Your Father's Day Guide to the Best Grills


Looking for a hot gift idea for this Father’s Day?

Well, there’s only two days left, you better get grilling…er, cooking.

Rather than a tie, a watch, or a hug, why not choose a gift that will keep on giving all summer season: A grill. That way one of the most important men in your life get's a treat. And, eventually, so do you (with mustard on top). But, before you rush to grab your plate, let MainStreet take you through the basics.

“First and foremost, consumers should be looking for a grill that has solid construction; it should feel like its going to last,” says Joshua Bousel, a barbecue enthusiast and blogger at the Meatwave. In addition, when searching for a grill, air vents are important because being able to control air flow helps you to control the temperature of your fire, says Bousel. “I have always used a charcoal grill, I think it’s superior over gas when it comes to flavor,” says Bousel. “The food drippings from the hot coals gives what you’re cooking a smoky flavor, and this is what you’re looking for in grilled food.” That’s why he recommends the Weber-One-Touch Gold 22.5 ($150) kettle, which has “cooking space and nice features for making charcoal clean-up easier,” and for urban dwellers the Weber Smokey Joe Gold ($40) is portable and is the perfect size for the park.

For some dads, gas grills might be convenient. Why? “You don’t have to worry about charcoal, lighter fluid or winds,” says Troy Tedder, owner of Two Guys and a Grill, a catering company in Olathe, Kan. While Tedder’s all weather grilling company uses the 21 grills built for action at more than 800 catered events each year, he uses a Char-broil model he won at home. “When I want to fire it up, it’s ready to go,” says Tedder. If you’re a part of big family, then you might want to look for a grill that can fit enough burgers for everyone, like the Char-Broil Patio Bistro ($470).


When it comes time to barbecue at home, chef Tony Rosenfeld of B. Good in Boston, uses both gas and charcoal grills. Charcoal grills are more intense heat and provide better flavor but they’re not quick and easy, says Rosenfeld. Gas grills, on the other hand, provide reliable heat and are constant. And, just how do they get that heat? BTU stands for British Thermal Units, or heat energy output. “The more BTUs, the hotter the gas grills are going be,” says Rosenfeld. If you’re looking for a place to start, then consider Weber. “Weber is a prominent name,” says Rosenfeld. “It’s the Coca-Cola (KO) of grills.” Depending on what you’re willing to shell out, there are numerous types that might work for dad and the rest of the family. The Genesis Line Stainless Steel ($949) or the Old Fashion Kettle ($75) are good places to start.

If you’re mouth is watering in anticipation of dad’s special ribs or even grilled veggies, then a grill might be a great gift.

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