15 Amazing Summer Camps for Kids

  • Cool Kids' Camps

    Today's summer camps make eating American pie and singing "Kumbaya" around the campfire look like homework. Now camps are tailor-made to suit your child's unique interests, whether it's becoming the next Jimi Hendrix or whipping up pasta like Mario Batalli. Check out these great summer camps for kids. They look so fun, you might want to enroll yourself! Photo Credit: Getty Images
    Architecture Camp
  • Architecture Camp

    If your child loves buildings, drawing and structure, consider sending him to architecture camp. Located at the Center for Architecture in New York City, a public gallery space, its summer camp program promotes visual literacy and a deeper understanding of design. Students are introduced to careers in architecture, landscape design, historic preservation and the like, and are also encouraged to become civic activists, creative thinkers, problem solvers and team builders. Photo Credit:  Cushing Memorial Library and Archives, Texas A&M
    Clown Camp
  • Clown Camp

    If your child not only loves the circus, but dreams of being in it, she's going to love circus camp. Circus Smirkus in Greensboro, Vermont offers circus training programs, where aspiring performers learn the tricks and skills from the pros. The star-spangled spectrum of feats includes acrobatics, clowning, unicycle riding, juggling, tight wire walking, walking on stilts and plenty more. Photo Credit:  Manchester Library
    Music Camp
  • Music Camp

    Stokes Forest Music Camp in Montclair, New Jersey fuses music with nature for an exciting camp experience. From intense music making sessions to environmental studies, this is the place for budding maestros who long to commune with nature. Photo Credit:  Woodleywonderworks
    Arts Camp
  • Arts Camp

    The Maine Arts Camp in Unity, Maine lets children explore and enjoy a balance of fine and performing arts along with individual sports as part of a small and inclusive community. The non-traditional camp is geared toward creative kids, of course. Campers create their own schedules of up to ten activities each session (five classes every other day), choosing from a wide variety of creativity activities, with some tech and sports for good measure. Here, your child can build upon skills in a certain interest while trying something new. Photo Credit:  Baslow
    Space Camp
  • Space Camp

    If your child is taken with space and space travel, check out the aviation/space flight summer programs at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, the Space Education Center in Pleasant Grove, Utah, the Space Voyage Academy in Littleton, Colorado, or the official “Space Camp” at the NASA Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama. At space camp, children get the chance to interact with real spacecraft equipment, astronaut simulators and rockets, which they can build. Of course they'll learn some history, too, along with the science of spaceflight and aviation. Photo Credit:  Valerie’s Genealogy Photos
    Culinary Camp
  • Culinary Camp

    Is your little helper always asking to heat the pasta or bake a cake? If so, it's time for culinary camp! Kids Culinary Camp in Highgate Center, Vermont, offers one and two-week sessions where kids 10 and up can hone their culinary chops with other like minds who enjoy making meals in a fun environment. Imagine how thrilled your child will be returning home with skills like menu planning, bread and pastry baking, beef and poultry cooking, vegetable cookery and healthy eating habits (and that's just a few of them). You might have to launch a cafe next summer. Photo Credit:  Chrystl
    History Camp
  • History Camp

    Kids with an interest in history and science are going to love archeology summer camp. The Center for American Archeology, located in Kampville, Illinois, is an educational archeology camp for children 12-17. At the camp, students get to assist with excavations and study the prehistoric creatures of the Illinois River Valley. Photo Credit: Todd Huffman
    Health Camp
  • Health Camp

    CDC Disease Detective Camp (DDC) is open to upcoming high school juniors and seniors. It's held at the CDC's headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. The CDC Disease Detective Camp curriculum is based on contextual and situated cognition learning principles. By learning through hands–on activities and seminars, high school juniors and seniors at the conclusion of the camp will take on the role of disease detectives and learn firsthand how the CDC safeguards the nation's health. Teams will probe a disease outbreak using epidemiologic and laboratory skills and report their findings to a group of CDC scientists. Activities may include short lectures by CDC experts, a mock press conference in the CDC press room and a look behind the scenes at CDC. Photo Credit: The CDC
    Adventure Camp
  • Adventure Camp

    If your teen is an adventurer, Broadreach offers a variety of amazing summer adventures including scuba camp in Baja and sailing in the Caribbean. Broadreach limits its group size to 10-14 teens, but there are programs for all levels of experience. For more information, visit the website online. Photo Credit: Axel Bührmann
    Mystery Camp
  • Mystery Camp

    If your child loves a good mystery, then Spy Camp in Lake Como, Pennsylvania is the place to be this summer. Agents-in-training receive instruction in martial arts, rope climbing, jet ski, code breaking, surveillance techniques, undercover maneuvers and safe evasive driving techniques ... which might be necessary for covert operations. The final exam for spies involves a recon and rescue practice mission, which includes training in paintball combat tactics.  The mission  requires the agents to conduct surveillance, make and break secret codes, uncover important secrets, interrogate persons of interest and hunt for a mole within their ranks, which sounds pretty awesome. Photo Credit: Leonid Mamchenkov
    Dino Camp
  • Dino Camp

    Calling all dinosaur lovers: Adventurer and Paleontologist, Dr. Arizona Bones is looking for helpers to go an adventure of prehistoric proportions. The race is on to discover the lost treasure of King Rex before it falls in the clutches of the evil Dr. Dreadful and his gang of fossil raiders. Kids will work side-by-side with Dr. Bones as a junior paleontologist to overcome various obstacles that stand in the way of recovering the treasure and getting it to its rightful place, in a museum. To sign up your child, visit The Dinosaur Place in Oakdale, Connecticut online. Photo Credit: shvmoz
    Nature & Design Camp
  • Nature & Design Camp

    Manitoga Summer Nature & Design Camp in Garrison, New York inspires creativity in young campers each summer, thanks to its sprawling 75-acre woodland garden. Learn more about the program online. Photo Credit: crimfants
    Tech Camp
  • Tech Camp

    If your child has a knack for technology, enroll her in Internal Drive camp, which has outposts at 60 universities across the country. Programs include videogame creation and design, 3-D modeling, programming, robotics and Web design. Who says tech isn't cool? Photo Credit:  Sam Howzit
    Math (and Science) Camp
  • Math (and Science) Camp

    Is your child a budding geneticist or mathematician? If so, you might want to check out the Dolan DNA Learning Center, which has centers in Harlem and Long Island, New York. Guided by experienced instructors, students use sophisticated laboratory and computer equipment to perform experiments several grade levels ahead of their peers. These include: Fun with DNA, Genetic Horizons and Forensic Detectives. Move over, Marie Curie. Photo Credit: Batmoo
    Dream Job Camp
  • Dream Job Camp

    At Palia Adventure, campers aged 9-16 get to live out their dream career by enrolling in one of the camp's 16 one or two week specialty programs. There's literally something for everyone, from aspiring Anna Wintours to would-be Mick Jaggers; Pablo Picassos to Marlon Brandos. Here's looking at you, kid. Photo Credit:  Vancouver Film School
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