Why Blue Post Office Boxes are Disappearing


If you’re still sending out snail mail, you may have to travel further than before just to find a mailbox.

Many of the less-used blue U.S. Postal Service mailboxes are being removed from street corners to cut costs, according to WalletPop.

The reason? Amid this recession even more cost-cutting consumers are using email so now the once-convenient snail mail drop-off points are going the way of the payphone.

The postal service is bleeding money, $1.9 billion in the most recent quarter, even with a recent increase in stamp prices and shipping rates.

“To meet this financial challenge, the Postal Service has, and is, undertaking a number of actions to increase efficiency, reduce costs and generate new revenue,” the organization said in its quarterly statement in March.

The postal service cut 58 million work hours, which is equivalent to eliminating 33,000 full-time employees in the first half the 2009 fiscal year alone and it’s halting construction of new post offices, according to an announcement in May.

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