10 Ways to Eat Your Caffeine

  • Eat Your Buzz

    While energy drinks keep coming to stores everywhere in all shapes and sizes, sluggish consumers can be forgiven for not being able to stomach the strange sweetness of yet another Red Bull Lite or 5-hour energy. Thankfully the world of caffeinated consumables has evolved way beyond the energy drink during the past few years. Nowadays you can get simple snack foods like popcorn and beef jerky laced with caffeine, or any number of sweets and candies with a built-in energy boost. The point is that you don’t need to drop $5 on a latte every day for a short-lives burst of caffeine. Read on to find out about 10 products you can eat that will get you the caffeine boost you need. We have included caffeine counts for each one, and for reference, the U.S. Department of Agriculture gives an average caffeine content of 95 mg per 8-oz. cup of brewed drip coffee. As you’ll see, some of these foods blow that cup of coffee clear out of the water. Photo Credit: Lee Jordan
    A Snack in the Face
  • A Snack in the Face

    Expert as they are at making sure you’re well-equipped for an all-night coding session, the folks at ThinkGeek.com have these highly caffeinated brownies and cookies for sale from the appropriately named “a snack in the face” brand. Available in two classic flavors, they ship anywhere in the U.S. Caffeine: 200 mg Price: $3.99 - $5.99 each Photo Credit: ThinkGeek.com
    Hershey’s Special Dark Chocolate Bar
  • Hershey’s Special Dark Chocolate Bar

    If the idea of consuming a purposely caffeine-laced product weirds you out, remember that chocolate itself has a natural dose of caffeine that can fuel your day. A study by the Center for Science in the Public Interest found the leading candy bar for caffeine content was the Hershey’s (Stock Quote: HSY) Special Dark bar, which falls far short of what you’d get by drinking coffee, but could be perfect if you need just a little pick-me-up in the afternoon. Caffeine: 31 mg per 1.45-oz bar Price: 99 cents per 1.45-oz bar Photo Credit: Hershey’s
    Nixie Tubes
  • Nixie Tubes

    Remember pixie sticks? Well they’ve been given a 21st century upgrade in Nixie Tubes, which improve on the classic powdered sugar treat by offering a healthy dose of caffeine instead. Available in five flavors. Caffeine: 200 mg per tube Price: $7.99 for a pack of five Photo Credit: ThinkGeek.com
    Chocolate-Covered Espresso Beans
  • Chocolate-Covered Espresso Beans

    For the purists out there, it’s important to mention that coffee, the drink from which caffeine gets its name, can be eaten as well. We’ve all seen those little bags of chocolate-covered espresso beans, which combine the caffeine content of a roasted coffee bean with the caffeine found naturally in dark chocolate. The result is a little bag of the treats that will give you the caffeine equivalent of more than three cups of coffee. Caffeine: 336 mg per 28-bean serving Price: $10 per pound Photo Credit: Gregory Bodnar
    Plow On Energy Gum
  • Plow On Energy Gum

    If you’re looking for a caffeine fix that will double as a way to use some of the resulting jitters, Plow On Energy Gum gives you a stimulant that you can chew absentmindedly long after the buzz wears off. The company claims a quicker delivery system than other forms of consuming caffeine, with the full impact delivered to your bloodstream in just two to five minutes. Caffeine: 100 mg per piece Price: $2.99 per five-piece pack Photo Credit: PlowOnGum.com
    Jolt! Caffeine Energy Gum
  • Jolt! Caffeine Energy Gum

    If you’re more of a casual user of this popular stimulant, there are more mellow options to chew your caffeine as you work. From the good people who pushed the boundaries of “soft” drinks with Jolt Cola comes Jolt Caffeine Energy Gum. The maker claims that two pieces of its gum is equivalent to a cup of coffee, but lab tests showed those claims to be a bit overblown. Caffeine: 13 mg per piece Price: $2.50 per pack (12 pieces) Photo Credit: ThinkGeek.com
    Butterfinger Buzz
  • Butterfinger Buzz

    It’s not only the small-run specialty brands that provide ways for us to eat our daily caffeine intake – major candy bar manufacturer Nestle originally introduced the caffeine-infused Butterfinger Buzz in 2009 and apparently it can still be found at certain 7-Eleven stores around the U.S. Caffeine: 80 mg per bar Price: varies Photo Credit: Like_The_Grand_Canyon
    Ben & Jerry’s Coffee Heath Bar Crunch
  • Ben & Jerry’s Coffee Heath Bar Crunch

    Regardless of the fact that most ice cream is consumed as dessert shortly before bedtime, and the fact that caffeine sometimes makes it harder to sleep, Ben & Jerry’s has long led the pack in putting a caffeine kick into its ice cream flavors. While research by the Center for Science in the Public Interest shows a number of coffee-flavored ice creams out there, it gives the award for most caffeine to Ben & Jerry’s delicious Coffee Heath Bar Crunch. Caffeine: 168 mg per pint Price: $4.99 - $6.99 per pint Photo Credit: Ben & Jerry’s
    Biofuel Gourmet Caffeinated Popcorn
  • Biofuel Gourmet Caffeinated Popcorn

    In case you were wondering whether caffeine could be added to pretty much anything, well it can. Case in point: Biofuel’s Gourmet Caffeinated Popcorn, a sweet and salty snack laced with enough caffeine to have you tapping your feet the whole way through that movie you’re trying to calmly watch with your friends. Caffeine: 150-200 mg per bag Price: $2.99 per bag Photo Credit: ThinkGeek.com
    Perky Jerky
  • Perky Jerky

    Who says caffeine can’t be combined with true nutritional value? Thanks to the folks at Perky Jerky, you can get some much needed animal protein into your system along with your caffeine buzz with its beef or turkey jerky products. Caffeine: 150 mg per 2-oz bag Price: $4.99 per 2-oz bag Photo Credit: Perky Jerky
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