effort to stop by some of the stores near you. Photo Credit: Enokson
    Sending Cards Online
  • Sending Cards Online

    You may not be thinking about it when shopping, but sending out several hundred holiday cards will cost you a ton at the post office. But sending cards via email has no postage costs. “We sent out the bulk of our cards by email this year. It allowed us to put our time and resources into designing the card image itself as opposed to printing thousands of cards that would inevitably be trashed. It's good for us, good for our graduates and friends (who are generally very tech-savvy) and good for the environment,” says Heather Newman, Associate Director of Marketing and Communications at University of Michigan School of Information. Consider using sites like PaperlessPost.com or BlueMountain.com to design and send e-cards for little to no cost. Photo Credit: Grzegorz Lobinski
    Dollar Stores
  • Dollar Stores

    The value at dollar stores shouldn’t be underestimated for those holiday card finds, and considering that there are now more dollar stores from the three major chains in the U.S. than there are locations for the three major drugstore chains, there should be no shortage of 99-cent options near you. “Dollar Stores are the way to go if you want to save big on holiday cards,” suggests Karen Hoxmeier, Founder of MyBargainBuddy.com. Wouldn’t it be great to buy an entire pack of holiday cards for a dollar or two? Dollar General’s store circular in early December had holiday cards for between $1-$5. You can also buy in bulk at those stores to drive down the costs even further. “If you do prefer hard copy cards, buy them in bulk. Buy a few different themed cards so that you'll always be prepared for any occasion,” says Andrew Schrage of MoneyCrashers.com. Photo Credit: NNECAPA
    Make Your Own Cards
  • Make Your Own Cards

    If arts and crafts are your forte, then making your own cards by hand is another way to save, especially if you’re only sending out a few dozen cards. Materials can be purchased rather cheaply at art supply stores. Beware though: if you’re new to arts and crafts, they are time consuming and can add even more stress to the already hectic holiday shopping season. Before heading out to the stores for materials, double check to see if you have any supplies lying around the house that you can use. Photo Credit: H_Elise
    Stock Up in January
  • Stock Up in January

    Who needs holiday cards in January? Virtually no one! And that's why you’ll see incredible discounts of 50%-75% off the usual price of holiday cards once the season is over. Plan ahead by stocking up on the cards in January to be ready for the holidays next year. This way, you’ll be able to take advantage of huge discounts. Plus, holiday cards don’t take up too much room and they’re easy to store in the closet. And a bonus tip: the same thinking applies to wrapping paper, which ideally should be purchased in January. -Scott Gamm is the founder of the personal finance website HelpSaveMyDollars.com. He has appeared on NBC’s TODAY, MSNBC, Fox Business Network, Fox News, ABC News and CBS. Follow Scott on Facebook and Twitter. Photo Credit: guidancefs
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