10 Fabulous Food Gifts for $10

  • You Gotta Eat

    As a cook and a food lover, I enjoy giving friends food as gifts during the holidays. Here, I've put together my top 10 foodie gifts, delicious products that reflect the passions of their creators. There’s artisanal jam, organic butter, direct-trade coffee and more. You can give these to a fellow gourmet or anyone with an appetite — both will appreciate the present. The best part? Each item, with the exception of one splurge-worthy pick, costs $10 or less. My single big-ticket item, at $15.95, is worth every penny. I promise. Photo Credit: Getty Images
  • Butter

    Item: Vermont Butter and Cheese Cultured Butter with Sea Salt Crystals Price: $7.99 Description: Vermont Butter & Cheese uses local, hormone-free cream to churn this super-high-fat butter flecked with crunchy sea salt. You’ll never look at butter the same way again. Photo Credit: Vermont Butter & Cheese Creamery
  • Chocolates

    Item: Ronnie-Sue’s Chocolates Assortment Price: $10 Description: Rhonda Cave, aka Ronnie Sue, is famous for her Pig Candy, fried bacon dipped in chocolate. This six-piece pack, which includes Cave’s Beer & Pretzel truffle, is a great introduction to this funky chocolatier. Photo Credit: Ronnie-Sue's Chocolates
    Sea Salt
  • Sea Salt

    Item: Sugar Maple-Smoked Sea Salt Price: $7 Description: This small-batch salt is procured in greenhouses on the Maine coast then hand-smoked. It has balanced, heady smokiness that is great sprinkled over a salad of winter greens or a holiday roast. Photo Credit: At The Meadow
  • Pepperoni

    Item: Vermont Smoke & Cure Smoked Pepperoni Price: $7.99 Description: Vermont Smoke & Cure cold smokes its pepperoni over corn cobs and maple wood. The result: Snappy, pleasantly chewy pepperoni with a hint of smoke. Photo Credit: Courtesy of Murray's Cheese
  • Conserve

    Item: Frog Hollow Farm's Cherry Conserve Price: $9 Description: California's Frog Hollow Farm has won a national following for its organic jewel-toned marmalades, jellies and conserves. Case in point: This sweet-tart cherry conserve that is equally good with meat or dessert. Photo Credit: Frog Hollow Farm
  • Coffee

    Item: Stumptown Coffee Roasters, French Roast Blend Price: $10.50 Description: Forget Folgers. Locally-roasted, small-batch coffee is the rage today, with companies like Oregon’s Stumptown brewing and sourcing its own beans. Photo Credit: Stumptown Coffee Roasters
  • Granola

    Item: Early Bird Foods & Co. Farmhand's Choice Granola Price: $8 Description: Brooklyn, N.Y.-based Early Bird Foods makes its salty-sweet granola with organic ingredients, including oats, pecans and brown sugar. Extra-virgin olive oil and a dash of salt add an incredible savory edge. Photo Credit: Early Bird Foods
  • Caramel

    Item: Fat Toad Farm Caramel Price: $7 Description: Fat Toad’s Goat’s Milk caramel is a cross between goat cheese and buttery caramel candy. It is made from happy goats on a small, family-run farm in central Vermont. Try it on pound cake or drizzled over warm poached fruit. Photo Credit: Fat Toad Farm
  • Panettone

    Item: Maria’s Pastry Shop Panettone Price: $7 Description: Maria’s is a Boston institution, family-run for three generations in the city’s North End. They will ship their cakes, candies and pastries, including their delicate marzipan and torrone, anywhere. Their homemade panettone, packed with butter and dried fruit, is a treat worth the wait. Photo Credit: Maria's Pastry Shop
    Splurge Item!
  • Splurge Item!

    Item: Salty Oats Mixed Bag Price: $15.95 Description: Dusted with sea salt and made with premium Valrhona and Callebaut chocolate, Terri Horn’s Salty Oats Oatmeal and Chocolate Oatmeal cookies are a made-in-heaven pairing of salty and sweet. Photo Credit: Kayak Cookies
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