5 Great Deals on HDTVs

  • The Right TV for You

    Whether you’re looking to get a home cinema or just a small TV to watch in the kitchen, HDTV is now the industry standard, and more and more people view a flat screen TV as a necessity . Fortunately HDTVs have come down in cost, and deals abound. We’ve tracked down some of the best deals on the market in each size range; with one exception, we’ve kept the list to TVs with 1080p resolution, the best available. Here’s our list of five HDTVs, based on your particular needs. Photo Credit: gbaku
  • Kitchen

    Viore 24" Class 1080p 60Hz LCD HDTVPrice: $218 at Walmart.com At 24 inches this won’t be the centerpiece of your home theater system, but it’s a great option for your kitchen, alcove, or playroom. The 1080p resolution and $218 price tag seals the deal. It’s only available online, but can be shipped free to your local Walmart if you don’t want to pay for delivery.   Photo Credit: Walmart.com
  • Bedroom

    VIZIO 32" Class 720p 60hz LCD HDTVPrice: $349 at Target.com At 720p, the resolution isn’t the best that’s out there, but it’s still perfectly sufficient for a TV this size. A solid TV for your bedroom or dorm room. Photo Credit: Target.com
  • Apartment

    Vizio 37" Class 1080p LCD HDTVPrice: $479.99 at TigerDirect.com This is the happy medium: big enough for a family room, small enough for an apartment, and under $500. Photo Credit: TigerDirect.com
    Living Room
  • Living Room

    LG 47" Class LCD 1080p 60Hz HDTVPrice: $778 at Walmart.com It’s big, it’s beautiful, and it’s got an attractive price tag. This 47 inch TV is big enough for all but the most size-obsessed consumer, and it’s received rave reviews from customers on Walmart.com.Photo Credit: Walmart.com
    Home Cinema
  • Home Cinema

    Mitsubishi Home Cinema 60" Class 1080p 60Hz 3D DLP HDTVPrice: $999.99 at Best Buy Go big or go home. This combines size and resolution while keeping it under $1,000, and it’s 3D-ready – though 3D glasses aren’t included. Photo Credit: BestBuy.com
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