10 Worst (But Delicious?) Fast Food Meals

  • The Greasiest, Worst-For-You Meals

    Some meals at fast food restaurants can easily put you past the maximum number of calories and grams of fat recommended by nutrition experts. The maximum number of calories consumed per day for sedentary adults should be about 2,000 according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, and 60 grams of fat according to nutrition panel information from the American Dietetic Association. Evidently, the nation’s fast food restaurants didn’t get the memo. Here are some of the most over-the-top, gluttonous meals you could possibly order at your favorite fast food joint. Photo Credit: Star5112 Join us on Facebook! (absolutely worth it, opens in a new window)
  • McDonald's

    Meal: Deluxe Breakfast (includes scrambled eggs, sausage patty, a hash brown, three hotcakes and a large biscuit – does not include syrup and margarine). Calories: 1,150 Total Fat: 60 grams Our Take: They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day and it’s supposed to leave you satiated, but if you eat this particular McDonald's (Stock Quote: MCD) breakfast you’ll be consuming a whole day’s worth of fat in one sitting. Photo Credit: McDonald's
    Burger King
  • Burger King

    Meal: Triple Whopper with Cheese, large fries, 22 oz. Minute Maid Cherry Icee Calories: 1,970 Total Fat: 112 grams Our Take: If you must indulge in a meal at Burger King (Stock Quote: BKC), how about a regular whopper and small fries? Same great taste, about half the calories and fat. Photo Credit: VirtualErn Join us on Facebook! (absolutely worth it, opens in a new window)
  • Wendy's

    Meal: Bacon Deluxe Triple, large fries, M&Ms Chocolate Twisted Frosty Calories: 2,240 Total Fat: 116 grams Our Take: We included a Wendy's (Stock Quote: WEN) Frosty in our calculations instead of a regular fountain drink because a Wendy’s outing might just be incomplete without one.  Might as well really enjoy it, right? Hope you enjoy your angioplasty too. Photo Credit: Colros
  • Subway

    Meal: Foot-long Sausage and Cheese sandwich, Roast Beef Salad, fountain soda Calories: 1,800 Total Fat: 86.5 grams Our Take: Now if they could just figure out a way to get meat in the soda. If you have this lunch, consider skipping dinner.Photo Credit: mdid
  • Sonic

    Meal: Supersonic Cheeseburger with Bacon and Mayo, Large Fritos Chili Cheese Pie, 20 oz. Banana Cream Pie Shake Calories: 2,682 Total Fat: 158 grams Our Take: This is the highest-calorie and fattiest meal we found. It’s indulgent. Disgustingly indulgent. But frankly, we rejoice in this disgusting indulgence. Photo Credit: House of Sims
  • KFC

    Meal: Hot & Spicy Recipe whole wing, breast, drumstick and thigh; mashed potatoes with gravy, macaroni salad and a biscuit. Calories: 1,940 Total Fat: 95.5 grams Our Take: A two-piece grilled chicken meal would clearly be a better choice, and the Original Recipe KFC (Stock Quote: YUM) has fewer calories than spicy stuff, but we like it hot. The macaroni salad cools things off quite well. Photo Credit: avlxyz Join us on Facebook! (absolutely worth it, opens in a new window)
  • Hardees

    Meal: Monster Thickburger, large order of Crispy Curls and a hand-scooped malt Calories: 2,580 Total Fat: 153 grams Our Take: Any menu item starting with the word “Monster” can’t be good for you. And we’re not sure why, but the term “Thickburger” scares us a little. But mmm … curly fries. Photo Credit: Hardees
  • Arby's

    Meal: Ultimate BLT Sandwich, an order of six mozzarella sticks and a Chocolate Swirl Shake Calories: 2,160 Total Fat: 98 grams Our Take: This item is by far the fattiest sandwich on the Arby’s menu. But it’s got bacon, so who cares. Photo Credit: rvaphotodude
  • Quizno's

    Meal: Honey Bacon Club Sandwich, broccoli and cheese soup and cinnamon sugar cookie Calories: 1,095 Total Fat: 51 grams Our Take: Turkey, bacon and ham all in one sandwich? We like. And there’s plenty of veggies in this meal. Lettuce on the sandwich, and broccoli in the soup… that’s made of cheese. Photo Credit: shawnzam
    White Castle
  • White Castle

    Meal: Two White Castle Surf & Turf Sandwiches with Cheese (includes both hamburger and fish patties), a regular sized order of Onion Chips, Large Minute Maid Strawberry Lemonade. Calories: 1,910 Total Fat: 67 grams Our Take: Two of these is a modest estimate, especially if this follows a long night out on the town. But, to be honest, of all of these entries, this is the only one that made the entire MainStreet team a little nauseous. Just thinking about it. Photo Credit: Rex Roof Join us on Facebook! (opens in a new window, you will enjoy it)
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