10 Great St. Patrick's Day Apps

  • Try Your Luck With These St. Patrick’s Day Apps

    Brace yourself for what is always an epic worldwide celebration in mid-March: St. Patrick’s Day. Whether you’ll be attending mass, spending the day at a parade or filling up on Irish soda bread and drinks, your smartphone can make for a more convenient and fun St. Patrick’s Day. From apps to find the nearest pubs to apps that help you learn about the history of the holiday to apps featuring Irish recipes, MainStreet assembled 10 apps you need to make St. Patrick’s Day complete. Photo Credit: katielips
    Beer Counter
  • Beer Counter

    Let’s be honest – beer plays a major part in St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. After each beer you drink, it gets tougher to keep track of how many you have consumed.  That’s why we recommend downloading the Beer Counter app on the iPhone.  Simply tap the screen of your phone after you drink each beer. Equally as important as how many beers you drink is how much you spend on beer for the night.  Tell the app how much each beer costs and it will tally up the money you shelled out.  After all, on average, consumers spend an average of $35 on St. Patrick’s Day, according to the National Retail Federation. A similar app is available on the Android platform, too. Price: Free Photo Credit: Apple.com
    Mixology Drink Recipes
  • Mixology Drink Recipes

    With almost 8,000 recipes for mixing drinks conveniently located on this iPhone and Android app, you won’t need to head out to the crowded restaurants and bars on St. Patrick’s Day and overpay for beverages. The app will even let you know which types of cocktails you can prepare using the alcohol you already have at home. Price: Free Photo Credit: Apple.com
    Find Bars
  • Find Bars

    If you’re traveling to a new city for St. Patrick’s Day and aren’t familiar with the local bars, use the Find Bars iPhone app, which uses GPS to find bars near you. Not only can you see where the bar is on a map, but the app also provides directions and the bar’s phone number. On the Android, try out the free Bar Finder app. Price: 99 cents Photo Credit: Apple.com
    St. Patrick’s Day Recipes
  • St. Patrick’s Day Recipes

    Aside from drinks, what about the food? If you’re planning on a major St. Patrick’s Day party, you’ll need this app, (on the iPhone and Android), which features 41 recipes for Irish dishes – yes, including Irish soda bread! Price: $1.99 Photo Credit: Apple.com
  • FastFood

    The Irish pubs will be packed on St. Patrick’s Day. In case you can’t get into one, use the “FastFood” iPhone app to find an alternative place to eat and drink.  You can search by the type of food at the restaurant or enter in your ZIP code to find restaurants around the block.  And did we mention reviews from Yelp can be accessed on the app, too? Price: Free Photo Credit: Apple.com
    Build-a-Card: St. Patrick’s Day
  • Build-a-Card: St. Patrick’s Day

    Aside from using this iPhone app to email St. Patrick’s Day cards to friends and family, you can share them on social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter. Using your iPhone’s camera, the app lets you easily insert headshots and photos directly into its St. Patrick’s Day e-cards. Price: 99 cents Photo Credit: Apple.com
    St. Patrick’s Festival Guide 2012
  • St. Patrick’s Festival Guide 2012

    For those headed off to Dublin for an authentic St. Patrick’s Day celebration, you’ll want to have this app handy. The St. Patrick’s Festival, which runs March 16-19, is the epicenter of St. Patrick’s Day festivities. The app features a map of where the events are held as well as details on each event. Some of the venues include a parade, craft beer festival and architecture tour. Price: Free Photo Credit: Apple.com
    St. Patrick’s Day Irish Quiz Free
  • St. Patrick’s Day Irish Quiz Free

    Released in early March, use this iPhone app to determine how much you know about St. Patrick’s Day. With more than 100 different questions, learning about the history of the holiday has never been easier – and you can do so conveniently on your smartphone (even while waiting for the bartender to prepare your beer!). Price: Free Photo Credit: Apple.com

    On St. Patrick’s Day, it’s not enough to have an app that simply quizzes you on facts about the holiday – you need a “pub-themed” quiz app to up your game. That’s exactly what the iPUBQUIZ iPhone app is.  Released last month, the app awards you points after each question you answer correctly.  Start studying up on Irish history! Price: Free Photo Credit: Apple.com
    Call a Taxi
  • Call a Taxi

    No matter what city you’re celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in, you certainly don’t want to find yourself getting behind the wheel of a car after having a few drinks. Having the Call a Taxi iPhone app downloaded on your smartphone is a smart move, since it’ll find the nearest cab company to take you back home safely. On the Android, the free Cab4me Taxi Finder app performs a similar function. Price: $1.99 Photo Credit: Apple.com Scott Gamm is the founder of the personal finance website HelpSaveMyDollars.com. He has appeared on NBC’s TODAY, MSNBC and CNN.  Follow Scott on Facebook and Twitter.
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