Women in Study: Get Us Gifts Costing Half a Week’s Salary


By Gabrielle Karol

NEW YORK (Learnvest) — When it comes to holiday gifts, is it the thought that counts? Or does the value of the gift have to do more with the price tag attached to the present?

A study published in the U.K.’s Daily Mail shows that women want their partners to spend about half a week’s salary on their holiday gifts, while men only want gifts that cost roughly a third of a week’s salary.

The average salary for men in Britain is £30,852 annually – or roughly $49,415, in U.S. dollars. Looking at the weekly take-home pay for this salary, women are expecting gifts worth almost $475. (Guess they didn’t hear the news that 87% of holiday shoppers plan to spend less on gifts this year.)

What’s more, the Daily Mail reports that women have their hearts set on designer goods such as Burberry coats and Louboutin heels – luxury items whose price tags tend to run higher than $475.

In comparison, men are expecting slightly less expensive presents in the ballpark of $250, based on the average woman’s salary in the U.K.

If these “expected” amounts work for your holiday budget – and won’t send you into debt – fantastic! But remember: Holiday giving is no excuse for sinking into credit card debt. (Find out the nine best to worst ways to pay for holiday gifts.)

For affordable presents and under-$100 designer goods, check out this gift guide for everyone on your list.

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