10 Great Gift Ideas for Boomers

  • Buying for Boomers

    What do you get someone who seemingly already has a lifetime’s worth of stuff? Finding gifts for older generations is hard, especially since most baby boomers are not in the habit of accumulating more “stuff.” Sure, you could give them the gift of good financial advice (MainStreet’s got you covered there with "10 Things Boomers Should Never Do With Their Money" or "5 Second Careers Baby Boomers Should Consider"), or some generic gift that could be personalized for anyone of any age (see MainStreet’s "8 Thoughtful Gifts That Require No Thought" for some ideas), but there are some great gift ideas where a person’s age can guarantee that he or she will get some use or enjoyment out of them. MainStreet has come up with 10 unique gift ideas that could be a big hit with the older set, so any last-minute shoppers have a few options. Photo Credit: Getty Images
    The Clicker
  • The Clicker

    It’s true that baby boomers are some of the most active of any generation before them, but they still love their couch and TV time too. What man wouldn’t love a remote that has a built-in bottle opener for his man cave? The Clicker can be universally programmed for up to eight devices, including the TV, DVD player, cable box, DVR, satellite, CD and more. Priced at $24.99, this just might be the perfect gift for Grandpa, Dad or that uncle on your list. Photo Credit: myclicker.com
    Custom iPhone Cases
  • Custom iPhone Cases

    Our cellphones have evolved from devices to have in case of emergency to something we routinely use to keep in touch with friends and family to a fashion accessory all in one. Most people have customized wallpapers featuring their favorite photos on their home screens, but why not turn that into a customized case featuring a favorite photo or art design from Uncommon. At $39.95, this is an affordable way to help Mom or Grandma talk or text in style. Photo Credit: getuncommon.com
    The Original Christmas Classics DVD Collection
  • The Original Christmas Classics DVD Collection

    In many ways, 2011 was all about nostalgia – you couldn’t sign onto Facebook without being invited to join a group remembering hometowns, alma maters and notable events you or your friends may have been a part of. In that vein, baby boomers are bringing the nostalgia home and passing it on to younger generations. One great way to do that is to watch the holiday classics of Hollywood and share them with children and grandchildren. This year, you can buy the whole classic Christmas collection with “Frosty the Snowman,” “Frosty Returns,” “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” and “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” all at once. While the retail price is $29.98, the set is available for as little as $14.49 on Amazon. Photo Credit: Amazon.com
    Video Chatting With Loved Ones
  • Video Chatting With Loved Ones

    Yes, we may live in a more transient society than ever, but we also have the benefit of technology that lets us keep up with our loved ones face to face, even if they don’t live in the same country. For those boomer parents and grandparents who can’t be with their loved ones for the holidays, a Skype-enabled phone or video-chatting device could bring them the joy of connecting all year long. Prices vary depending on if you are looking for a simple Skype-enabled phone line or a full-featured video phone. Photo Credit: skypelookbook.com
    A B&B Weekend
  • A B&B Weekend

    Boomers love to travel. According to BedandBreakfast.com, three out of four B&B guests are older than 45, proof enough that boomers enjoy the occasional romantic weekend getaway just like young couples do. For those boomers, a BedandBreakfast.com Get Away Gift Card might be the perfect gift. The gift cards can be purchased in denominations from $25-$1,000 and are good at more than 4,000 participating bed and breakfasts. Photo Credit: bedandbreakfast.com
    For the Socially Conscious
  • For the Socially Conscious

    Baby boomers have never been ones to sit around and let others make the world a better place. From the Vietnam War protests to the Occupy movement, boomers appear to have remained quite active in what’s happening in the world. There are plenty of charitable groups and nonprofit organizations that offer gifts that give a little bit extra for the more socially conscious boomer in your life. Rescue.org offers gifts that will help refugees and those otherwise impacted by war. Hard-working boomers who own their own businesses may appreciate a gift card from Opportunity International, which funds small business loans to economically marginalized countries that are trying to work their way out of poverty. You can also help the environment with a S’well Bottle, a reusable bottle that keeps liquids hot or cold and contains no BPA. Purchasing a S’well Bottle for $35-$45 also ensures that 10% of the profit goes to WaterAid. Photo Credit: swellbottle.com
    Floor-Cleaning Robots
  • Floor-Cleaning Robots

    There may have been a time when your wife or significant other may have hit you over the head if you bought her a vacuum, but who can argue with a floor-cleaning robot that will even clean while you’re out having fun? The iRobot Roomba will clean both carpets and floors and ranges in price from $299.99-$549.99. The iRobot Scooba washes and scrubs tile, linoleum or sealed hardwood flooring. The Scooba starts at $279.99. Photo Credit: irobot.com
    Digitized Memories
  • Digitized Memories

    Memories fade, but pictures are forever, aren’t they? Maybe not: Photos age and become brittle and those VHS tapes from 20-30 years ago are not compatible with today’s digital technology. Boomers will love a gift of their loved ones and favorite memories organized in one digital catalog. Companies such as YesVideo can convert tapes, home videos, slides and photos into customized DVDs. Prices range based on the size of the project and number of media submitted. Photo Credit: yesvideo.com
    3-D Glasses
  • 3-D Glasses

    Baby boomers were the generation that first saw movies in 3-D in those theaters in the 50s and 60s. The technology has come a long way from those poorly designed glasses of yesteryear though, making 3-D a technology that any home theater owner would love. EX3D Eyeware from Marchon3D will ensure comfort and reduce eye strain when those older eyes go to watch 3-D movies, and will also work at home with any 3-D enabled entertainment device. Photo Credit: ex3d.com
    Not Your Grandmother’s Slippers
  • Not Your Grandmother’s Slippers

    As a kid, you might have opened a gift of new pajamas and slippers and not been thrilled, but as an adult, boomers tend to appreciate the simpler gifts in life. The slippers sold by Tempur-Pedic, the company behind the state-of-the-art mattresses, now brings soothing comfort for our soles. The Tempur-Pedic slippers have TEMPUR insoles but are rugged and durable on the outside so you can even step out to walk the dog in them. The company offers slippers for men and women, priced at $59. Photo Credit: tempurpedic.com
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