Big HDTVs Under $600

  • Bargain Big Screens

    Nothing says Black Friday like a bargain-priced big screen television. Here are ten HDTVs that are all at least 32 inches wide and all cost less than $600. (Tax and shipping are not included, unless it says otherwise.) Buy one of these babies and you won’t want to get yourself anything else this year. Keep reading through the list; the TV’s only get bigger as you go along. Photo Credit: bekathwia
    32-inch Toshiba
  • 32-inch Toshiba is offering a 32-inch Toshiba HDTV for $330. The TV usually lists for almost twice that. Delivery may be extra, but as one reviewer noted, delivery is “superman fast.” So you can order this TV tonight and start drooling over it in no time. Photo Credit:
    32-inch Westinghouse
  • 32-inch Westinghouse

    The cheapest of all 32-inch televisions is being offered by Target (Stock Quote: TGT)  on Black Friday. The retail chain is advertising a Westinghouse HDTV in stores for the incredible price of $246. Yet, as one popular technology Web site reports, the Westinghouse is not exactly top of the line. But if you’re just looking to pick up a nice sized screen to watch your Lord of the Rings DVD collection on, this will certainly do the job. Photo Credit:
    32-inch Sony Bravia
  • 32-inch Sony Bravia

    For a more well-known model that costs an extra hundred dollars, try Kmart. They are planning to offer a 32-inch HDTV from Sony (Stock Quote: SNE)  for $380 on Black Friday. This flat screen has HDMI inputs and a sync tool to connect with all your home theatre devices.If you’re feeling impatient, or concerned about massive lines, you can also buy the same TV at, though it costs $450, plus delivery. Photo Credit:
    37-inch Insignia
  • 37-inch Insignia

    Best Buy is currently offering a 37-inch flat screen television for $550. It may sound like a lot more money to pay for 5 extra inches, but the perks don’t just stop there. The TV is a 1080p, has an input for your computer, and it comes with a TV stand. Photo Credit:
    37-inch Panasonic Viera
  • 37-inch Panasonic Viera

    This TV just fits in our $600 budget. Though there are bigger TV’s that you can buy for the same price or less (see later slides), the Panasonic Viera is a solid purchase. It comes with surround sound, HDMI inputs, tools to make it easier to view your photos and home movies (not to mention the Intelligent Scene Controller feature that enhances the color and depth of the images). But perhaps the catchiest feature is that this TV comes with a built-in iPod dock, so you can blast your tunes through your sweet new big screen. Photo Credit:
    37-inch Vizio
  • 37-inch Vizio

    Wal-Mart (Stock Quote: WMT) has revved up its HDTV sales to entice consumers to come out of their shells and shop this holiday season. The store is currently offering a 37-inch Vizio television on their Web site. It’s a 1080p and has computer hook-ups, all for $550. For other great deals at Wal-Mart, keep reading. Photo Credit:
    40-inch Apex
  • 40-inch Apex

    The company may be lesser known than some other ones on this list, but Target is offering this huge TV for just $450. It’s a fantastic deal, assuming you can make it through the crowds. The product currently lists for $600 on their Web site, which isn’t a bad buy, but why not use that extra cash to buy yourself something else nice, like Verizon’s new Droid phone. Photo Credit:
    42-inch Zenith
  • 42-inch Zenith

    Sears will be offering this large plasma HDTV for $500 on Black Friday, as one of their main door buster promotions. The Zenith is a 720p, has surround sound and even comes with a built-in digital tuner so you can pick up free over-the-air hi-def broadcasts without having to buy an external antenna. But if you don’t feel like waiting on line that day waiting for Sears to open at 4am, just consider buying it on Sears’ Web site here for $530, plus delivery costs. Photo Credit:
    42-inch Emerson
  • 42-inch Emerson

    Wal-Mart will be offering this 42-inch television on Black Friday for just $448. This Emerson TV is a 720p plasma screenand is a really great bargain, though nothing compares to one other Wal-Mart deal, the last one on our list… Photo Credit:
    50-inch Sanyo
  • 50-inch Sanyo

    For their coup-de-grace, Wal-Mart plans to offer a 50-inch television for $598 (not including tax), according to CNN Money. The item currently lists for $700 on their Web site, plus shipping costs, but the $598 deal is only good in stores and on Black Friday. The only downside is that this deal will definitely cause some serious mayhem in the stores, so shop carefully. Photo Credit:
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