Who's Hiring Full-Time: IMVU, Rasmussen and Anheuser-Busch


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Who They Are: Online community where people interact using virtual avatars, and also buy virtual goods and supplies.

Where They Are: Based in Palo Alto, Calif., in a building formerly occupied by Facebook.

What They Want: They need software engineers (salaries start at $80,000), lead engineers (salaries starting at $115,000) and a marketing manager (salary: $100,000+). They plan to add at least 60 new employees this year, so their site will be continuously updated with new opportunities.

Coolest Job: They need a Creator Community Manager who will spearhead the company's expansion of the creator program and handle daily interactions with creators. Requires experience in community management, good interpersonal/communication skills and a college degree.

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Who They Are: Provider of online education programs.

Where They Are: The company has offices in Chicago and Orlando, and has campuses in five states.

What They Want: They currently have more than 200 positions available, including opportunities for net developers and Microsoft programs engineers (most of their IT positions pay in excess of $100,000 a year) and openings for a wide range of faculty positions, with a special need for Allied Health and IT faculty (most of these positions pay at least $50,000 and some pay considerably higher). They also need sales professionals in 18 cities nationwide, with salaries varying widely based on experience and qualifications.

Coolest Job: They need a Campus President for their campus in Eden Prairie, Minn. This person will serve as the top director for the location, and will oversee all campus departments. Requires college degree, five years of management experience and strong business and leadership skills.

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Who They Are: Large American brewing company that also operates numerous theme parks and entertainment properties.

Where They Are: Based in St. Louis, with numerous locations across the U.S.

What They Want: They have numerous openings at their theme parks, including opportunities for spa attendants (pay starts at $8 an hour), maintenance technicians ($20 an hour) and sales support reps ($10 an hour).

Coolest Job: They need a Vice President of Park Operations for SeaWorld in Orlando who will provide leadership and direction for many park departments. Requires college degree and 10 years of theme park management experience.

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Bonus Cool Job of the Week

If you're a fan of TV shows like Dog the Bounty Hunter, Intervention and Paranormal State, this could be a great job for you. A&E Television is seeking a Director of Public Relations who will develop major public relations strategies and publicity campaigns. Requires college degree and eight years of television publicity experience.

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