6 Last-Minute Holiday Gift Ideas

  • ‘Twas Two Days Before Christmas

    The most wonderful time of the year is also one of the busiest, as working Americans add gift-buying, gift-wrapping, tree-trimming, traveling and/or entertaining to their already crowded to-do lists. If you just remembered that your distant cousin will be making an appearance at your grandmother’s house this Christmas – or you simply haven’t gotten around to hitting up the malls – we’ve rounded up some great last-minute gift options intended to suit a variety of personalities. Photo Credit: Getty Images
    Chocolate & Other Assorted Treats
  • Chocolate & Other Assorted Treats

    Chocolate is always divine, but waiting until the last-minute will also help guarantee that it will be cheap. As MainStreet has previously reported, deal experts say the price of perishable items like Godiva chocolates will go down right before the actual holiday as retailers look  to unload excess inventory before the end of the year. Photo Credit: Destination Europe
    Subscription Services
  • Subscription Services

    Signing up a friend or relative for a regular subscription service or monthly membership club is a great way to avoid the mall without coming off as terribly impersonal, since you can pick a service perfectly in sync with the recipient’s interests. For instance, you may have an uncle who is particularly  fond of craft beer or a cousin who would love to receive a different pair of shoes each month. You can check out this MainStreet article for more information on other types of subscription services and monthly membership clubs that make great gifts. Photo Credit:  craftbeerclub.com
    Novelty Books
  • Novelty Books

    We really loved this suggestion shared by MainStreet reader Kayleigh Tubbergen on our Facebook page: “I swear by the ‘Humor’ section at Barnes & Noble. Funny books are always a great standby. My cousins was the lucky recipient of ‘Cooking With Coolio’ this weekend. Yes, the rapper has a cookbook. Yes, I cried from laughing while reading it.” Photo Credit: greencandy8888
    Digital Gift Cards
  • Digital Gift Cards

    Digital gift cards, or e-cards, are purchased online and sent to recipients via email. The cards have become increasingly popular during the past few years by serving busy consumers who need to do some last-minute holiday shopping and may not have time to send an actual gift card. While they can come across as impersonal, some retailers offer ways to spruce up the offering. Home Depot (Stock Quote: HD), for instance, lets buyers record a video message for the gift card recipient. You can find a few more ways to make a gift card, digital or not, more personal in this MainStreet article on eight thoughtful gifts that require no thought! Photo Credit:  tengrrl
    Christmas Ornaments
  • Christmas Ornaments

    Other items that are likely to go on sale right before Christmas are ornaments and other holiday décor. Sure, your recipient won’t really be able to get much mileage out of this year, but they’ll always be reminded of Christmas 2011 when they put it on their tree in future holiday seasons. Photo Credit: Getty Images
  • E-Books

    Amazon (Stock Quote: AMZN) also lets consumers purchase e-books for other people, which can be sent via email on the day of their choosing. (Barnes & Noble (Stock Quote: BKS) doesn’t offer the same service on its e-reader, but Nook owners can use gift cards to purchase digital books.) Opting to send an e-book in lieu of an actual one can be one way to make a boring gift more interesting, says Dana Holmes of Gifts.com, since it shows you are in tune with the current trends. Photo Credit: Amazon.com
    A Pet-Friendly Holiday
  • A Pet-Friendly Holiday

    Still haven’t gotten anything for Fido or Fluffy? Check out this MainStreet roundup for some great gift suggestions for pets – and their owners! Photo Credit: Dan4th Nicholas
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